Don’t Threaten Critically Endangered Orangutans with Hydroelectric Dam

A newly discovered and critically endangered orangutan could soon be wiped out by the construction of a massive hydroelectric dam in Indonesia’s forests. Demand that this project be cancelled to protect this beautiful animal and others like it.

Don’t Let Diesel Trucks Illegally Pump Toxic Chemicals Into the Air

Illegal tampering of diesel trucks has led to the pumping of hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic and potentially cancer-causing pollutants into the air. Help banish the destructive tools deployed in this environmental assault.

Success: Iconic Joshua Tree Receives Endangered Species Protections

The endangered Joshua Tree has finally earned protected status in an environmental success. Climate change hit Joshua trees and other endangered plants especially hard, with habitat loss worsening the crisis. Applaud recent steps taken to ensure the survival of these beloved plants.

Trump: Don’t Destroy Vital Protections for Migratory Birds

Hundreds of species of birds which are vital to the health of ecosystems throughout the Western Hemisphere are under attack by President Trump’s efforts to restrict their essential protections. Demand that this administration halt its intent to endanger migratory birds before it’s too late.

Trump: Don’t Dismantle Climate Science as Final Act in Office

The Trump administration is taking a parting shot at the fight against climate change. Without intervention, one of the nation’s most important climate science tools will soon be warped beyond recognition by climate change deniers. Demand an end to this dangerous game that puts the entire planet at risk.

Stop Abusing and Torturing Great Apes and Elephants for Pleasure

Great apes and elephants are being imprisoned in horrific conditions. Sign this petition to make it a criminal offense to abuse these amazing creatures.

Death is Not Disease Prevention: No More Culling of Innocent Animals

Millions of mink are slaughtered every year to prop up the mink fur industry, and now this industry’s carelessness may make millions more sacrificial lambs in the fight against COVID-19. A mass culling of Denmark’s mink may soon take place in a misguided effort to stop new infections. Urge leaders to reassess this systemic execution that will only raise the death toll.

Trump: Halt Underhanded Sale of Alaskan Wilderness for Ruinous Oil Drilling

The Trump administration is leasing protected Alaskan land to oil producers, whose efforts in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge would result in untold damage to wildlife and Native American communities. Demand that this craven last-ditch effort to destroy the planet be ended immediately.

Biden: Restore Crucial Protections for Threatened Gray Wolves

The gray wolf, once near extinction and still under serious threats to its survival, has been stripped of federal protection by the outgoing Trump administration. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to restore the wolves’ protected status to preserve America’s wildlife and natural heritage.

Rescue Pilot Whales From Pod Stranding Massacres

Hundreds of pilot whales died in agony after being stranded along Tasmania’s coast. Dozens more nearly lost their lives in a similar event in Sri Lanka. Demand stronger safeguards and scientifically based plans to save these at-risk marine mammals.

Ensure Strict Penalties for Oil Companies That Produce Excess Emissions

Oil and gas companies may be allowed to continue venting methane and other dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere despite new environmental regulations aimed at restricting them. Demand that potential loopholes be closed, and penalties guaranteed to ensure a safer, cleaner future for all.

Investigate Toxic Barrels of DDT Leaking Into the Ocean

Countless barrels of the lethal pesticide DDT have been discovered on the ocean floor off California’s coast, confirming decades-old rumors that this substance had been illegally dumped by several chemical companies. Demand that the dump site be investigated and cleaned up to prevent any further harm to life or the environment.

Protect Newly Discovered Monkey From Extinction

A newly discovered species of monkey is already under threat of extinction due to destructive human activity deep in Myanmar’s forests. Demand that the government act immediately to protect this rare and precious animal.

Restore Ban on Potentially Cancerous Herbicide

An herbicide that may have lethal effects on humans and animals has been authorized for use by Trump’s administration. This latest assault on environmental protections could destroy a food source and cause cancer in those exposed. Demand that this approval be withdrawn immediately to save lives and crops.

Combat Severe Spike in Plastic Waste

Hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste have been produced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, overwhelming waste management infrastructure in South Korea. Innovative activists are working to slow the tide of waste, but they can’t succeed without help from public institutions. Urge South Korea’s government to support the effort to protect wildlife and the environment.

Stop Attacking Native American Environmental Sovereignty

Oklahoma has sabotaged the right of Native American governments to protect their homes and their health through safe environmental practices, allowing dirty energy producers free reign to dump dangerous waste on reservation lands. Demand that Governor Kevin Stitt end his assault on tribal governments.

Get Endangered Sharks Off the Hook

Sharks have transformed from predator to prey in a vital Mediterranean ecosystem, imperiling the future of these animals and the ecosystem itself. Protect these protectors of stability from human-induced eradication.

Hunting of Wolf Pups and Endangered Species Allowed by Trump Must be Opposed

The Trump administration has opened 150 wildlife refuges to hunters and removed protections from endangered species. Bear cubs, wolf pups, jaguars and numerous other species are open for slaughter. Demand an end to the destruction of wildlife by the Trump administration.

Stop Trump From Destroying Critical Rainforest

The Trump administration has completed its greatest act of environmental destruction by opening the Tongass National Forest to logging and industrial interests. Help us save this environmentally critical American rainforest.

Hold True to the Promise of a Carbon-Neutral Japan by 2050

Japanese Prime Minister Suga has announced a commitment to making Japan carbon neutral by 2050. His announcement was applauded by environmentalist organizations like Greenpeace. Sign this petition to urge the Japanese government to enact policy changes that support this goal.

Don’t Let Trump Administration Leave Even Bigger Legacy of Environmental Destruction

If new rules pushed through by the Environmental Protection Agency go into effect, toxic and radioactive substances will be on the market, crippling air pollution will go unchecked, and science will take a semi-permanent backseat to corporate greed. Demand better for the country and the environment every American calls home.

Take Immediate Action to Prevent Disastrous Oil Spill

A tanker carrying approximately 1.3 million gallons of oil is at severe risk of sinking, which could lead to one of the worst oil spills in history. If immediate action is not taken, marine life and the Southern Caribbean region as a whole will face imminent ecological disaster. Demand President Nicolás Maduro urgently address the sinking vessel.

Don’t Endanger Vital Wetlands with Ineffective Flood Controls

A once-dead flood control project which would destroy crucial wetland habitats and drain public money has been revived by those who would profit from its construction. Demand that the project be ended to protect life and public funding.

Don’t Give Climate Change Denial a Voice on the Supreme Court

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court has been filled with its share of controversy, but the judge’s concerning actions on one of the world’s most urgent problems often gets overlooked. Judge Barrett has refused to acknowledge climate change and holds a troubling anti-environmental track record. Urge the Senate to vote “no” on Barrett and “yes” on critical environmental action.

End Trump’s War on the Environment

Donald Trump has promoted the growth of oil and gas drilling in fragile ecosystems, rolled back restrictions on air and water pollution, and weakened protections for endangered species. His actions contradict his claim in the debate that he supports clean air and water. Sign this petition to demand an end to Trump’s war on the environment.

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