Success: Medication Reproductive Rights Protected

A medication that women who have been deprived of their medical choices increasingly rely upon has been upheld by the nation’s highest court. Applaud this legal win for reproductive rights.

Success: Legal System Takes Pride in Defeating Discrimination

Another discriminatory measure disguised as helpful law could soon fall. Applaud the continued crumbling of anti-transgender legislation that disproportionately bullies and harms vulnerable youth.

Success: Irresponsible Climate Policies Taken to Court

Powerful industries are increasingly finding their anti-environmental policies and actions scrutinized in the courtroom. Applaud the state and community leaders who are helping build the case against greenwashing.

Success: Convicted Serial Cat Killer Receives Prison Sentence

A man convicted of going on a serial cat killing spree will serve time in prison. Applaud legal action taken in a case that may help broaden protections for all the nation’s animals.

Success: Endangered Black-Footed Ferret Clones Drive Resurgence

One of the planet’s most endangered mammals has a new lease on life thanks to scientific progress decades in the making. Celebrate the success of cloned black-footed ferrets.

Success: 600-Day Shelter Dog Finds Forever Home

A canine survivor of horrendous neglect has found his forever home after nearly 600 days of waiting. Celebrate the happy ending to this one-time horror story.

Success: Dogs Killed and Crammed in Freezers Receive Justice

A self-appointed animal rescue operator has reportedly confessed to the deadly negligence she was accused of inflicting upon dozens of defenseless dogs. Commend the wheels of justice finally turning in this long-term cruelty case.

Success: Youth Lead the Way in Climate Activism

Children are taking the initiative to secure the world’s future. Applaud their determination to hold leaders to account for the climate crisis.

Success: College Loan Burden Lifted for More Students

The fight against student loan debt has received another significant win. Celebrate the continued removal of barriers to higher education.

Success: Florida Manatees on Road to Recovery

One of Florida’s most famed marine animals is making a promising comeback. Applaud the ongoing conservation of the manatee.

Success: Iconic African Elephants On the Rise

African elephants are making a comeback. Applaud the habitat restoration efforts that helped make this conservation success possible.

Success: Prescription Drug Pricing Gets a Reset

Prescription drugs that Americans need for better health could be in closer financial reach. Applaud needed amendments to the country’s overpriced pharmaceutical system.

Success: Eagle Conservation Scores Major Win

Thousands of eagles were allegedly killed and sold for profit. Support the charging of the men accused of this reported multi-year poaching scheme.

Success: Planet’s Top Polluters Take Climate Action

Two global powerhouses have agreed to team up in an international effort to avert the climate crisis. Commend this promising development for the planet’s future.

Success: Olympic Values Upheld and Defended

Olympic leaders are finally taking action in addressing reported abuses within the international sports system. Commend these efforts at restoring the integrity of a global platform for peace and goodwill.

Success: Auto Workers Win Big

Another strike is close to concluding with important victories for America’s labor force. Applaud this positive development for workplace rights.

Success: Students Protected From Fraud and Burdensome Debt

Dishonest higher education outlets that leave students with crushing debt and bleak job prospects will now face the music for their deceptive practices. Commend a welcome win for all students.

Success: Writers Secure Key Wins in Concluded Strike

One-half of a historic Hollywood strike has concluded with meaningful gains. Laud progress made that could carry over to other labor movements.

Success: Agencies to Combat Climate Change

The climate crisis is here now, and demands urgent measures to prevent disaster. Thank officials for endorsing actions that reduce carbon gas emissions.

Success: Potential Toxins to Be Taken Out of Candies

Candy lovers may soon have one less reason to worry about a sweet tooth putting their lives at risk. Applaud the long-overdue removal of dangerous ingredients from food products.

Success: Arctic Drilling Cancelled in a Win for Environment

Fossil fuel raiders will not get the opportunity to desecrate vital Arctic ecosystems. Applaud this important win for the environment over special interests.

Success: Ban on Wildlife Killing Contests Moves Forward

The act of slaughtering wildlife for cash prizes may soon be abolished in another state. Applaud this incremental and important development for animal conservation efforts nationwide.

Success: Ticket Sellers Eliminate “Hidden Fees”

Hidden fees can hit the pocketbooks of consumers hard, particularly during uncertain economic times. Applaud victories against this deceptive practice.

Success: 77 Animals Allegedly Caged, Killed, and Neglected Receive Justice

Homeowners who allegedly neglected and/or killed 77 animals are facing 77 animal cruelty charges. Each animal who reportedly endured this abuse received justice through each individual charge. Thank officials for their intense and thorough investigation of this case.

Success: Over 140 Dogs Reportedly Killed and Neglected Receive Justice

A woman who reportedly neglected and ended the lives of hundreds of dogs was charged with 146 fifth-degree felonies for animal cruelty. Each individual life apparently lost was accounted for in this ruling. Thank officials for bringing justice to the deceased dogs in the best way they could.

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