Stop Animals From Dying in Vehicle Collisions

Many species face starvation and death due to road building in the Canadian Rockies. A wildlife corridor would connect fragmented habitats and allow for safe movement. Demand action to ensure the long-term survival of these species and promote sustainable development in the region.

Don’t Let the Arabian Oryx Go Extinct Again

The Arabian oryx, once extinct in the wild, has been reintroduced through conservation efforts. Demand the protection of this iconic species from habitat destruction, poaching, and illegal hunting.

Stop Using Deadly Pesticide in Predator Control

Strychnine is a deadly poison used in predator control programs that can harm non-target species and disrupt ecosystems. Demand a ban on the use of strychnine.

Help the North American Beaver Protect Wildlife

The North American beaver is a keystone species that supports many other wildlife species and maintains the ecological balance of ecosystems. Advocate for increased protections to ensure the beaver’s continued survival.

Protect the Blue-Throated Macaw From Habitat Loss

The blue-throated macaw is critically endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. Advocate for its protection by signing this petition.

Save the Sumatran Tiger From Poaching

The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. We urge to protect its habitat and enforce laws against poaching to prevent further decline.

Stop Treating the Mountain Plover as an Agricultural Threat

The mountain plover’s habitat is threatened by habitat loss and hunting. Demand action to protect this species and promote conservation efforts.

Stop Killing the Red-Crowned Crane For Meat

The red-crowned crane is facing serious threats to its survival due to habitat loss and hunting. Advocate for the protection of its habitat to ensure its survival.

Protect the North Atlantic Salmon From Overfishing

The North Atlantic salmon is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss and overfishing. Advocate for its protection to preserve the aquatic ecosystem’s health and cultural and economic significance.

Stop Irrawaddy Dolphins From Going Extinct

The endangered Irrawaddy dolphin is facing extinction due to habitat loss, entanglement in fishing gear, and poaching. Demand the establishment of a protected area to prevent their extinction and preserve their habitat.

Protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems and Species

The Arctic region is home to unique and diverse marine ecosystems and species that are under threat from human activity. Demand the establishment of a marine protected area in the Arctic to protect vulnerable marine life and preserve the cultural and economic heritage of local communities.

Protect the Black-Faced Spoonbill From Habitat Loss

The black-faced spoonbill is critically endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. Demand action to protect this species and preserve the health of wetlands and coastal ecosystems.

Stop Shooting Wild Animals for Trophies

Killing animals for sport is a cruel, destructive practice that has no place in conservation. Demand a ban on trophy hunting and help protect biodiversity.

Save Hawaii’s Endangered Monk Seals

The Hawaiian monk seal is one of the most endangered seal species in the world, facing threats from habitat loss, entanglement in fishing gear, and disease. Demand action to promote their conservation and ensure a sustainable future for this iconic species.

Save Majestic African Leopards From Extinction

The African leopard is threatened by habitat loss and poaching. Call for increased conservation efforts to protect this magnificent animal.

Protect the African Grey Parrot From Habitat Loss

The African grey parrot is threatened by habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. Advocate for the protection of these intelligent birds and the ecosystems they depend on.

Protect the Yellow-Eyed Penguin From Human Disturbance

The yellow-eyed penguin and other threatened penguin species face habitat destruction and human disturbance in their breeding colonies. Demand action to protect these birds by reducing these threats.

Conserve Mangrove Forests to Protect Coastal Communities

Mangrove forests are crucial ecosystems that protect against storm surges, store carbon dioxide, and fight against climate change. Demand they be conserved to protect their ecological and socio-economic benefits.

Reduce Plastic Pollution to Protect Seabirds

The blue-footed booby and other seabirds are facing a serious threat from plastic pollution in their habitats. Demand immediate action to reduce plastic waste in coastal areas to protect these species and preserve their biodiversity.

End Shark Culling to Protect Marine Ecosystems

The practice of shark culling poses a threat to the natural balance of marine ecosystems and can increase populations of other marine predators. Demand the implementation of non-lethal methods to protect the lives of both sharks and humans.

Stop Killing Whales in the Name of Scientific Research

Killing whales for their meat is a cruel and inhumane practice that threatens the survival of their populations. Join us in urging an end to the sale of whale meat in Japan.

Save Biodiversity by Supporting Sustainable Fishing Practices

Overfishing and pollution in the Gulf of California threaten the delicate ecosystem as well as the species that call it home. Demand the creation of a marine protected area to preserve the region’s biodiversity and support sustainable fishing practices.

Protect Endangered Rhinos by Stopping the Illegal Trade of Their Horns

The illegal trade of rhino horns threatens the survival of the species and disrupts the natural balance of the ecosystem. Demand action to end this activity and protect these magnificent animals.


Protect the Snow Leopard From Human-Wildlife Conflict

The snow leopard’s habitat is under threat from human encroachment and illegal hunting. Create a wildlife sanctuary to protect this iconic species and preserve the ecosystem.

Stop Climate Change From Wiping Out Komodo Dragon

The habitat of the Komodo dragon is under threat from habitat destruction, poaching, and climate change. Demand action to protect this species and maintain Indonesia’s rich biodiversity.

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