Don’t Let Monarch Butterflies Vanish From Our Planet

Monarch butterfly numbers are plummeting, and the species could soon face extinction. Deforestation, climate change, and the use of herbicides and pesticides have brought these beautiful creatures perilously close to the brink. Sign this petition to save the monarch butterfly.

Reduce Light Pollution That is Harming Wildlife

Light pollution has caused millions of grasshoppers to descend upon cities and put the future of the firefly in jeopardy. Sign this petition to encourage wildlife-friendly nighttime lighting across the nation.

Don’t Let Bald Eagles Fall Victim to Poisoning and Habitat Loss

Bald eagles are finally making a comeback across the United States. Encourage the proper authorities to continue protecting and supporting this magnificent bird.

Stop Storing Toxic Waste Water In Reservoirs

Toxic wastewater is carelessly dumped into large storage reservoirs or tanks, where it is neglected. This harmful collection of waste poses a great risk to people and the environment. Urge the government to stop this dangerous practice.

Stop Agricultural Chemicals From Becoming Even More Dangerous

New agricultural chemicals are being developed that are far more lethal than any that have come before. Yet the government tries to blind us by saying that farmers are using fewer spays than they did in the past. Sign this petition to tell the government that the only good spray is no spray.

Stop Flooding Marine Communities With Toxic Waste

Red tide algae blooms are set to ravage Florida’s coasts yet again because of human mismanagement. Wastewater facilities pose an ongoing threat to marine ecosystems. Demand an end to the toxification of the seas.

Protect Grizzly Bears From Slaughter by Hunters

Grizzly bears will soon be shot as trophies in a government-approved slaughter. Their population is finally stabilizing because of years of conservation efforts, and it is reckless and ignorant to open them again to human attacks. Demand that grizzly bears be protected.

Use Reusable Masks and Protective Equipment and Save Animals

Wild animals are choking to death on single-use masks and other personal protective equipment. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a deluge of garbage that will negatively impact the world for hundreds of years. Urge the government to promote reusable protective gear.

Stop the Use of Pesticides That Kill Bees

Canada continues to allow the use of pesticides that are known to have devastating effects on bee colonies, despite a previous ban. Sign this petition to protect bees and the environment from intentional poisoning.

Stop Destroying Canada’s Forests for Profit

The forests of British Columbia are in great danger. Trees that are thousands of years old are ruthlessly felled, animal habitat is destroyed, and the biodiversity is declining, all for human profit. Sign this petition to save the ancient forests.

Crack Down on Pollution and Commit to Clean Energy

China produces the most carbon dioxide of any country in the world, making it one of Earth’s most preeminent polluters. The planet will soon be on life support if they do not take a strong stance against climate change. Demand China make good on its promise to spearhead an era of clean energy.

Stop Invasive Species From Destroying Aquatic Ecosystems

Zebra mussels are invading the waters of the Great Lakes, causing significant property damage, and devastating the native ecosystems. Sign this petition to urge the government to take action.

Success: Canadian Rockies Temporarily Safe From Coal Mining Devastation

The Rocky Mountains are safe from coal mining exploitation for the time being. Thank the people responsible for temporarily halting unsound operations, and encourage them to further protect this magnificent mountain range.

Save Species Dying From Climate Change

Nine species of animals in Canada are in immediate danger from dying from the destructive impact of climate change. Take action to urge the government to implement measures to save them.

Don’t Pollute Drinking Water With Toxic Sewage

Raw sewage is being intentionally dumped into rivers, polluting drinking water. Poorly designed sewer systems are to blame, as are government officials who watch it happen. Demand action to end this blatant environmental damage.

End Dumping of Thousands of Dead Herring Into the Ocean

45,000 dead herring were illegally dumped into the ocean. Careless acts of this nature impact the entire aquatic ecosystem. Demand an end to the herring fishing industry that has devastating effects on the environment.

Save Yellowfin Tuna From Entrapment and Extinction

Overfishing is putting another prized marine species at imminent risk. The Indian Ocean’s Yellowfin tuna population remains in crisis due to human devices that trap and kill them by the thousands. Demand an end to this unchecked plunder.

Restore River and Save Salmon Haven

The largest river that feeds the Puget Sound has been reduced to a shadow of its former self, taking endangered aquatic life with it. Help eliminate the most destructive barrier to this river’s resurgence.

Protect Threatened Ecosystems From Mining and Invasive Species

The biodiversity of our delicate ecosystems is poorly protected. Support new legislation that would safeguard them from development and other devastation.

Stop Senselessly Killing Wolves

A collared wolf was senselessly killed in the U.S. after migrating from Canada. This lone animal demonstrated the connectivity of wilderness areas that stretch across North America before being ruthlessly shot. These barbaric wolf killing laws need to change.

Stop Pipelines From Destroying Pristine Wetlands and Woods

Oil pipelines can destroy natural woodlands, and poison water ways. The latest under construction has put the forests surrounding the Mississippi River at risk. Help stop a dangerous pipeline from being completed.

Save Canadian Rockies From Destructive Coal Mining

The Rocky Mountains in Canada are about to be pillaged for coal. Help protect this incredible mountain range from environmental ruin.

Stop the Horrifying Abuse of Bees for Honey

Bees are essential for the existence of life on the planet and yet they are mistreated and tortured for human gain. They are brutally mutilated and killed, and forced to perform numerous hours of labor for honey. Demand an end to the mistreatment of these important insects.

Stop Deliberately Pumping Greenhouse Gases Into the Air

Oil wells and refineries pump millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the air each year with impunity. Action is being taken, but not fast enough. Help protect our environment from willful destruction.

Save Gray Wolves From Relentless Slaughter

Over 200 gray wolves were slaughtered in a Wisconsin hunting massacre. This tragedy comes on the heels of the politically motivated abolishment of their protection as an endangered species. Help ensure this travesty never happens again.

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