Do Not Poison the Missouri River With Untreated Sewage

Target: L. David Glatt, Director of the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Tackle water pollution in the Missouri River.

North Dakota’s Missouri River, a lifeline for countless communities and ecosystems, is in peril. Polluted by industrial discharge, agricultural runoff, and untreated sewage, the river’s health is deteriorating rapidly. The situation is critical and demands immediate attention.

The river is not just a source of water; it’s a complex ecosystem that supports a wide range of flora and fauna. Its degradation has far-reaching implications, affecting everything from local agriculture to wildlife habitats.

Sign the petition to compel the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality to enact immediate and effective solutions for purifying the Missouri River. Essential actions should include stricter pollution control laws, advanced waste treatment facilities, and active community involvement in river cleanup initiatives.


Dear Director L. David Glatt,

The Missouri River, a cornerstone of North Dakota’s natural resources, is in a state of crisis. Pollutants from various sources are compromising its health, leading to a decline in water quality, loss of aquatic life, and increased health risks for communities.

We insist on immediate, impactful action. A comprehensive strategy must be developed and executed to reverse the damage inflicted upon the Missouri River. This should include the implementation of advanced waste treatment technologies, stricter regulations on industrial and agricultural discharge, and community-led initiatives to clean and protect the river.

The stakes are high. The Missouri River is not merely a geographical feature; it’s an integral part of North Dakota’s environmental and cultural heritage.

Act with the seriousness and urgency that this grave situation warrants. Take steps that will not only ameliorate the current state of the Missouri River, but also ensure its long-term well-being.


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Photo credit: Ken Lund

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