Stop Development From Decimating Tribal Lands

A cherished tribal land and rich habitat could be endangered if a dam construction project goes forward. Urge continued opposition to this potential environmental and cultural hazard.

Stop Gas Pipelines From Leaking Dangerous Chemicals Into Our Air and Water

Gas pipelines are causing irreversible damage to the environment. Leaks end up in groundwater, streams, and the atmosphere, and little has been done to address these ongoing problems. Urge the EPA to modernize our pipelines and prevent dangerous chemicals from entering the environment.

Stop Overconsumption From Destroying the Planet

Excess consumerism is now a leading cause of climate change, in which the buying habits of first world countries produce carbon emissions exponentially greater than those of other regions. This excessive waste cheats consumers and harms the planet. Urge the Federal Trade Commission to require manufacturers to make electronics that last and reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Start Paying Nations Equally for Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

The rise of greenhouse gasses has led to some regions receiving financial compensation for their efforts to reduce this environmental poison. Africa is a major player working with polluters but is not paid as equally as others. Demand fair compensation for African nations who are helping to save the planet.

Stop Making Toxins and Hazardous Waste Under the Guise of “Recycling”

Chemical companies want to classify toxic facilities as “recycling” plants, evading health and environmental regulations. Don’t let polluters get away with greenwashing hazardous waste.

Include Livestock’s Massive Carbon Footprint in Climate Change Talks

The meat and dairy industry’s huge contribution to the global climate crisis is once again being overlooked by policymakers. Call for action to reduce carbon emissions from animal agriculture.

Force Powerful Chemical Companies to Protect Public Health

3M produces toxic chemicals that reportedly leech into nature and eventually our drinking water. This powerful company has seemingly admitted the adverse effects its products can have on people but has done little to address it. Demand 3M work to reverse potential harm done and prevent anyone else from getting sick.

Save Citruses From Succumbing to Yellow Dragon Disease

Yellow dragon disease, a deadly bacterium carried in insects, is targeting orange trees around the world. Demand global leaders utilize a natural predator to fight this deadly foe.

Young Activists Fighting Against Climate Devastation Need Our Support

A wave of youth-led activism has upended the politics of climate change and given us a shot at a livable future, as described in a new, groundbreaking book. Learn more about this mass grassroots uprising and support young people fighting the climate crisis.

Give All Communities a Fighting Chance Against Natural Disasters

Clear alerts for natural disasters save lives, yet a large part of the world lacks these vital aids. Demand more investment in early warnings and disaster preparedness as climate change worsens.

Stop Loading Landfills With a Scary Amount of Halloween Waste

The aftermath of Halloween comes in the form of tons of discarded pumpkins and candy wrappers, almost all of which end up in landfills. Fortunately, there is a chance at a new life for these items through compost and recycling. Demand easy access to viable recycling programs in all communities.

End Pumpkin Shortage With Eco-Friendly Farming

Pumpkins and other crops are in short supply due to soil degradation. No-till farming could provide the lifeline they need to experience a resurgence. Demand agriculture experts invest in this potential solution.

End Litter’s Disproportionate Impact on Low-Income Communities

Litter pollutes the environment and negatively impacts quality of life in cities. This problem disproportionately affects low-income communities, who have fewer waste disposal options. Call for a more equitable distribution of urban trashcans.

Don’t Let Coastal Communities Disappear Into the Sea

A coastal town may have been rescued from falling into the sea, and one of its saviors was Mother Nature herself. Urge stronger investments in natural techniques to prevent beach erosion.

Stop Poisoning Waterways With Factory Farm Waste

The country’s waterways are under threat from manure created by the hundreds of thousands of chickens at Tyson Foods’ partnering farms. This pollution disrupts the food chain and can cause both humans and animals to become sick or even die. Tell Tyson to act now and hold all farms it works with accountable.

Don’t Let Snow Crab Disappear From Seas Forever

A fixture of the Alaskan seas is in danger due to climate change and overfishing. The snow crab could once again thrive if humans would maintain a hands-off approach. Demand leaders throw this at-risk animal a lifeline.

Save World’s Lands and Seas Before Time Runs Out

The natural world is in crisis, and so are the talks that could help save it. An international biodiversity conference could provide a global solution to an extinction-level problem, and yet China’s president may not attend. Demand global leaders start getting serious about protecting Mother Nature.

Make Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Solar Powered

Electric vehicles are much better for the climate than conventional cars, but to be truly sustainable they must be powered by renewables. Call for a network of solar charging stations.

Make Reliable Public Transportation a Budget Priority

The U.S. needs to invest more into public transportation. With traffic clogging our highways and emissions from cars adding to climate change, accessible transit can address two problems at once. Help make public transit a focus for the U. S. Department of Transportation.

Stop Agonizing Asphyxiation and Evisceration of Fish

Fish are finally being recognized as sentient beings who feel pain and fear. This means that dragging them from the water to asphyxiate or cutting them apart can equate to torture. Demand fisheries recognize this reality by adopting more humane practices.

Stop Industrial Fishing Boats From Depleting America’s Oceans

Aquatic wildlife populations are shrinking, with some disappearing completely. Industrials fishers’ giant nets not only take nearly everything from the oceans, they create insurmountable competition for smaller independent fishers. Tell those who regulate our oceans to act now and stop this recklessness.

Save Bees By Planting Flowers in Cities and Towns

Bees are at a risk of endangerment and extinction worldwide. Overdevelopment of land in New Jersey, where they once thrived, has eliminated resources bees rely on to live and reproduce. Demand the state act now to prevent wild bee populations from becoming extinct.

Protect Hundreds of Whales From Dehydrating to Death

A total of 230 pilot whales washed up on the shores of an Australian island; the majority dehydrated to death under the hot sun. Scientists cite climate change, habitat loss, and overfishing as the likely causes of this event and warn against future catastrophes of similar scale. Demand we do more to protect our oceans and their animals.

Stop Cruel Hunts Where Alligators Are Shot in the Head

Alligator hunting at a national wildlife refuge in Florida has put this pivotal species at risk. Hunters typically use cruel methods to slaughter these animals, including the use of a bangstick to shoot a bullet into the alligator’s brain. Wildlife refuges should be places where animals can roam freely and independent of human interference–demand hunting on these lands be prohibited.

Prioritize Legal Protection for Pollinators

Over 500 environmental protections, including safeguards for bees, could be struck down within months. Demand a key European region stop gambling with its future and the fate of the planet.

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