Stop Killing Bees, Birds, & the Environment with Toxic Seeds

A small Nebraska town is likely being poisoned by insecticides and other contaminants from an ethanol plant. State leaders have not stopped this environmental onslaught. Urge them to take action on behalf of this community and the wildlife dying from inaction.

Stop Killing Hummingbirds With Poisoned Nectar

Hummingbird lives are being taken by means of poisoned nectar. Although studies show that Red Dye #40 causes horrible illnesses, it is still allowed as an additive in hummingbird food. Demand that this cruelty stop.

Success: Starbucks Has Replaced Plastic Straws

Starbucks has reached its goal of replacing plastic straws in stores across North America. Show support and encouragement as this company continues to make environmentally sustainable decisions.

Maimed Manatee With “Trump” Carved in Skin Deserves Justice

A Florida manatee was maimed after an unidentified assailant wrote “Trump” on his back. Demand accountability for this politicized act of animal cruelty.

Don’t Allow Biased Corporations to Influence Climate Science

The U.S. has some of the highest CO2 emissions in the world and businessmen are still making economically biased decisions regarding the environment. In the wake of a climate change denying presidency, accurate and unbought science is more important than ever. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden heed the warnings of the scientific community and work with them to create a brighter future.

Don’t Let Industries Kill Migrating Birds Without Repercussion

Millions of birds will now die without so much as a slap on the wrist to the industries responsible. Any federal protection that they previously received has been overturned, thanks to one final push from the Trump administration. Demand that the government renew these protections and implement real penalties for industries found at fault.

Save Monarch Butterflies from Extinction

North America’s western monarch population has declined to 1% of its historic size. Yet, federal protection the species is in critical need of has been delayed. Demand that USFWS list monarchs and grant them endangered status.

Stop Keystone XL Pipeline from Destroying Our Sustainable Future

The Keystone pipeline is a blight on North America’s landscape, destroying pristine forests, contaminating water, and condemning the future to an environmental disaster. Join this petition to stop the construction of this controversial project.

Don’t Let Wolverines be Pushed to Extinction

There are only around 300 wolverines left in the contiguous United States, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has continuously refused to list them as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, making it so they are not federally protected by law. Demand wolverines be officially granted threatened species status so that a plan to better protect these animals can be formed and set in place.

Stop Covering-Up Environmental Impacts From Arctic Oil Drilling

The federal government is covering-up the environmental impacts from oil drilling in the Arctic. The truth is that oil drilling in the Arctic is destroying the environment and wildlife. Demand the outgoing Trump administration stop its last minute assault on the environment.

Stop Killing Gophers With Painful and Unethical Poisons

Thousands of animals die excruciating deaths from bait laced with strychnine. This horrible pesticide is used to eradicate gophers and ground squirrels and many other species are killed each year. Sign this petition to have this dangerous poison banned.

Stop the Slaughter of the Last Wild Wolves

The rehabilitation of wolves now rests in the hands of the states after the US Fish and Wildlife Service eliminated their federal protections. Sign this petition to urge Washington’s governor to prioritize safeguarding endangered wolf populations.

JP Morgan Chase: Stop Investing Billions in Fossil Fuels as the World Struggles to Reduce CO2

JPMorgan Chase has invested $268.59 billion in fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement. If we are going to prevent the world from heating beyond 2 degrees Celsius, we cannot stand for this reckless misuse of financial resources. Sign this petition to demand that Chase divest from fossil fuels now.

Nestle, Stop Stealing Water to Sell

Every year, Nestle pumps millions of gallons of water out of communities in Southern California. Meanwhile, droughts continue and wildfires get worse, causing severe habitat loss and displacement of residents. Tell Nestle to stop exploiting the water crisis.

Stop Slaughtering Millions of Sharks in the Name of Science

Millions of sharks are slaughtered so that their livers may be harvested for use in vaccines, while plant-based alternatives are being shunned by governments and the drug industry. Demand approval for more ethical plant-derived vaccines to be used in clinical trials.

Fight Climate Change at the Local Level

Despite the irrefutable evidence, governments have yet to declare a climate emergency. As for those who are taking action and working towards solutions, they need help bringing their plans into fruition. Demand support for a promising climate change initiative.

Stop Poisoning Canada’s Wolves

Wolves are dying excruciating deaths after being poisoned by strychnine. Apparent misuse of this dangerous toxin also threatens many other species and the environment. Stop this attack on wildlife.

Stop Poisoning the Environment With Raw Animal Sewage

Raw animal sewage is being dumped on agricultural fields which harms the climate, pollutes the soil and water, and poisons farm workers, local residents and animals. Demand a stop to this environmentally destructive practice.

Don’t Threaten Vital Elephant Habitat with Oil Drilling

Elephants and endangered species across Southern Africa could soon lose access to sorely-needed clean water if oil drilling is allowed to go ahead in protected Namibian wild areas. Demand that permission for this irresponsible project be withdrawn to save threatened wildlife.

Save Macadamias from Extinction

Macadamia nuts have become the latest potential casualty of Australia’s reckoning with environmental protection. The trees and habitats that provide these nuts are at continued risk of extinction. Demand a sustainable plan to save them.

Stop Destroying Wildlife Habitat to Maximize Timber Sales

A fragile forest ecosystem and an endangered species are at risk of destruction due to the sale of land for logging. The Smuggler Timber Sale puts a price tag on old growth and threatens endangered salmon populations. Sign this petition to demand the immediate cancellation of this destructive event.

Provide Funding for Under-Supported Park Lands

Parks, nature reserves, and wildlife are in dire need of funding to ensure their survival. Loopholes in current environmental aid packages, however, have starved conservation efforts. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden and the U.S. Congress make good on their duty to protect natural heritage.

Stop Dumping Toxic Chemicals in Rural Ditches

Harmful chemicals are sprayed into agriculture ditches year after year. These toxins can stay in the ground and water for decades, causing significant health conditions in people and animals. Help stop this unnecessary poisoning of nature.

Protect Ancient Pine Trees Perched High in Mountains From Ravages of Climate Change

Whitebark pine trees are the guardians of nature’s high mountain environments but they are being decimated by climate change. Sign this petition to protect these incredibly special trees from destruction.

Don’t Use Covid Relief Funds to Accelerate the Climate Crisis

Billions of dollars in Covid relief funds are being locked into fossil fuels. Sign this petition to demand a shift toward clean energy.

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