Punish Students Who Allegedly Used Falsified Documents to Enroll in High School

Two men allegedly used fake documents to enroll as high school students. Demand strict measures to protect the school community from such deceitful acts.

Stop Eliminating School Libraries That Help Underserved Students

Students in one of Texas’ largest and most diverse school systems will no longer have access to real libraries. Demand an end to this transformation of education into a political dictatorship.

Save Prospective Students From Educational Fraud

An individual reportedly lost $30,000 while seeking quality education for their children due to an alleged deception. Urge for the implementation of more rigorous guidelines to prevent such fraudulent activities.

Stop Whitewashing History By Banning African American Studies

Politicians are once again trying to diminish and devalue minorities in American history at the ultimate expense of students. Demand an end to these relentless attacks on education and truth.

Don’t Let School Become Training Ground for Next-Gen Nazis

The conditions that led to one of the darkest periods in world history are simmering once again in Germany’s schools. Call on national leaders to stop the rising ranks of Nazi sympathizers.

Help Feed Students Left Hungry Because of Faith-Based Exclusion

Students are often forced to choose between their faith and their appetites in school cafeterias. Demand education leaders do more to keep from leaving Jewish and Muslim kids behind in the lunchroom.

Don’t Rip Away Diversity in the Classroom

Education free from discrimination and inequity just suffered another blow when the nation’s highest court gutted affirmative action. Demand students of color be protected from prejudice and lacking opportunities in higher education.

Don’t Let Bullying Claim More Young Lives

An epidemic of bullying is ruining the education and the childhoods of South Korea’s youth. Demand leaders take a more proactive role in protecting their youngest citizens from harm.

Stop Turning Back the Clock on Education

Florida politicians are busy creating a true cancel culture, especially when it comes to American education. Now they are attempting to erase diversity, equity, and inclusion from colleges and universities. Demand the state’s education leader fight for a learning experience free from political obstruction and interference.

Celebrate Women’s History on the History Channel

A television channel meant to provide informative and educational accounts of history is virtually ignoring the accomplishments and legacy of women. Demand the History Channel better reflect the past and present of all people.

Support School Workers Struggling With Dire Poverty

Thousands of impoverished school workers have embarked on a major strike. They claim minimum wage salaries are driving them below the poverty line. Demand better pay for school staff who dedicate their lives so that students can have a bright future.

Punish Alleged Poisoners of Thousands of Schoolgirls

Iranian schoolgirls are allegedly being poisoned: the latest in a disturbing string of reported gender-based crimes in the country. Demand Iran’s leadership treat this case with diligence and seriousness.

Stop Stealing the Future of Students With Disabilities

Schools are kicking out some of their most vulnerable students in alarming numbers. Compel lawmakers to invest in the futures of young people with disabilities.

Success: Elementary School Installs Latest Metal Detectors

After a 6-year-old’s shooting of a teacher at school, the community demanded better safety measures. Appreciate this timely step taken to ensure teacher and student safety from gun violence.

Don’t Sacrifice African American Studies for Political Grandstanding

Florida’s leadership is again trying to weaponize the education of children as artillery in its never-ending culture wars. This time a class on African American history is in its crosshairs. Call for an end to the politicization of history itself.

Improve Safety Measures in Schools Following Reported Shooting of Teacher

A teacher was reportedly shot by an elementary school student, calling attention to school safety concerns in the USA. Several teachers, parents, and students recently met the school board to present their views. Demand Newport News Public Schools pay urgent attention to implementing safe learning conditions.

Don’t Rewrite American History to Feed a Political Agenda

A prominent governor could be depriving students of learning about the full scope of American history. His proposal includes factual mistakes and a serious downplaying of historical discrimination. Call on the governor to stop playing politics with education and history itself.

Don’t Drive College Grads Into Further Debt

Forgiven student debt may come with a major price tag attached if some states follow through on a new tax. Demand amendment of murky laws that could cancel out key financial and educational benefits.

Make Healthy, Humane, Plant-Based Foods Available to Students

Students will now have better access to healthy, sustainable, humane plant-based foods at school in California. Encourage New York to make similar investments towards the future health of our young people and the planet.

Delay School Start Times to Set Students Up for Success

The majority of all US adolescents start school too early to get enough sleep, causing chronic health issues and lower academic performances. Call on officials to prioritize students and institute later start times for middle and high schools.

Stop Treating Student Interns as Free Labor

Unpaid student interns often face exploitation from supervisors who use them as a free source of labor. Demand the State of New York enforce tighter regulation surrounding these types of internships and help students get the financial support they need while also advancing their careers.

Stop Derision of Public School Teachers

Tennessee’s governor is uplifting a man who has ridiculed teachers and sought to eradicate the public school system. Urge this leader to rethink his educational allegiances.

Stop Politicians From Dictating School Curriculums

Censorship and politics are keeping students from experiencing a full and complete education. Urge honest, critical engagement about racism and other difficult subjects in America’s classrooms.

Don’t Cancel Program That Financially Helps Young Artists

A summer program that helps New York State youth explore and learn more about the arts without financial burden has been cancelled. The governor has not come out with any details about why it was suspended, and it is not clear if the program will resume. Call on Governor Hochul to resume this essential program for the arts.

Stop Banning Books in Texas

Censorship is alive and well in Texas schools, leaving students ill-prepared to think about and deal with the real world. Urge leaders to stop banning books for their political agendas.

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