Protect Atlantic Marine Life From Overfishing

Target: Director David Golden, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Protect marine life and ecosystems.

The Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to New Jersey’s coastline, is threatened by unsustainable fishing practices. Overfishing, illegal fishing gear, and bycatch are depleting fish stocks and endangering marine ecosystems. The time for half-measures has passed; it’s time to decisive action now.

The Atlantic waters are not just a source of livelihood for countless fishermen but also a critical marine habitat. The ocean’s health directly impacts New Jersey’s coastal communities, tourism, and local economies.

Sign the petition to demand the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife enact immediate and effective policies to promote sustainable fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Essential steps should include stricter fishing quotas, the banning of harmful fishing gear, and the implementation of marine protected areas.


Dear Director David Golden,

The Atlantic Ocean, a lifeblood for New Jersey’s coastal communities, is in a precarious state. Unsustainable fishing practices are stripping the ocean of its resources, leading to dwindling fish populations and disrupting marine ecosystems.

We insist that you take immediate, concrete steps. A holistic, enforceable strategy is crucial. This strategy should not only set fair yet strict fishing quotas but also ban the use of fishing gear that harms marine life.

The stakes are high. The Atlantic Ocean is not merely a body of water; it’s an integral part of New Jersey’s economic and ecological fabric.

We request you to act with the urgency this critical situation warrants. Implement policies that will not only curb the current decline but also ensure the long-term health of the Atlantic Ocean and its diverse marine life.


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  1. Again, this is a population problem. There are billions of people to feed and not enough resources. Yes, lost nets and other dangers do kill marine animals, but the biggest problem is overfishing. I know that people may lose their jobs, but this problem needs to be taken care of NOW! If the fish are not allowed to reach breeding age, there will simply be no more fish. It isn’t too hard to comprehend.

    • I agree with you completely. I so often say that we are the most dangerous and ultimate species on the planet.

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