Don’t Let Deforestation Kill Appalachian Foothills

Target: Anne M. Vogel, Director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Protect Appalachian Foothills from deforestation.

Ohio’s Appalachian Foothills, a region of unparalleled natural beauty and biodiversity, are facing an existential crisis. The threats are manifold: deforestation, illegal dumping, and encroaching urban development. The foothills are not just a scenic backdrop; they are a vital part of Ohio’s natural and cultural heritage.

The foothills serve as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife and plant species. Their degradation would be a devastating blow to Ohio’s ecological balance. Moreover, the region is a significant contributor to the state’s tourism industry, and its decline could have severe economic repercussions.

Sign the petition to demand that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency enact robust conservation measures to protect the Appalachian Foothills. These should include strict land-use regulations, habitat restoration projects, and community outreach programs to promote conservation.


Dear Director Anne M. Vogel,

Ohio’s Appalachian Foothills are in peril, threatened by relentless deforestation, illegal waste disposal, and unchecked urban sprawl. The data paints a grim picture: loss of native flora and fauna, compromised water quality, and a diminishing appeal for tourists.

We insist on immediate, impactful action. Develop a comprehensive, actionable conservation strategy that goes beyond mere regulations. This plan should involve local communities in habitat restoration and sustainable land use, and it must be backed by stringent enforcement mechanisms.

The stakes are sky-high. The Appalachian Foothills are more than just rolling landscapes; they’re the lifeblood of Ohio’s ecological and cultural fabric.

Take actions that will not only halt the current degradation, but also ensure the long-term health and beauty of Ohio’s Appalachian Foothills.


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Photo credit: Ken Lund

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  1. Protect Appalachian Foothills from deforestation. Stop lumber from creating ghost forests in the area. Coal ruined the beauty of Appalachia and now even though there is someone being paid to keep watch, industries and corporations are allowing urban development to encroach. Sprawl must be stopped. We must build up not out. Habitats are being bulldozed thus killing biodiversity. there is a need for sustainable land use, and it must be backed by stringent enforcement mechanisms.

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