Stop Improper Waste Disposal to Purify the Detroit River

The Detroit River is dying, choked by industrial waste, farm runoff, and reckless dumping. Act now to save this lifeline for both nature and people.

Stop the Timber Industry From Destroying Irreplaceable Forests

The forests are being ravaged, teetering on the brink of ecological collapse due to reckless logging. Act now to save the green sanctuaries and the countless lives they sustain.

Stop Poisoning Flint River With Industrial Toxins

Flint River is dying, choked by lead, toxins, and bacteria. Act now to cleanse its waters and restore its lifeblood.

Safeguard the Wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is being ravaged, its wild beauty and diverse life teetering on the edge of annihilation. Act now to halt the onslaught of unchecked development and lawlessness that threatens this irreplaceable haven.

Endorse Low-Carbon Living With Car-Free Communities

Residents of some communities are cutting the cord on America’s addiction to automotive travel. These promising neighborhoods could be an integral tool in combating the climate crisis. Demand a bigger focus and commitment to car-free communities.

Save Cape Cod’s Shores From the Ravages of Climate Change

Cape Cod’s shores are dying, ravaged by overfishing, reckless building, and the merciless tide of climate change. Act now before this ecological and economic cornerstone crumbles into oblivion.

Stop Polluting Boston Harbor With Untreated Sewage

Boston Harbor is drowning in a toxic stew of pollution, putting both sea life and people at risk. Act now to save this crucial waterway.

Curb Nitrogen and Phosphorus Runoff Into Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is drowning in a toxic tide of nitrogen and phosphorus. Act now to turn the tide and save the bay.

Stop Slaughtering Feral Cats for Sport

Cats born in the wild are being ruthlessly executed, sometimes with prize money attached. Demand a better approach that values conservation over decimation.

Protect the Berkshire Mountains From Deforestation

The Berkshire Mountains are dying, choked by deforestation, trampled by tourists, and scorched by climate change. Act now to save this ecological masterpiece before it’s too late.

Safeguard the Great Lakes From Invasive Species

Invasive species are turning the Great Lakes into ecological war zones. Halt this environmental catastrophe before it’s too late.

Save Seaside Hamlets From Coastal Erosion

The coastlines are crumbling, and with them the soul and livelihoods of our communities are at stake. Halt this environmental apocalypse before the shores vanish forever.

Save Ocean Life With Sustainable Fishing Protocols

Ocean life teeters on the edge of collapse, destroyed by overfishing and destructive techniques. Restore the marine habitat and protect the economic future.

Save the Appalachian Mountains From Rampant Deforestation

Appalachian Mountains are under siege, torn apart by deforestation, mining, and urban sprawl. Act now to save this irreplaceable sanctuary before it’s too late.

Counter Urban Sprawl’s Detrimental Effects on Forests

Forests are being swallowed whole by the unstoppable tide of urban sprawl. Act now to save these vital lungs of the Earth.

Stop Polluting the Mississippi River With Agricultural Toxins

The Mississippi River’s life force is ebbing away, poisoned by toxins. Demand actions be taken to reclaim its purity.

Save the Atchafalaya Basin From Damaging Industrial Activities

The Atchafalaya Basin is gasping for life, ensnared by invasive species and industrial havoc. Rise up and demand comprehensive conservation measures.

Root For Sustainable Fishing Protocols in Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is dying on people’s watch, its fish disappearing and its waters turning into a marine wasteland. Act now to save it.

Don’t Lose Precious Land Due to Rising Sea Levels

The coastline, a sanctuary for unique wildlife and a cornerstone of our economy, is disintegrating. Take immediate action to halt this ecological and economic catastrophe.

Save Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie From Industrial Farming

The Flint Hills tallgrass prairie is dying, choked by urban sprawl and industrial farming. Save it now.

Stop Draining Groundwater From the Ogallala Aquifer

People stand on the brink of a water crisis as the Ogallala Aquifer gets drained at an alarming rate. Take immediate action to conserve water and protect the livelihoods that depend on it.

Prepare Communities for Devastating Floods

Flooding is a rising threat to regional and national safety. Demand a comprehensive system that will track and help mitigate this danger.

Protect Lesser Prairie-Chickens From Habitat-Destroying Agricultural Expansion

The lesser prairie-chicken is vanishing, swallowed by the relentless march of farms and factories. Demand habitat conservation plans today.

Save Fertile Lands By Promoting Eco-Friendly Farming Methods

Fertile lands are vanishing, swallowed by erosion, and it’s a ticking time bomb for agriculture and ecosystems alike. Halt this devastation and secure a future for children.

Fight Light Pollution in Rural Areas to Preserve Night Skies

Light pollution is stealing the stars from the rural night sky and messing with nature’s balance. Take action now to reclaim the celestial canvas and protect the night.

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