Consumer Protection

Safeguard Consumers From Potentially Dangerous Pain Relief Supplements

Unregulated supplements appear to pose an increasing risk to the well-being and lives of unsuspecting consumers. Call for enhanced consumer protections.

Protect Kids From Allegedly Intentional Lead Poisoning

The recent rash of lead poisonings presumably resulting from applesauce consumption may have been an intentional act. Demand justice for the young victims if foul play is proven.

Get Lead Out of Stanley Cups

A hot-selling tumbler has come under scrutiny for its potential to expose consumers to lead. Call for stronger safeguards in relation to this popular product.

Keep Airline Passengers Safe From Terror and Tragedy

A terrifying event for passengers aboard a reportedly faulty aircraft brought attention to a tool important for ensuring air safety. Call for greater expansion of this crucial resource.

Protect Consumers From Interest Rate Pile-Ups

High accumulated interest is a continuing problem for consumers. Deceptive deferred interest plans compound this economic crisis. Demand better safeguards against a practice that harms the most vulnerable individuals.

Declare Game Over for Big Oil

A popular game has become another propaganda tool for fossil fuel special interests. Demand a reset on Shell’s insidious campaign to recruit kids to their cause.

Prevent Fatal Bus Accidents

In the wake of a major, lethal bus crash, swift action is needed to safeguard the public. Call for reforms that will best serve and protect transit passengers.

Don’t Let Faulty Fridges Sicken Consumers

One of the nation’s most frequently used appliances is allegedly hurting consumers’ wallets and endangering their well-being. Demand consumer protection watchdogs take long-overdue action on America’s most maligned refrigerator.

Ban the Use of Depression-Inducing Artificial Sweeteners in Food

Artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase the rate of depression, which can lead to suicide. Demand food manufacturers stop the use of such ingredients to combat the mental health crisis.

Stop Alleged Gold Coin Scammers From Swindling Consumers

Consumers are being promised vast fortunes worth their literal weight in gold. Instead, they’re allegedly getting fool’s gold and vanished savings. Call for stronger regulation of the out-of-control gold coin investment industry.

Success: Potential Toxins to Be Taken Out of Candies

Candy lovers may soon have one less reason to worry about a sweet tooth putting their lives at risk. Applaud the long-overdue removal of dangerous ingredients from food products.

Demand Investigation Into Alleged Overspending on Disaster Money

Alarming allegations have arisen about excessive spending during 2022 storm responses, exceeding guidelines by more than $50 million. Demand transparency and accountability now.

Save Struggling Renters From Criminal Slumlords

Dozens of building-dwellers perished in a raging fire that never should have happened. Call for reforms to save the lives of tenants at risk from both criminals and inept leaders.

Don’t Let Groceries Put Consumers at Risk

Trader Joe’s has allegedly exposed consumers to a multitude of harmful substances found in its products. Demand stricter oversight of this growing grocery giant.

Find Answers for Town With Home Explosion Epidemic

Several homes have been leveled by mysterious explosions in a Pittsburgh suburb. Urge protection for communities awaiting the next alarming, deadly blast.

Success: Ticket Sellers Eliminate “Hidden Fees”

Hidden fees can hit the pocketbooks of consumers hard, particularly during uncertain economic times. Applaud victories against this deceptive practice.

Stop Excessive Fertilizer and Pesticide Use on Store Bought Produce

Store bought produce is grown with dangerous chemicals that put our health at risk and compromise the soil that grows our food. Both the environment and the public’s safety is being compromised for convenient production strategies. Demand change.

Stop Selling Deadly Raw Milk

Raw milk contains dangerous bacteria that can lead to food-poisoning and other illnesses. Milk needs to go through pasteurization before being consumed. Demand the banning of raw milk sales nationwide.

Protect Digital Wallets and Mobile Money Transfers From Scammers

Consumers are increasingly relying on their phones and computers to complete important financial transactions. Demand enhanced protections for on-the-rise mobile money transfer services.

Protect Soft Drink Consumers From Price-Gouging and Health Risks

The world’s top soft drink manufacturer is ripping off consumers while potentially putting their health at risk with some of its most popular products. Demand pricing and development strategies that benefit loyal customers.

Protect Homeowners From Climate Crush

Homeowners are losing crucial protections for their residences because of climate change and extreme weather. Demand leaders work to rectify this growing headache for consumers.

Don’t Let More Submarines Become Underwater Graveyards

A submersible that reportedly imploded near the sunken Titanic has put a harsh spotlight on absent safety standards putting passengers of these underwater vessels at dire risk. Call for strong life-saving protections to rein in this dangerously unregulated industry.

Stop Cancer-Causing Toxins From Invading Drinking Water

Dangerous manufacturing chemicals called PFAS have contributed to the deaths of millions. Cancer, kidney disease, and reproductive issues are just some of the effects of this deadly toxin. Demand authorities take action to stop PFAS from polluting our environment.

Prevent Lethal Train and Car Accidents by Investing in Infrastructure

A deadly train disaster has called renewed attention to India’s dangerous history with transportation. Urge reforms that can save lives on the rails and on the roads.

Justice for Tenants Maimed and Killed in Allegedly Preventable Building Collapse

If not for the alleged negligence of a building owner and of city officials, lives and livelihoods could have been saved in an Iowa apartment collapse. Demand any responsible parties be held to full legal account.

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