Provide More Funding for K-12 School Counselors

America’s school system is grossly neglecting the mental health of the youth. It’s time we listened to the students’ cries for help and increase the counseling budget for K-12 schools nationwide.

Don’t Allow College Loan Debt to Cripple Students

Student debt affects over 43 million Americans, predominantly People of Color. As tuition costs continue to skyrocket, forgiveness is increasingly urgent. Act now to grant relief to those suffering.

Fly Rainbow Pride Flags in Classrooms to Support Bullied Youth

The rainbow pride flag, a symbol of safety for some of the nation’s most marginalized youth, is being attacked and banned in classrooms. This is the latest toxic behavior coming from self-centered adults in America’s school systems. Demand one school district lift its destructive ban on this LGBTQ+ symbol.

Don’t Let Girls’ Education Die in Darkness

Girls in Afghanistan could be deprived of education and career opportunities without the backing of world leaders. Demand influential countries honor their oath and unite behind this important cause.

Success: Student Loan Borrowers Protected From Ruin

Hard-working students scored another win after the Department of Education reinstated an additional vital protection. The new move will help ensure millions of student loan borrowers enjoy a hassle-free and honest process. Applaud the department’s new leadership for making the right moves for students.

Stop Flunking College Prospects With Unfair Admissions Tests

College testing has become an exclusionary process that prevents countless otherwise-qualified students from reaching their full potential. Demand a deemphasis on SAT and ACT tests that hinder educational opportunity for disadvantaged populations.

Set Students Up for Success With Personal Finance Education

Personal finance could be a game-changer for education if it becomes an integral part of the U.S. core curriculum. Demand investment in a beneficial learning tool that could secure America’s financial future.

Success: Rights of All American Students Affirmed

Predators who manipulate and exploit America’s education system could finally face a day of reckoning. Applaud essential progress made in the fight against education fraud, harassment, and discrimination.

End Exploitation, Kidnapping, and Terrorizing of School Kids

Hundreds of Nigeria’s schoolchildren have been taken from the safety of their classrooms by armed gangs and subjected to physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse. Little has been done to stop these mass kidnappings. Urge stronger protections for these at-risk youth.

Stop Suppressing and Whitewashing American History

Black history is being intentionally censored in public schools. Some states have gone as far as punishing school systems for curriculums that emphasize the prominence of slavery in early American settlements. Demand an end to this politically-fueled interference in education.

Denounce Superintendent Who Reportedly Refused to Wear Mask Despite Teacher’s Dying Request

A school superintendent’s apparent refusal to wear a mask, even in the wake of a beloved educator’s death from COVID-19, has sparked intense backlash. Join in the calls for this example for small children to model life-saving behaviors.

Stop Teaching ‘Abstinence Only’ in Place of Sexual Education

Only 15 states in the U.S. require that sexual education provided in schools be medically accurate. This withholding of critical health information leaves students at higher risk of preventable pregnancies, infection and diseases. Demand that schools prioritize facts when teaching sexual health and safety.

Stop Punishing Parents for Homeschooling Their Children

Homeschooling has been outlawed in Germany since 1919, yet these restrictions do not reflect the current philosophies of the population. Sign this petition to bring these outmoded laws into the 21st century, and allow families the ability to choose all educational options including homeschooling.

Secretary DeVos: Do Your Job and Protect America’s Students and Educators

America’s education system is buckling under the pressure of a relentless pandemic, and without sound leadership it could collapse. Demand the Department of Education get its act together and provide needed guidance and resources before it is too late.

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Give LGBTQ Students a Safe Learning Environment

The first LGBTQ charter school in Alabama has once again been rejected, meaning thousands of bullied teens have no escape from verbal or physical violence they face in public or private schools. Demand the state’s charter school commission reverse its decision.

Don’t Exclude the LGBTQ Community from Public School Sex-Ed

The entire LGBTQ community is being ignored and censored in Texas public schools. Issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation are not part of the state’s sex-ed curriculum. Demand a change.

Protect Teenage Mothers’ Access to Education

Thousands of teenage mothers in Kenya are denied access to basic schooling due to unplanned pregnancies. Without effective sex education, many more young women are vulnerable as Kenya maintains its COVID-19 lockdown. Demand that these teenagers be given funding, support, and instruction to guarantee their futures.

Don’t Ruin Students’ Futures with Unfair Predictive Algorithms

Thousands of students denied the chance to take crucial final tests have instead been given an estimated number based on faulty technology as their score. This unfair decision will disrupt their opportunities for education and employment. Demand that they be given a fairer chance to succeed.

Offer Online Classes to Protect Vulnerable Students From Coronavirus

Students throughout the country may be forced to go back to school amidst a global pandemic. This puts not only the children at risk, but also their immunocompromised family members. Demand that students have the option to attend classes online until it is safe to interact in a classroom.

Change Name of Yale University Which Honors Slave Trader

Yale University is named after Elihu Yale, a slave owner and slave trader. As policies, systems, and institutions in the United States are being reviewed to focus more on racial justice, Yale University cannot turn the focus away from their own problematic history. Urge the university to change their name.

Keep Massachusetts’s Child Care System from Collapsing

Massachusetts’s child care system is facing collapse, but a “millionaire’s tax” can help revive it. Sign the petition to demand that the state government step in to ensure children and working class families can find education, shelter, and care.

Protect Victims of Educational Fraud From Financial Ruin

Fraudulent education institutions and loan companies could soon have free license to rob Americans blind, thanks to the roll back of the borrower defense rule. Students swindled by these educational scams may lose their best shot at recovering lost investments courtesy of this country’s leadership. Urge President Trump to do the right thing and defend defrauded students.

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Stop Diverting Coronavirus Relief Funds to Help Wealthy Private Schools

Betsy DeVos is pushing school districts to funnel coronavirus relief funds towards private schools. This puts the public schools that need it most at risk of closure and the students they serve out in the cold. Demand that DeVos put her political agenda aside and make sure the neediest schools receive the most help.

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Success: University Ordered to Suspend In-Person Classes During Pandemic

Liberty University’s president refused to suspend in-person classes during the pandemic, claiming that the coronavirus was being exaggerated by the media. Virginia governor Ralph Northam has issued a statewide mandate to end in-person classes, which will force Liberty University to close its campus and stop forcing its students to risk exposure to the virus. Commend Governor Northam for protecting students’ and faculty’s health when their own university would not.

Don’t Endanger Young Adults by Outlawing Sex Ed

Students face risk of STDs, pregnancy, and sexual assault with the ban of sex ed classes. Demand that one nation not move forward with such dangerous legislation.

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