Black Bear Mother Shot to Death Deserves Justice

Bobbi, a beloved black bear mother with two cubs, was fatally shot in a seemingly senseless act of violence. Demand a comprehensive investigation and possible charges relating to this tragic killing.

Restore Ecosystem-Building, Water-Cleaning Oyster Populations

Oysters play a crucial role in water filtration and marine eco-diversity. Demand the former oyster capital of the world help revitalize these important contributors to the natural order.

forest trail with trees and sunlight peeking through

Save National Forests From Falling Into Disrepair

National Forests have fallen into disrepair, endangering fish and wildlife and increasing environmental harm. This unfortunate consequence comes from a lack of governmental funding. Demand that politicians financially support protecting our public lands.

Success: Disadvantaged Communities Protected From Environmental Racism

Big polluters have long invaded disadvantaged communities and torpedoed environmental and public health in the process. Commend leaders for a renewed commitment to environmental justice.

Stop Plastic Pollution From Killing Elephants

Elephants are dying tragically after eating toxic plastic from landfills. Call for action to combat this deadly crisis.

Climate change activists holding a sign that reads, "There is no planet B"

Don’t Block Funding to Combat the Climate Crisis

Federal efforts to address the climate crisis are being jeopardized by politicians beholden to the fossil fuel industry. Demand that those in charge take this environmental emergency seriously and ensure funding for necessary programs.

Plant Trees on Farms to Fight Climate Crisis

Agroforestry could be a tremendous environmental boon, but officials are seemingly reneging on their investment in this important eco-tool. Demand decisive action that will realize the potential of tree-planting in agriculture.

Dolphins Ridden Like a Horse and Impaled By Spear While Begging for Food Deserve Justice

A pair of defenseless dolphins died in two unrelated acts of animal cruelty. A stranded dolphin took her last breaths as bystanders tried to ride her like a horse, while a nursing mother dolphin was impaled by a spear while begging for food. Demand the most severe punishment for all responsible parties.

Save Rainforests From Soya Deforestation

Deforestation is devastating the Amazon when a beneficial alternative exists. Demand investment in insect proteins as an environmentally friendly alternative to soya grown by destroying rainforests.

Prevent Tires From Poisoning Streams and Killing Fish

The tires on automobiles could be killing fish and other wildlife on a massive scale. Demand federal investment in tools to combat these environmental threats.

Stop Farmers From Killing Seals With Explosives, Darts, and Lead Shot

Seals are being attacked by salmon farmers with explosives, darts, and lead shot. Demand the government stop the attacks on seals by greedy and inhumane farmers.

Don’t Let Fossil Fuel Special Interests Dictate Public Policy

One of the Senate’s most influential members is once again derailing critical climate action with misleading, ill-informed rhetoric. Urge Senator Joe Manchin to cut his ties with fossil fuel special interests for good.

Don’t Destroy Critical Climate Mission

A promising tool in the fight against climate change, habitat loss, deforestation, and much more could soon be decommissioned and destroyed. Demand NASA halt its plans to throw away this invaluable environmental aid.

Success: Details About Devastating Oil Spill Revealed to Affected Communities

Crucial details of a devastating oil spill have finally been revealed to the affected communities. Thanks to demands of the residents, they have been reassured that their health is not at risk. Thank the Environmental Protection Agency for listening to residents and revealing the details the affected community deserved.

Stop Dumping Sewage and Agricultural Waste Into Rivers

Rivers between Wales and England are being polluted every day due to improper sewage disposal and agricultural techniques. Demand an immediate end to this pollution by enforcing stronger security and regulations on farming.

Stop Tradition of Polluting River With Toxic Dyes

Every year the Chicago River is dyed green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, using a product not proven to be safe for the river or wildlife. Activists have been fighting to put an end to this tradition that pollutes the water. Call on the mayor to keep the river safe and clean.

Get Rid of Dirty Power Plants Polluting Residents’ Air

Power plants are negatively affecting the health of New York City residents and their children. Authorities claim they can eliminate the polluting plants from their community by 2035, but that is too late. Call on the President and CEO of The New York Power Authority to act now.

Success: Emissions-Based Environmental Protections Restored

One of the nation’s biggest transportation polluters has regained the authority to clean up its act. Applaud the reinstatement of California’s curbing of destructive greenhouse gas emissions.

Reveal Truth of Devastating and Fatal Oil Spill to Affected Community

An oil spill has killed nearly 2,000 animals and left the community concerned for their welfare. Full details about the extent of the spill are being withheld from those affected. Call on the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to inform the public of all details.

Stop Renting Out Endangered Koalas for Parties

Endangered koalas are being rented out for parties, putting profit over care. Urge an end to this exploitation that harms the health and well-being of these special animals.

Don’t Hit Brakes on Tackling Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is losing priority among America’s leaders, just as the United Nations is sounding another alarm on its future impacts. Call on U.S. leadership to keep clean energy and other climate-friendly actions top-of-mind.

Don’t Cut Down Forests in Name of Clean Energy

Clean energy needs a workable path forward that does not cause harm to its main mission: protecting the environment. Demand a major New England electric power project deliver on its promises to the people.

Success: Bear Who Broke Into Homes for Food Saved From Euthanasia

The bear who broke into multiple California homes has been saved from euthanasia. DNA samples showed that he was not the sole culprit, and it is safe to relocate him to a different part of the forest once captured. Thank the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for investigating, listening to the public demands, and saving Hank the Tank.

Stop Fossil Fuel Takeover of America’s Lands and Future

One of America’s largest repositories of coal, methane, and other destructive fossil fuels is continuing to serve up environmental damage that will last for decades. The federal government is sponsoring and propping up these dangerous projects. Demand President Biden honor his promise to shepherd the U.S. into a cleaner, safer future.

Stop Environmental Racism From Endangering the Health and Rights of Black and Brown Communities

Black and brown communities’ health and human right to a clean space is under attack. Inequity in neighborhood upkeep, environmental enforcement, access to green space and proximity to toxic pollutants have disproportionately burdened these vulnerable communities. Demand an immediate end to this environmental racism.

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