End the Barbaric Slaughter of Seals

More than ten thousand seals meet a horrific death in Canada’s brutal seal hunt every year. Mothers and their pups are brutally clubbed or shot to death for their fur. Sign this petition to save the lives of these beautiful animals.

Stop the Senseless Killing of Gentle Giraffes

Countless giraffes are brutally slaughtered every year by hunters seeking a “trophy.” Hunting these majestic and already vulnerable animals puts them at great risk of extinction. Sign this petition to protect giraffes from blood thirsty hunters.

End Threat of Poisonous Orphaned Oil Wells

Dormant oil wells present an insidious danger across the country. These abandoned structures produce just as much toxins as their active counterparts. Urge a concerted clean-up of this risky business.

Don’t Slaughter African Elephants for Money

Zimbabwe is selling the lives of critically endangered elephants to fill its coffers. Within the year, trophy hunters will slaughter hundreds of these animals to increase revenue in the country. Sign this petition to stop this shameful decision.

Twenty-One Decapitated Seals Deserve Justice

Twenty-one seals were found decapitated off the coast of Canada. The limited evidence points towards foul play. Urge the government to investigate the matter, and impose swift punishment, if required.

Success: City Bans Herbicide That Kills People and Environment

The toxic herbicide glyphosate has been banned from one Canadian city, preserving the health of both people and the environment. Praise those who are making these changes and saving our future.

Punish Criminals Killing Endangered Giant Clams

Two hundred tonnes of shells from endangered giant clams were seized in a raid. Punish the poachers who pillaged the oceans to the full extent of the law.

Save Canada’s Caribou From Extinction

Boreal woodland caribou are being driven to extinction by habitat loss and human disturbance. Sign this petition to urge the Minister of Environment to act upon their protection.

Declare Climate Change a Global Emergency

The world will recognize Earth Day by convening to fight for the planet’s future. Dozens of countries plan to pledge their commitment to tackling climate change. Demand the leaders of this meeting live up to its promises.

Save Malaysia’s Sea Turtles From Extinction

Sea turtles in Malaysia are on the verge of extinction, with many populations already gone. Yet, sand mining and other devastating projects are progressing, destroying the vital habitats of these animals. Sign this petition to save the turtles of Malaysia.

Protect Whales From Being Injured By Vessels

Whales are being grievously injured and killed by boat strikes in coastal waters. Humpback whales are particularly threatened, and current laws are insufficient to protect them. Urge the government to safeguard these magnificent sea creatures.

Do Not Penalize Wild Animals Following Bobcat Attack

A couple being attacked in their driveway by a rabid bobcat was captured on video and has gone viral. Sign this petition to ensure that the community does not retaliate or seek revenge on wild bobcats or other animals.

Stop Greedy Corporation From Plundering Spectacular Sierra Nevada Mountains

A greedy corporation is planning to build an open pit gold mine in California’s spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains. This unbelievably scenic location is also home to countless natural and cultural wonders. Sign this petition to demand a stop to this environmentally destructive and culturally insensitive plan.

Don’t Let Free Trade Agreement Destroy Amazonia

The Amazon rainforest is being threatened by a proposed free trade agreement. Industrial agriculture, landowners, and cellulose companies are mercilessly clearing land to make way for new cattle feedlots and plantations. Sign this petition to save the rainforest from destruction.

Rejuvenate Canada’s Decimated Forests

Forests are being clear-cut all across Canada. Urge the government to replant these lost trees and upcycle waste from the coffee industry to help them flourish.

End Commercial Whaling Forever

Whales are still being relentlessly hunted and killed, even in this day and age. Sign this petition to demand an end to barbaric whale hunts.

Stop Japan From Dumping Nuclear Waste into Sea

Japan plans to dump water from a nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. This possibly tainted liquid could unleash harmful consequences for marine life. Demand a halt to a destructive plan that could upend aquatic ecosystems.

Save Seagrass From Imminent Destruction

Seagrass stores twice as much carbon as a forest, yet this aquatic plant is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Urge Mauritius to protect vulnerable seagrass ecosystems.

Curb the Housing Industry’s Massive Carbon Footprint

The UK housing industry produces carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. More ambition is needed in tackling this toxic footprint. Sign this petition to urge the government to subsidize renovations and help train workers.

Stop Hunting Elephants to Extinction for Ivory

Poachers slaughter more than twenty thousand elephants every year for ivory. These intelligent animals have to endure horrific torture and their dead bodies are brutally mutilated with chainsaws. Sign this petition to save the lives of these magnificent animals.

Don’t Let Monarch Butterflies Vanish From Our Planet

Monarch butterfly numbers are plummeting, and the species could soon face extinction. Deforestation, climate change, and the use of herbicides and pesticides have brought these beautiful creatures perilously close to the brink. Sign this petition to save the monarch butterfly.

Reduce Light Pollution That is Harming Wildlife

Light pollution has caused millions of grasshoppers to descend upon cities and put the future of the firefly in jeopardy. Sign this petition to encourage wildlife-friendly nighttime lighting across the nation.

Don’t Let Bald Eagles Fall Victim to Poisoning and Habitat Loss

Bald eagles are finally making a comeback across the United States. Encourage the proper authorities to continue protecting and supporting this magnificent bird.

Stop Storing Toxic Waste Water In Reservoirs

Toxic wastewater is carelessly dumped into large storage reservoirs or tanks, where it is neglected. This harmful collection of waste poses a great risk to people and the environment. Urge the government to stop this dangerous practice.

Stop Agricultural Chemicals From Becoming Even More Dangerous

New agricultural chemicals are being developed that are far more lethal than any that have come before. Yet the government tries to blind us by saying that farmers are using fewer spays than they did in the past. Sign this petition to tell the government that the only good spray is no spray.

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