Support Transparency and Put Trump Trials on TV

The Trump trials could be the most important and consequential legal proceedings that the United States never gets to see. Demand voters and every American be granted the right to hear and weigh all the evidence.

Stop Politicizing and Threatening National Security

The U.S. Armed Forces is going without key leadership because of a politician’s culture wars. Demand the senator responsible for blocking over 250 military nominations and promotions stop putting national defense at risk.

Demand Equal Congressional Representation in Black Communities

State politicians have willfully violated a Supreme Court order to ensure equal voting rights for minority voters. Call for a rebalancing of the scales.

Don’t Let American Ally Become a Dictatorship

Israel’s judicial branch is under attack, upending the delicate checks and balances that sustain democracy. Demand leaders stop going against the will of their people and undermining their own government.

Success: Trump Indicted for Espionage and Obstruction

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted for the second time, and in this case the felony federal charges carry with them serious implications for national security. Show your support for the equal application of law regardless of political privilege.

Don’t Force LGBTQ+ Employees to Follow Homophobic Dress Codes

Politicians who are determined to die on the hill of culture wars are now attempting to control how people dress. Call for an end to this thinly veiled attack that is adversely impacting LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace.

Stop Wild West of Deregulation From Destroying Lives

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence is spotlighting the need for strong guardrails and shields against bad actors in the corporate world, the tech world, and beyond. Demand politicians stop trying to destroy these critical protections.

Stop Power-Hungry Politicians From Suppressing the Youth Vote

Politicians are seemingly trying to disenfranchise young voters who are coming to the polls in ever-increasing numbers. Demand an end to the attempted political neutralization of an entire generation.

Don’t Let Debt Limit Drive Nation Into Deep Recession

Americans stand to lose money, jobs, security, and much more if the United States defaults on its debt. Call for immediate action to avert a potential economic catastrophe.

Don’t Let Governor’s Political Ambitions Leave State Behind

Florida’s governor is waging war against Mickey Mouse at the expense of citizens worrying about issues that impact their daily lives. Demand politicians be held accountable for their elected jobs and to the people who they represent.

Ease Tax Burden and Ensure Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share

The wealthiest Americans too often get a sweetheart deal come tax time while average taxpayers carry the burden. Urge more investment in a fairer and more enforceable system of taxation.

Reinstate Black Representative Expelled for Peacefully Protesting Gun Violence

The state where a tragic school shooting took place grabbed national attention not for its actions on gun violence but for its vengeful actions against young Black representatives speaking out on the issue. Demand local lawmakers help restore the peoples’ vote.

Congress: Stop Putting Ex-President Trump Above the Law

The indictment of former President Trump on criminal charges has unleashed a torrent of obstructive and destructive behavior by his allies in Congress. Remind these politicians that they are serving all the American people, not one man.

Shield Against Dangerous Aerial Threats

America’s air surveillance was put to the test when an apparent Chinese spy balloon crossed into its air space, and it seemingly failed. Demand more robust investment in these crucial technologies that can help curtail catastrophe.

Don’t Abolish Crucial Checks and Balances in Government

Thousands are rallying in Israel to protest attacks on the independent judiciary. Critics warn of Israel turning into a de facto dictatorship. Demand a retraction of the planned changes by the ultra-orthodox government.

Don’t Let Fake News Bill Squash Free Speech

Free speech is under threat from a bill meant to crack down on fake news. While online misinformation is a real problem, this approach could stifle dissent. Demand a revision of the bill to include a proper definition of disinformation.

Protect the People’s House From Potentially Violent Extremists

Years after the violent attack on the Capitol, security is still dangerously lax. Demand politicians stop stripping away safeguards put in place for their own well-being and for democracy itself.

Demand Fast Track Trial of Alleged Drug Kingpin

A former top Mexican official was arrested in the US on alleged involvement with drug money. Illegal drug distribution costs millions in taxpayer money every year and this case could make a difference. Demand a speedy trial to bring the truth to light.

Enforce Landmark Environmental Justice Law

It has been more than two years since an important environmental justice law passed in New Jersey, but it awaits effective implementation from policymakers. Demand speedy enforcement of the landmark law to protect overburdened communities.

Success: Virginia Senate Passes Powerful Gun Control Bills

Several crucial gun control bills were passed in the Virginia Senate. This is a welcome first step toward setting up precedent-setting laws. Appreciate these timely actions undertaken at the Senate to prevent firearms abuse.

Demand Abortion Access for Low Income Populations

One of the largest governing bodies aims to overturn a discriminatory provision that obstructs the full range of reproductive health services for low-income groups. Support this important cause to secure federal funding for abortion.

Curb Power of Career Politicians With Term Limits

Too many politicians have made a career out of Congress at the expense of these two crucial legislative bodies. Demand term limits to spark progress, evolution, and a return to politics driven by policy rather than power.

Push for Tougher Gun Control Laws in Virginia

Gun violence in the United States is one of the largest preventable causes of death. Democrats in the State of Virginia are pushing hard for tougher gun control laws in the 2023 legislative session. Demand state lawmakers take positive action to restrict the firearms menace.

Support Democratic Elections to Get the House in Order

The House of Representatives has demonstrated its dysfunction by struggling to elect a leader. Meanwhile, this integral chamber of Congress is paralyzed and unable to represent and work for the people. Demand these leaders get their priorities straight.

Protect Democracy by Honoring Will of Voters

The will of voters could be tossed away because of unclear laws vulnerable to manipulation. Demand Congress ensure that election results, and democracy itself, stand strong.

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