Starbucks: Save Millions of Trees by Using Recyclable Cups

Starbucks uses 8,000 single-use paper coffee cups every minute, most of which end up in landfills due to their plastic coating. Demand Starbucks stop fueling the destruction of our natural environment.

Combat the Scourge of Litter and Plastic Waste

Bottle litter plagues the landscapes and waterways of Virginia. Support a container deposit system to curb plastic waste and protect natural ecosystems.

Help Save Animals From Dangerous Mudslides

A flood exacerbated by the effects of global warming killed at least three people and countless animals. Rescue efforts are underway, but they cannot provide the necessary resources to save the thousands of animals affected by the damage. Demand the U.S. contribute to recovery and rescue projects to make up for their role in this natural disaster.

Don’t Fund Nuclear Power Plant That Will Kill Marine Ecosystem

A greenlighted nuclear power plant could kill 500 million fish, upend marine ecosystems, and cause a wide-scale environmental disaster with decades-long repercussions. Demand leaders rethink their reckless decision.

Protect West Coast Fishers From Extinction

West coast fishers are small, carnivorous mammals that are facing extinction because the government refuses to protect them. Demand these fascinating little mammals receive the protections they deserve.

Stop Slaughtering Sea Lions Because of Human Mistakes

People are slaughtering innocent sea lions in the name of fish conservation. Sea lions, however, are not the cause of dwindling fish populations – humans are. Demand an end to this cruelty.

Use Science to Help Conserve Endangered Wildlife

Animal-tracking tags have long been used to better understand the behaviors of endangered species. However, the lack of public tracking data makes it difficult for conservationists to communicate and strategize. Demand all animal trackers be required to enter basic information into an accessible, online database to preserve animals.

Don’t Let Whales Go Extinct for Human Delicacies

There are only 350 North American right whales left in the world and if fishermen get their way, this rare species may not survive much longer. We must save these whales before it’s too late.

Save the Colorado River From Drying Up Due to Climate Change

The Colorado River and its critical water supply is quickly vanishing due to climate change and mismanagement. Demand leaders stop arguing and start working on a productive rescue plan.

Stop Cow Manure From Contaminating Public Waterways

Concerningly high levels of water pollution, mostly due to runoff from nearby cattle ranches, is harming protected shorelines. Demand the development and implementation of a strategy to better regulate farm waste.

Stop Logging Industry From Destroying Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

A massive logging project is threatening the fragile Yellowstone grizzly bear population. Demand an end to this environmentally destructive project.

Save Victims of Global Climate Change Disasters

Millions of lives are at stake as mass flooding, heatwaves, and dangerous weather patterns caused by climate change damage communities across the globe. Powerful countries, including the US, contributed most to this global warming crisis. Demand the US repair damage it caused and fund international relief.

Don’t Let Doomsday Glacier Bury Earth in Catastrophic Flooding

The rapidly melting Doomsday Glacier could cause catastrophic flooding across the globe. Demand leaders address the climate crisis before it’s too late.

Stop Spraying Family Pets with Poisonous Cyanide

Each year millions of wolves, bears, coyotes, and other wild animals are killed by a government-funded agency. To make matters worse, many of these animals are trapped and poisoned with cyanide bombs, leading to slow, painful deaths. Help ban inhumane cyanide traps for good.

Don’t Evict Vital Bat Species From Their Nesting Sites

Bats are vital to American ecosystems, and yet they are flushed out of their natural habitats at an alarmingly high rate. While many end up roosting in manmade structures, there are no rules or regulations protecting them during eviction procedures and bats are often injured or stressed in the process. Demand more suitable alternative roosting sites to keep bats safe during hibernation and pup birth.

Defend What Remains of Our World’s Biodiversity

Sources have estimated that more than 1 million species are currently at the risk of extinction, with thousands of others threatened by continuous human activity. Now, the world’s top representatives are convening to take action. Demand they work together to preserve our world’s biodiversity–and fast.

Stop Capturing Whales and Implanting Them with Invasive Electrodes

Whales are being coerced into tiny cages and implanted with electrodes by the US Navy. These conditions are extremely stressful for the animals and have failed to produce meaningful data. Demand an end to this cruel research endeavor.

Invest in Electric Bikes and Revolutionize Green Transportation

Electric bikes with bike sharing programs are a cost-effective way to reduce environmental impact. They are also much more accessible and better for the environment than electric cars. Demand that US invest in programs that promote and support these programs.

Tax Beef to Curb Massive Pollution From Cattle Farms

While thousands are displaced by raging wildfires caused by climate change, cattle farming is making the problem worse. Call for a tax on beef to fund solutions.

Return Formerly Threatened Species to Their Habitats to Restore Ecosystems

The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone had transformative effects. Now, scientists are suggesting similar steps to reintroduce several select species into their former habitats. Demand the government fund these efforts and help to replenish entire ecosystems.

Stop Killing and Wasting Sealife With Fishing Nets

Millions of metric tons of fish are unintentionally caught and killed through a fishing technique referred to as bottom-trawling. Most of them never even make it to our plates. Demand an end to this excessive waste and better regulate bottom-trawling.

Stop Treating Alligators and Other Wildlife as Pets

Wally, an emotional support alligator, has brought up questions around the legitimacy of using undomesticated animals as therapy pets and the morality of keeping wild animals in homes. Protect wildlife and people by demanding that wild creatures no be used as service animals.

Stop Algae Bloom From Suffocating and Poisoning Thousands of Marine Animals

Toxic algae is killing thousands of fish, poisoning marine mammals, and harming local fishing economies around San Francisco Bay. Demand the State of California take action and fund bay recovery.

Stop Selling Wild Animals as Family Pets

Live animal markets and auctions throughout Texas legally sell wild animals to unqualified buyers. Demand the sale of wildlife at these events is banned and help protect animals from the exotic pet trade.

Protect Global Biodiversity From Deforestation

Forests provide vital habitat for an estimated half of the world’s species, and are home to indigenous communities that depend on them for sustenance. However, each year 18 million acres of forest are destroyed to make room for agribusiness and industry. Demand California help stop mass deforestation.

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