Save Red Squirrels From Eradication

Wrong-headed conservation efforts meant to save imperiled red squirrels are harming grey squirrels and other wildlife. This squirrel cage match perpetuated by leaders in the United Kingdom needs to end. Demand a plan of action that can protect all animals.

Stop Climate Change Before Looming Environmental Collapse Occurs

Essential ocean currents are on the verge of collapse. Once this happens, life on Earth will look nothing like we’ve ever seen. Tell President Biden that serious action is required right now.

Shame on Trophy Hunter Who Cut Out Heart of Giraffe for Valentine’s Day

A woman shot and killed a majestic giraffe, cut the animal’s heart out, and bragged about how a picture of her holding the still bleeding heart was the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Save ‘Animals on Fire’ From Climate Change Driven Devastation

More than 2,000 farm animals have been burned alive by out-of-control wildfires in Turkey. The fires, driven by climate change induced heat waves, are the worst Turkey has seen in modern times. Sign this petition to demand action.

Success: EPA Corks Coal Industry’s Toxic Waste-Water

Coal plants won a free pass to pollute our waterways in the waning days of the Trump administration, but crucial public health protections have now been restored. Celebrate this win for people and wildlife.

Shame on Toyota for Making Climate Change Worse

Toyota has been secretly lobbying governments across the globe to prevent climate change regulations. The time for this type of greedy and reckless corporate behavior is long past. Sign this petition to demand Toyota stop undermining climate change efforts.

‘Tiger King’ Zoo Owners Must be Punished For Reported Abuse of Tigers, Lions and Jaguars

Dozens of wild animals were seized from the private zoo featured in the controversial series Tiger King, and the new owners now face accusations of trafficking and animal cruelty. Demand punishment that truly fits the alleged crimes.

Over 30 Maimed and Killed Pelicans Deserve Justice

A brown pelican was found with its humerus bone protruding through its skin, and its wing had been twisted several times around. There have been over 30 attacks of this nature in the past year. Demand authorities devote more resources to finding the attacker.

Success: Wasteful Trump Water Rule Washed Away

A non-sensical proposal for souped-up showerheads has been eliminated. Applaud this re-prioritization of water conservation and environmental wellness over reckless wastefulness.

Stop Exxon’s Climate Change Misinformation Campaign

An Exxon lobbyist was caught on tape admitting to the company’s efforts to oppose climate change legislation. Sign this petition to demand politicians stop taking their orders from Big Oil when it comes to the health of our planet.

Don’t Pay Hunters to Trample Protected Land and Kill Reptile Species

Snakes are being rounded up and killed in a cruel slaughter disguised as a friendly competition. In the process, hunters are invading protected habitats. Urge an end to this killing for sport.

Save Songbirds From Deadly Epidemic

America’s songbirds are succumbing to a mystery ailment at an alarming rate. Demand the nation’s foremost wildlife authority invest full resources in solving this deadly puzzle.

Stop Secretive UN Agency From Encouraging Climate Change

A secretive United Nations agency is undermining international climate goals. This agency has been corrupted by the shipping industry and is working against climate change regulations. Demand this agency be reformed so it is no longer a promoter of climate change.

Stop Shooting Innocent Rabbits at Airport

Rabbits running free at an airport are being mercilessly hunted and systematically shot. The airport has turned down all offers to humanely relocate the colonies. Sign this petition to stop this slaughter and find a non-lethal solution.

Make Plastic-Free Grocery Stores a Reality

Plastic from food packaging is clogging the environment and filling landfills around the world. Sign this petition to urge large grocery chains to use eco-friendly packaging and go plastic-free.

Stop Energy-Guzzling Crypto Mining From Worsening Climate Change

Cryptocurrency mining poses an imminent risk to the environment. Increased fossil fuel consumption and the release of ozone-eating gases are just some of the side effects of this practice. Urge accountability and oversight of this destructive industry.

Success: Keystone XL Pipeline Permanently Shut Down

The Keystone XL pipeline has been permanently terminated. After 12 long years of fighting, the environment across North America is safe from the devastating effects of this unnecessary project. Sign this petition to thank the company for finally ending the controversial pipeline.

Praise Clothing Brand For No Longer Using Fur

Fur-lined jackets are a trademark of the Canada Goose clothing line. Now, the company has made the promise to stop using new fur on all their clothes and save countless animals from death. Sign this petition to praise them for their efforts.

Remove Lead Shot From the Environment and Save Waterfowl

Every year, over 300,000 waterfowl die horrific deaths from ingesting lead shot. Hunters carelessly deposit uncountable amounts of lead shot on the bottom of lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. Demand that this dangerous substance be removed from the environment.

Mandate Environmental Responsibility for Evasive Corporations

Corporations must be held accountable for their oversized role in climate change. A new federal mandate could force these companies to disclose the risks they pose to the environment and living beings. Urge a higher and stronger standard for businesses that have inflicted hidden damage for too long.

Stop Catching and Torturing Whales in the Name of Science

Minke whales are going to be herded into tiny cages, where they will have probes inserted under their skin and be subjected to horrendous experiments. Help stop these majestic animals from being tortured in the name of science.

Don’t Kill Thousands of Injured Grey Squirrels

Countless grey squirrels are slated to be slaughtered in a cruel effort to control the population. Wildlife rehabilitation centers cannot keep them, but they can no longer be released back into the wild. Sign this petition to save the animals.

Save Coral Reefs From Devastating Fishing

Huge nets were found chocking the coral reefs around Thailand, causing untold damage to the reefs and all aquatic creatures who live there. Sign this petition to stop fishing operations in the area and protect the coral reefs from further desecration.

Green America’s Highways and Reunite Communities

An innovative infrastructure proposal would cut down on the number of highways in America, curbing pollution and opening up environmental restoration in the process. Demand continued emphasis on highway removal in ongoing Congressional talks.

Stop Lithium Mines From Causing Irreparable Environmental Damage

Lithium mines, while essential for a green future, can cause extensive environmental damage. The Thacker Pass mine site in Nevada in particular has come under intense scrutiny. Sign this petition to ensure lithium mines follow environmental guidelines as they lead us into a sustainable future.

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