Stop Endangered Honeycreepers From Vanishing Forever

Honeycreepers, a once abundant and remarkable bird species, are now on the verge of vanishing forever thanks to habitat destruction and disease. Act now to protect them.

Preserve Native Forests From Destructive Invasive Species

Precious native forests are under dire threat from invasive species. Act now to protect these vital ecosystems.

Safeguard Sea Turtles by Preserving Coastal Dark Skies

The bright lights along the coast disrupt nesting sea turtles and lure hatchlings away from the safety of the sea. Enforce strict light pollution regulations to save this species.

Stop Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Reduce Wildfires

Smoke from summer wildfires has decreased the quality of air and undone progress made by environmentalists. Greenhouse gas emissions contribute to wildfire ignition, and they must be stopped. Demand immediate change.

Don’t Let Barrier Islands be Destroyed by Climate Change

Barrier Islands, a coastal gem of unparalleled ecological value, now stand endangered by human actions and a changing climate. Act now to safeguard these islands.

Don’t Pollute Irreplaceable River With Toxic Chemicals

A unique river ecosystem is being pushed to the brink by a water pollution crisis, endangering wildlife and people. Take swift action now to protect this vital river.

Protect Longleaf Pine Forests From Destruction

Longleaf pine forests are in grave danger due to industrial activities. Act now to protect and restore these invaluable ecosystems.

Make Urban Areas Green With Transformative Tiny Forests

Pint-sized forests are paying big dividends in cities across the world as allies in climate change mitigation and ecological restoration. Demand American leaders commit to supporting these invaluable environmental tools nationwide.

Prevent Unplanned and Expansive Growth of Urban Areas

Unplanned and expansive growth of urban areas is endangering natural beauty and ecosystems. Demand leaders embrace sustainable land usage to preserve these natural treasures.

Stop Invasive Species From Jeopardizing Waterways

Waterways are under siege as invasive species silently invade, risking the very balance of the aquatic ecosystems. Demand immediate and forceful measures to stop this invasion.

Stop Bulldozing Habitat of Critically Endangered Florida Panther

The Florida panther’s survival is in grave jeopardy as it teeters on the edge of extinction. Act now to protect their fragile habitat and ensure their future.

Save the Everglades From Disruptive Human Activities

The Everglades is in danger due to inadequate conservation efforts. Act now to protect this vital treasure for generations to come.

Stop Saltwater Intrusion in Freshwater Springs

Freshwater springs are under siege from the relentless advance of saltwater intrusion, fueled by rising sea levels and excessive groundwater extraction. Act now to safeguard these irreplaceable treasures.

Save Migratory Shorebirds by Preserving Horseshoe Crabs

The continued existence of horseshoe crabs is essential for the survival of migratory shorebirds. Ensure their sustainable conservation.

Protect Our Health From Toxic Air Pollution

The air in industrial areas is becoming dangerously polluted, threatening our health and well-being. Hold polluters accountable.

Stop Using Exotic Animal Skins in Luxury Products

Thousands of exotic animals are being slaughtered for the making of luxury wallets, purses, and watches. Demand companies halt the production of any further animal-containing products.

Protect Coastal Marshes From Sea-Level Rise

Coastal marshes are in peril as sea levels rise relentlessly, endangering their delicate ecosystems and the crucial services they provide. Act now to implement comprehensive measures.

Stop Destructive Fishing Practices in Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound’s precious marine life is in grave danger due to harmful fishing practices. Act now to save it.

Save Cities From Drowning in Floods By Promoting Green Infrastructure

Flooding looms ominously over urban areas, a consequence of climate change and rampant urbanization. Prioritize green infrastructure to save the cities from drowning.

Save the Connecticut River Watershed From Pollution

The Connecticut River Watershed is in peril, under siege from urbanization, pollution, and climate change. Act now to protect this vital lifeline.

Protect Coastal Communities From the Impact of Sea-Level Rise

The coastal communities teeter on the edge of peril while rising seas, fueled by climate change, endanger their very survival. Act now to protect them from this imminent threat.

Clean Up Long Island Sound’s Marine Debris

Long Island Sound suffers from a grave marine debris issue, endangering its precious ecosystem. Safeguard its delicate balance now.

Combat Bark Beetle Infestations Threatening Forests

Forests are in grave danger due to relentless bark beetle infestations. Combat this crisis now to stop these voracious pests from destroying cherished landscapes.

Halt Ski Resort Development to Preserve Mountain Ecosystems

The cherished mountain ecosystems are in grave danger due to expansive ski resort projects, fueled by profit. Act now to halt this destruction.

Protect the Alpine Tundra From Climate Change-Induced Destruction

The Alpine Tundra faces a dire crossroads due to climate change and unregulated recreation. Implement comprehensive conservation measures to safeguard this unique treasure.

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