Stop Putting Jobs At Risk Due to Coastal Erosion

The coast is eroding away, putting homes, jobs, and lives on the line. Act now to halt this environmental catastrophe before communities vanish into the sea.

Stop Poisoning the Platte River With Industrial Toxins

The Platte River is dying, choked by farm chemicals, industrial sludge, and neglected sewage systems. Act now to rescue this lifeblood before it’s too late.

Safeguard Glacier National Park From Climate Change

Glacier National Park is in danger, its glaciers melting and its sanctity violated by pollution and trespass. Act now to save this treasure before it’s reduced to a mere shadow of its former glory.

Stop Farms and Factories From Polluting the Yellowstone River

The Yellowstone River is dying, poisoned by pollutants from farms to factories, a tragedy unfolding from its source to where it meets the Missouri River. Act now to save this iconic lifeline before it’s too late.

Protect the Rocky Mountain Front From Irresponsible Land Use

The Rocky Mountain Front is on the brink of ecological collapse, its very soul at risk from unchecked land use and the relentless march of climate change. Act now to save this irreplaceable treasure before its beauty fades into mere legend.

Help King Crabs Recreate Coral Reef Kingdoms

Crabs could prove to be the unlikely saviors of the world’s imperiled coral reefs. Demand more research and investment in this potentially transformative resource.

Save Vital Grassland Ecosystems From Destruction

Grasslands are dying, and with them, a web of life that sustains us all. Save these crucial ecosystems now by pushing for sustainable grazing—soil, water, and wildlife depend on it.

Protect Wilderness Areas From Land Use Conflicts

Wild havens are under siege, torn apart by a tug-of-war between industry and nature. Act now to halt this crisis and reclaim the wilderness for both the planet and the people.

Rare and Endangered Turtles Reportedly Imprisoned With Trash Deserve Justice

A man with a history of turtle smuggling was arrested on 15 new felony counts of animal cruelty towards endangered turtles. Crack down on this vile trade now.

Protect the Mark Twain National Forest From Illegal Logging

Valuable forestlands are at risk from illegal logging and other threats. Act now to save these irreplaceable ecosystems.

Prevent Erosion From Destroying Productive Farmland

Agricultural topsoil is vanishing, and with it, our future of abundant harvests and a stable climate is slipping away. Act now to ditch destructive farming and embrace sustainable agriculture.

Stop Pollution From Endangering Lives and Communities

Two cities are choking on toxic air, endangering lives and ravaging our environment with pollutants from factories, cars, and homes. Act now to cleanse the skies and protect our health.

Save Wild Rice Lakes From Industrial Pollution

Wild rice lakes are on the brink of ecological collapse, under siege from pollution, invasive species, and climate change. Act now to save these irreplaceable sanctuaries before they’re lost forever.

Shield People From Storms by Preserving Barrier Islands

Barrier Islands are on the brink of ecological collapse, teetering dangerously under the weight of pollution, erosion, and human recklessness. Act now to save these irreplaceable gems that shield us from storms, harbor unique wildlife, and enrich our cultural heritage.

Stop Polluting the Mississippi Delta With Pesticides

The Mississippi Delta is drowning in toxic waters, a victim of unchecked pollution that’s poisoning its very essence. Act now to cleanse this lifeblood of our culture and ecology before it’s too late.

Conserve Bottomland Hardwood Forests For Flood Protection

Bottomland Hardwood Forests are on the brink of ecological collapse, teetering between survival and irreversible devastation. Act now to save these life-giving forests.

Promote Sustainable Fishing Practices in the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is on the brink of ecological collapse, ravaged by reckless fishing that’s emptying its waters and destroying its very soul. Act now to halt this unfolding catastrophe and save a marine world teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Promote Responsible Lumber Practices in Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is teetering on the edge of ecological collapse, ravaged by irresponsible logging. Act now to save this natural paradise before it’s too late.

Preserve the Boundary Waters Wilderness to Save Natural Wonders

The Boundary Waters Wilderness is under siege, facing a barrage of pollution and invasive species that could spell its doom. Act now to save this irreplaceable sanctuary before it’s too late.

Stop Improper Waste Disposal to Purify the Detroit River

The Detroit River is dying, choked by industrial waste, farm runoff, and reckless dumping. Act now to save this lifeline for both nature and people.

Stop the Timber Industry From Destroying Irreplaceable Forests

The forests are being ravaged, teetering on the brink of ecological collapse due to reckless logging. Act now to save the green sanctuaries and the countless lives they sustain.

Stop Poisoning Flint River With Industrial Toxins

Flint River is dying, choked by lead, toxins, and bacteria. Act now to cleanse its waters and restore its lifeblood.

Safeguard the Wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is being ravaged, its wild beauty and diverse life teetering on the edge of annihilation. Act now to halt the onslaught of unchecked development and lawlessness that threatens this irreplaceable haven.

Endorse Low-Carbon Living With Car-Free Communities

Residents of some communities are cutting the cord on America’s addiction to automotive travel. These promising neighborhoods could be an integral tool in combating the climate crisis. Demand a bigger focus and commitment to car-free communities.

Save Cape Cod’s Shores From the Ravages of Climate Change

Cape Cod’s shores are dying, ravaged by overfishing, reckless building, and the merciless tide of climate change. Act now before this ecological and economic cornerstone crumbles into oblivion.

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