President Trump: Revise Shoddy and Unconstitutional COVID-19 Relief Plan

President Trump has announced a second COVID-19 federal relief plan that includes promises, like deferred payroll taxes, that he does not have the constitutional power to enact. This attempt to appease the public helps his campaign but does nothing for the people he serves. Sign this petition to urge Trump to revise his plans.

Don’t Postpone Bolivia’s General Elections While Interim President is in Power

Bolivia’s general election has been postponed twice due to COVID-19 and is now planned to be held in October. The blocking of the voting process is irresponsible, especially when the person sitting in power was not elected by the people. Demand that Bolivians be allowed to vote by mail or email.

Don’t Allow Census to Leave Behind Minority Communities

Minority communities across the country could lose billions of dollars in federal funding because of the potential incompletion of the United States Census. Something needs to be done to ensure that data collection isn’t stopped early. Demand that the country’s most at risk populations are counted.

Save the U.S. Postal Service to Protect the Election

Trump has defunded the U.S. Postal Service in an effort to prevent vote-by-mail and suppress voters. Call for the Postal Service to be funded to ensure a safe and fair election.

Don’t Allow Trump to Postpone the Presidential Election During Pandemic

Donald Trump wants to postpone the November election due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This contradicts his claims that it is safe to open the economy and schools and raises questions about his motives. Sign this petition today demanding Republican leaders denounce Trump’s plan and commit to upholding a fair vote.

Impeach Attorney General William Barr for Racist Reaction to Protests

Attorney General William Barr has repeatedly shown that his responsibilities to the American people come second to his loyalty to the Trump agenda. His reactions to the Black Lives Matter and lockdown protests show clear racial bias in a position that should never hold such prejudice. Sign this petition demanding Congress impeach Barr at once.

Attorney General William Barr: Admit Existence of Systemic Racism in Policing

Attorney General William Barr has denied the proven existence of institutional racism in a wide array of police organizations. This is an insult to all who would see justice done in the United States’ treatment of people of color. Demand that he withdraw these statements and apologize for their harm.

Rename High School Titled After Racist Governor

A public high school in Alabama is named after a former governor who openly used racial slurs. This needs to change. The time has come to stop memorializing old white racists. Demand that this school be renamed after someone of value.

Rename Bridge Named After Confederate Traitor to Honor Civil Rights Icon

The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama is currently named after a senior officer in the Confederate Army, and this needs to change. The time of glorifying Confederate traitors needs to come to an end. Demand that the bridge is renamed to honor the life of congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis instead.

Don’t Let Trump Campaign Launder Hundreds of Millions for Personal Gain

While a national crisis unfolds, hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign donations have gone to President Trump’s private businesses, family members, and well-connected allies via illegal means. Demand an immediate investigation into these financial crimes.

Student chewing on pencil

Protect America’s Student Loan Borrowers from Crippling Debt

Federal student loan payments are coming due again at the end of September and Senate Republicans are offering no additional help. Demand that they do.

Don’t Suppress Immigrant Voices in the Drawing of Congressional Districts

President Trump is seeking to exclude undocumented immigrants from the drawing of congressional districts. Call for the 2020 census to be used to fairly and accurately represent immigrant communities.

Hold Government Officials Accountable for Unlawful and Immoral Acts Against Civilians

Police officers have gotten away with immoral pepper spray use, unlawful searches, and even robbery thanks to a legal loophole known as “qualified immunity.” Tell Congress to end this unfair exemption today.

Save America From Two-Party System Monopoly

Switching to preferential voting would allow the United States to finally do away with the two-party system. It would give third parties a far better chance of finding success and help keep Democratic and Republican candidates honest when they have legitimate challenges from both the left and right. Demand a revision to America’s antiquated voting practice.

Success: U.S. Army to Suspend Video Game Recruiting

The US Army has suspended its efforts to recruit teenagers through the video game platform Twitch thanks to pressure from concerned citizens. This is an important victory for human rights. Applaud those who spoke out against this practice.

Don’t Cut Funding to COVID-19 Testing Sites That Save Lives

America’s leaders want to tie new stimulus and pandemic relief measures to billions of dollars in slashed funding for coronavirus testing. This could put hundreds of thousands of lives at risk and slow the safe opening of the economy. Let clueless politicians know that you should not have to choose between your life and your livelihood.

Kanye West: Apologize for Defamation of Harriet Tubman

At an event promoting his prospective run for US President, Kanye West claimed that Harriet Tubman, the renowned Underground Railroad conductor, did not help free enslaved people. The crowd at the event was audibly appalled by West’s comments. Sign this petition to urge West to apologize.

Demand Resignation of Congressman Who Called AOC Misogynistic Slur

Representative Ted Yoho called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “f—- bitch” but has seen no punishment for his clear misogyny. This kind of behavior is not acceptable for anyone, let alone a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Demand that Yoho resign from his position.

Extend Federal Eviction Moratorium Through January 1st, 2021

Tens of millions of Americans are facing the threat of eviction and homelessness due to the CARES Act expiring on July 24th. Sign this petition today demanding that the moratorium on evictions be extended.

Support American Families with Additional Stimulus Checks

Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet during the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic. Demand that the U.S. Government provide additional stimulus checks to ensure housing and food security for all.

Fire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

The time has come to fire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She is trying to force kids to go back to in-person classes, despite COVID-19 infections being at an all-time high. Demand that Trump replace her with someone who actually cares about the education and well-being of the nation’s children.

Stop Trump’s Corrupt Pardons for His Cronies

President Trump has abused his pardoning power to commute the sentence of former advisor Roger Stone. This is a blatant disregard for decency in the administration, as he has used his authority to stop one of his allies from being adequately punished for his crimes. Demand that Congress limit the president’s pardoning power to avoid further corruption.

Don’t Threaten Health and Safety of Public School Students During Pandemic

The US Secretary of Education is threatening to withhold funding from public schools to force them to reopen amidst a pandemic. This disastrous move will result in the risk of injury and death to millions of children due to coronavirus. Demand that the government prioritize the health of students and invest in public learning institutions.

Protect Rights to Independent Prosecution and a Fair Trial in Criminal Court

Corrupt politicians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are attempting to destroy their country’s justice system from within by ending the independence of courts and prosecutors. Demand that this effort be ended immediately.

Fire White Supremacist Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson continues to spew racist rhetoric on Fox News and it is time for him to be fired. His latest target is U.S. Senator and decorated American hero Tammy Duckworth. Demand that Fox News fires Tucker Carlson and stops giving this white supremacist a platform.

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