Demand Control and Closure of Water-Poisoning Coal Ash Ponds

The Trump administration has announced that it will allow poisonous coal ash to continue to be dumped into rural water supplies in the latest attack on the environment and public health. This toxin has been linked to a rise in cancers and internal organ ailments. Demand that this administration protect life and the environment rather than corporate profits.

Stop Trump From Allowing Reindeer to be Shot From Motorboats and Wolf Pups to be Slaughtered in Dens

Hunters will soon be allowed to prowl the homes of at-risk wildlife and slaughter entire families. Demand the Trump administration undo the damage inflicted when it sanctioned slaughter on federal park lands.

Save Butterflies From Disappearing Forever

Butterflies are vanishing from the United Kingdom at an alarming rate. Over 75 percent of the butterflies stand at risk of extinction due to a yet unknown cause. Demand urgent conservation action to preserve these pilots of nature.

Prevent Migratory Birds From Flying Into Skyscrapers Following Mass Death

Over 1,000 birds are estimated to have died in one day when they flew into skyscrapers across Philadelphia. The city lies in a migratory pathway and poses a threat due to the glass buildings and weather conditions. Demand that the mayor enact precautions recommended by the Audubon Society to prevent further mass deaths.

Protect Critically Imperiled Wolverines From Extinction Due to Climate Change

Wolverine populations could be nearing extinction due to climate change, habitat loss and trapping. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently denied protections to the imperiled species, despite the fact that there are only around 300 of them left in the contiguous U.S. Demand wolverine be listed under the Endangered Species Act in order to avoid possible extinction.

Find Source of Toxic Water Filling Shore With Dead Sea Life

An ecological disaster has killed scores of fish, octopi, and other marine life at a Russian beach. The mystery malady has also sickened beach-goers and tainted the water with an odd smell, taste, and color. Demand answers that will help neutralize this threat to the environment and to public health.

Stop Polluting England’s Water With Sewage

Pollution by private water facilities in England reached its highest level in over five years. Demand that the big corporations responsible for this dangerous destruction step up to remediate their errors.

Combat Deforestation By Forbidding Sale of All Crops Grown on Destroyed Land

New British guidelines on food grown on deforested land don’t go far enough, leaving food companies confused and providing a way for exploitative farmers to continue destroying thousands of square miles of forest every year. Demand that these guidelines be changed to forbid destructive farming and to set identifiable standards.

Success: Endangered Whales Protected from Deadly Seismic Blasting

The lives of thousands of endangered dolphins, whales, and sea turtles have been saved thanks to a temporary suspension of seismic blasting. Sign the petition to applaud this move, but demand that more permanent action be taken.

Protect Prized, Rare Flowering Plant From Allegedly Intentional Eradication

One of the world’s rarest plants is under siege in Nevada. About 40 percent of the Tiehm’s buckwheat’s total population was destroyed, allegedly by human hands. A proposed mine could drive this native plant to extinction. Demand protection for this hidden gem.

Success: Protection Extended For Threatened Birds

A threatened bird species will not be stripped of protection in the state of Arizona, defying powerful interests that would happily see this animal go extinct. Praise this sound and compassionate decision to protect the yellow-billed cuckoo.

End Construction of Coal Power Plant in Ecological Reserve

A harmful coal-fired power plant may soon be built in a pristine region of natural beauty in the Philippines, despite years of opposition from local Indigenous groups and scientists. This pollution factory could cause immeasurable damage to the area’s highly unique flora and fauna. Demand that this effort be stopped.

Ban Fracking to Support the Battle Against Climate Change

Fracking has poisoned animals, polluted water, and destroyed pristine landscapes. But now one state is seeking to ban the practice for good. Sign the petition to show your support.

Endangered Leopard Reportedly Trapped and Beheaded Deserves Justice

An endangered leopard was reportedly caught in a cruel snare trap and beheaded in a blatant disregard for animal life. The animal’s meat carries a high price due to its supposed healing properties and they often fall victim to illegal trade, reducing their population to concerning numbers. Demand that those found responsible are harshly punished.

Solve Mystery of Migratory Bird Mass Die-Off

America’s migratory songbirds are succumbing to a crisis of unknown origin. Thousands of birds have mysteriously died in the Southwest after exhibiting unusual behavior. Demand answers and ultimate solutions to this deadly mystery.

Demand Government Investigate Oil Disasters

Thousands of barrels of toxic oil have been spilled off Peru’s coast in recent years, yet those responsible are allowed to report the results independently of public agencies. Demand that the Peruvian government take an active role in oil spill investigations to prevent bias.

Prevent Destruction of Vital Wildlife Habitat in Building of New Airport

Forests that are home to endangered species and under the protection of Philippine law are reportedly being destroyed for the construction of a harmful airport. Demand that construction be stopped until a plan to protect vulnerable wildlife and communities is drawn up.

Stop Paying Blood Money for Slaughter of Wolf Pups

Dozens of wolf pups were viciously killed as part of Idaho’s “wolf management” program. The state offers a cash reward for hunters who kill a member of the species, often brutally by way of bludgeoning or trapping. Sign this petition to stop slaughtering wolves and their pups.

Combat Heinous Trade in Big Cat Body Parts

Seizures of teeth, skins, and other body parts of big cats have dropped to an alarmingly low rate despite a booming trade in these items. Demand the Bolivian government take action to protect vital wildlife.

Trump: Do Not Deny Climate Change in Wake of Devastating Wildfires

President Trump denied climate change as a potential cause of the destructive wildfires that are ravaging the West Coast. This blatant rejection of science and facts will only fuel further destruction of the planet. Sign this petition to urge the president to acknowledge and address climate change.

Trump: Fight Climate Change, the Greatest Challenge of Our Lifetime

As the world burns, the endless cycle of politically motivated environmental destruction turns. Lives and habitats will be lost forever, and basic health standards diminished for the long-term. Urge a reversal of course on this path to self-destruction by demanding President Trump finally fight climate change.

Ban Use Of Explosives and Pyrotechnics in “Gender Reveal” Parties

Over 7,000 acres of California burned after a “gender reveal” ignited surrounding brush. Sign this petition to urge the state of California to ban the private use of fire hazards in “gender reveals.”

Stop Trump Administration From Clear Cutting Old Growth National Forest

The Trump administration has plans to clear-cut an old growth National Forest. This forest mitigates climate change, cleans the air, and acts as a habitat for countless animals. Demand that these public lands be protected from Donald Trump.

Allow Indigenous Practice of Controlled Burns to Prevent Wildfires

The ban on controlled burns has resulted in an uptick in destructive, massive wildfires. For years before Western settlers arrived in California, Native American tribes used this practice to prevent their unchecked spread. Sign this petition to urge the government to allow and promote indigenous controlled burns.

Protect Critical Habitats from Big Corporations Seeking to Destroy Them

Developers and polluters will now be able to veto critical habitats based on “economic impact,” giving them much more power to destroy our natural environment. Call for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove this new rule to take our environment out of the hands of greedy corporations.

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