Save Unique Pine Barrens Ecosystem From Unchecked Development

Target: Shawn M. LaTourette, Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Goal: Prevent development and pollution from endangering animals and plants of the Pine Barrens.

New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, a unique and fragile ecosystem, is under threat from unchecked development, pollution, and habitat destruction. This isn’t a minor concern; it’s a full-blown emergency that requires immediate attention.

The Pine Barrens are more than just a forest; they’re a vital part of New Jersey’s ecological fabric. This area is home to rare plant and animal species and serves as a crucial water filtration system for the state. Moreover, the Pine Barrens hold cultural and historical significance, making their preservation even more imperative.

Sign the petition to demand that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection enact immediate, effective measures to preserve the Pine Barrens. Essential actions should include land-use restrictions, pollution control mechanisms, and public awareness campaigns about the area’s ecological importance.


Dear Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette,

New Jersey’s Pine Barrens face a grim future, marred by encroaching development, pollution, and the loss of native species. The facts are undeniable: dwindling habitats, increased pollution, and a rise in endangered species.

We insist that you take immediate, meaningful steps to safeguard the Pine Barrens. A comprehensive strategy is essential, one that includes land-use restrictions, pollution control, and community education about the ecological significance of this area.

Ignoring this crisis will have devastating consequences. The Pine Barrens are not merely a tract of land; they are a critical part of New Jersey’s ecological, cultural, and historical heritage.

We request you to act with the urgency this dire situation warrants. Implement actions that will not only halt the current degradation but also ensure the long-term health and preservation of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens.


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Photo credit: Pat M2007

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