Free Punxsutawney Phil From Role as Captive Weather Man

The groundhogs behind the famous holiday reportedly live existences of needless exploitation and stress throughout the year. Demand an end to this alleged cruelty under the guise of entertainment.

Stop Onslaught of Whale Deaths by Enforcing Speed Limits

Whales are dying in unprecedented numbers off and on the North Atlantic coast. Urge leaders not to be distracted by attacks on clean energy and to remain focused on the most critical threats to these animals.

Mountain Lion Killed By Super Bowl Champion Deserves Justice

An NFL Super Bowl champion has stalked and slaughtered a mountain lion with a bow and arrow. Demand justice for this wild creature.

Stop Authorizing Wide-Scale Killing of Kangaroos

Kangaroos are being targeted for an unprecedented culling in a key Australian state. Demand a halt to this deadly practice that will provide another blow to a population still recovering from flooding impacts.

Stop Marine Plastic Pollution

Marine plastic pollution is a growing problem and whales and dolphins are paying the price with their health and even their lives. Not only does this harm wildlife, it also cripples the global fishing industry. Demand the International Whaling Commission develop a rapid action blueprint to curb the menace of plastic debris in oceans.

Success: Global Elite Agree to Faster Renewable Energy Transition

The fossil fuel status quo is shifting to renewable energy. Business leaders and policymakers at the World Economic Forum unanimously agreed on the need for a new economy supported by renewables. Celebrate this milestone shift in global energy policies.

Dozens of Wild Horses Shot to Death Deserve Justice

Out in the desert, dozens of wild horses are turning up dead with bullet holes in their skulls. Demand authorities capture the person responsible for these heinous killings.

Save Ice Sheets Before the World Pays the Price

Glacial melt could destroy some of nature’s most majestic structures. Moreover, it could upend sea levels, overwhelm vulnerable coastal areas, and endanger both humans and animals. Urge full investment in combatting an urgent global threat.

Support a Faster Renewable Energy Transition

The World Economic Forum could help enact defining policies to tackle climate change. The Davos event advertises clean energy as a key agenda. Demand the U.S. delegation push for a rapid transition to renewables.

Don’t Let Climate Threat Run Over Reindeer

The animals popularly known as reindeer are at dire risk of extinction due to largely human-caused threats. Support newly enhanced protections for this beautiful species.

Success: Honeybees Protected From Deadly Disease

The honeybees that keep our ecosystems functional have been struck by a deadly disease. Celebrate approval of a protective treatment that could save their lives and the balance of nature itself.

Success: Agreement Reached on Biodiversity Protection

Biodiversity got a big win at a global conference, where Earth’s habitats and species received solid pledges of protection from 195 nations. Commend this hard-won agreement for Mother Nature.

Don’t Incinerate Crucial Climate Work

A volcanic eruption could have destroyed the world’s premier barometer for measuring and understanding climate change. Demand better protections for work that could help protect the planet.

Let Science of the Stars Help Clean Up Planet Earth

A major scientific breakthrough could one day create clean and abundant energy on a wide scale. Urge more investment in this technology with the potential to replace fossil fuels.

Kick Anti-Environmental Special Interest Groups Out of Climate Conference

Special interest groups that want to derail environmental progress are being invited to and influencing critical climate talks. Urge an end to destructive lobbying at the world’s expense.

Stop Letting Lobbyists Get Rich by Obstructing Environmental Progress

Powerful fossil fuel lobbyists are being financially rewarded for their climate policy obstruction. Demand a change of course for the continent that is helping underwrite environmental destruction.

Stop Delaying Action to End Plastic Pollution

Plastics are everywhere, including countless places they should not be. Land, the oceans, and our drinking water contain traces of a material we have allowed to become an all-pervasive pollutant, and efforts to seriously address plastic waste are not happening fast enough. Urge a nearer-term deadline to prevent further damage.

Don’t Choose Coal Over Koalas and Gliders

Koalas, gliders, and other iconic and endangered Australian wildlife could soon have their homes destroyed if the coal industry gets its way. The proposed development could also further stoke the raging fire of global warming. Demand leaders stop catering to these destructive special interests.

Stop Development From Decimating Tribal Lands

A cherished tribal land and rich habitat could be endangered if a dam construction project goes forward. Urge continued opposition to this potential environmental and cultural hazard.

Stop Gas Pipelines From Leaking Dangerous Chemicals Into Our Air and Water

Gas pipelines are causing irreversible damage to the environment. Leaks end up in groundwater, streams, and the atmosphere, and little has been done to address these ongoing problems. Urge the EPA to modernize our pipelines and prevent dangerous chemicals from entering the environment.

Stop Overconsumption From Destroying the Planet

Excess consumerism is now a leading cause of climate change, in which the buying habits of first world countries produce carbon emissions exponentially greater than those of other regions. This excessive waste cheats consumers and harms the planet. Urge the Federal Trade Commission to require manufacturers to make electronics that last and reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Start Paying Nations Equally for Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

The rise of greenhouse gasses has led to some regions receiving financial compensation for their efforts to reduce this environmental poison. Africa is a major player working with polluters but is not paid as equally as others. Demand fair compensation for African nations who are helping to save the planet.

Stop Making Toxins and Hazardous Waste Under the Guise of “Recycling”

Chemical companies want to classify toxic facilities as “recycling” plants, evading health and environmental regulations. Don’t let polluters get away with greenwashing hazardous waste.

Include Livestock’s Massive Carbon Footprint in Climate Change Talks

The meat and dairy industry’s huge contribution to the global climate crisis is once again being overlooked by policymakers. Call for action to reduce carbon emissions from animal agriculture.

Force Powerful Chemical Companies to Protect Public Health

3M produces toxic chemicals that reportedly leech into nature and eventually our drinking water. This powerful company has seemingly admitted the adverse effects its products can have on people but has done little to address it. Demand 3M work to reverse potential harm done and prevent anyone else from getting sick.

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