End Destruction of Natural Wilderness That Fights Climate Change

Scotland’s peatlands, one of the largest carbon sinks in the world, are shrinking rapidly due to human interference. The land will begin to emit carbon if not properly cared for and contribute to global warming. Demand protection for this natural fighter of climate change.

Ban Lawful Trail Hunting That Leads to Slaughter of Protected Animals

A legal form of hunting is being used to carry out illegal killings of foxes and other wild animals across the United Kingdom. Demand an all-out prohibition of trail hunting before it claims more lives.

Reduce Potent Greenhouse Gas to Fight Global Warming

Methane accounts for 25% of global warming and is 80 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. Oil and gas companies are by far the biggest offenders and need stronger regulation.

Stop Auctioning Off Public Lands for Fossil Fuel Pillaging

American leaders continue to break crucial promises to cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow dangerous global warming. A record number of oil and gas drilling permits onshore and offshore are compounding the crisis. Urge an end to these auctions of environmental destruction.

Make Plastic Producers Pay to Recycle Their Environmentally Toxic Products

The oceans are drowning in plastic and will outnumber fish in less than thirty years. Most of the plastic production is caused by just twenty companies. Sign the petition to ensure they pay for the mess that they caused.

Stop Climate Change-Fueled Neurotoxins From Causing Widespread Brain Damage

Climate change driven wildfires and hurricanes grow worse every year and are spewing neurotoxic particulates into the air and water. Demand action to protect the public from these deadly toxins.

Stop Polluting Waterways and Natural Areas With Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are the most common form of toxic waste, numbering in billions of pounds yearly. They endanger wildlife and cause fires. Demand immediate action to reduce this environmental poison.

Save Hundreds of Lakes and Wildlife Habitats From Disappearing Forever

Beautiful lakes and diverse wildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate in Turkey. Humanity’s exploitation of these lands and waters are to blame. Call for urgent action to rescue these natural wonders from annihilation.

Stop Oil and Gas Lobbyists From Corrupting Global Climate Change Policy

Oil and gas lobbyists are corrupting the world’s efforts to combat climate change. It’s time to put the environment ahead of this greedy industry’s profits.

Success: Methane and Toxic Chemicals Restricted to Protect Environment

Methane and forever chemicals, toxic to the environment and to living beings, will soon be restricted by an environmental agency finally doing its duty. Polluters will no longer have free reign to contaminate air, water, and land with these detrimental substances. Applaud this vital recommitment to environmental protection over special interests.

Breach Dam to Restore Fragile Wetland Ecosystem

One of the most fragile ecosystems and wetland communities, the Great Florida Riverway, is being continuously harmed by a long-standing dam. This majestic network of different rivers and springs needs our help. Act now to breach the dam and bring back the natural wetlands.

Punish Company for Allegedly Covering Up Disastrous Oil Spill

A major oil spill that endangered California’s wetlands and marine life may have been the result of gross negligence by the company operating the ruptured pipeline. Urge accountability for a multi-time offender that has escaped responsibility time and again.

Invest in Climate Positive Farming to Reduce Harmful Pollutants

Climate change threatens to devastate farmland and agriculture, but farmers themselves can be part of the solution. Support climate-friendly growing practices now.

Stop Mining Project From Destroying Pristine Wilderness

An environmentally catastrophic mining project is slated to go ahead unless the Biden administration blocks it. Stop this greedy land-grab before it irreparably damages a pristine wilderness.

Stop “Wildlife Services” From Cruelly Slaughtering Millions of Animals

U.S. Wildlife Services kills over a million wild animals every year, while making no real effort to protect endangered species. Hold this agency accountable to its stated mission and end the bloodbath now.

Stop Giving Tax Breaks and Handouts to Big Oil

The United Kingdom has positioned itself as a leader in the fight against climate change, but is enabling and subsidizing the very corporations driving this crisis. Call for the UK’s actions to match its words on Big Oil oversight and accountability.

Eliminate Harmful Pollution From U.S Highways

Trucks and buses cause 420 million tons of pollution each year. By making the switch to clean vehicles, the U.S can eliminate over 4.7 billion tons of climate pollution and prevent thousands of deaths. Call for the switch to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles today.


Stop Poisoning Farmed Fish With Antibiotics and Pesticides

The fish farming industry is poisoning our land, water, people, and wildlife with drugs and other chemicals. Tell the FDA to put a halt to these toxic practices.

Don’t Prioritize Coal Production Over World’s Future

China could make or break the world’s victory against climate change. Demand this top global polluter end its addiction to coal and commit to cleaner, safer, and more economically beneficial renewable energy.

Stop Massive Pipeline From Devastating Streams and Wetlands

The Mountain Valley Pipeline will devastate thousands of streams and waterways in West Virginia, while leaking methane and making climate change worse. Help stop this misguided project.

Grow Grains Capable of Fighting Climate Change and World Hunger

Sustainable grains, an unlikely but powerful ally, can help the world survive the climate crisis. This crop grows yearly without replanting, reducing the need for destructive farming practices. Demand global investment in sustainable grains that can put farmers on the front lines of successfully combating climate change.

Protect Orangutans, Tigers, and Forests From Law-Breaking Palm Oil Producers

Illegal palm oil production is ramping up at the expense of forests and the climate. Demand the global palm oil leader enforce its own rules to protect vital habitats and punish flagrant violators.

Don’t Let Bitcoin Miner Derail Climate Goals

Bitcoin mining hurts our environment with its high energy requirements and reliance on fossil fuels. One company has reopened a shuttered fossil fuel plant in New York that is now producing enough electricity to power 35,000 homes. Act now to stop harmful bitcoin mining.

Save Giant Sequoias From Fiery Destruction

Three-thousand-year-old trees are being destroyed by human recklessness. Giant sequoias deserve and need protection from human-driven infernos. Demand more resources be devoted to protecting these irreplaceable giants.

Procter & Gamble Must Stop Destroying the Earth’s Forests

The maker of Gillette, Dawn soap, Oral-B, and more, is razing forests, adding to climate change, and obliterating wildlife habitat in the planet’s last biodiversity strongholds. Tell Procter & Gamble to stop this destruction.

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