Stop Damaging Chihuahuan Desert With Unsustainable Energy Projects

Target: Sarah Cottrell Propst, Cabinet Secretary of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department

Goal: Implement sustainable energy projects in the Chihuahuan Desert.

New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, a unique and fragile ecosystem, is at a crossroads. While it holds significant potential for renewable energy development, it’s crucial that such projects are executed sustainably to protect the desert’s delicate balance. The stakes are high: the desert is home to numerous endangered species and serves as a vital carbon sink.

The Chihuahuan Desert isn’t just an expanse of sand; it’s a living, breathing entity that contributes to climate regulation and biodiversity. Unsustainable energy projects could disrupt these functions and lead to irreversible damage.

Sign the petition to urge the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department to prioritize sustainable energy development in the Chihuahuan Desert. Essential actions should include comprehensive environmental impact assessments, community consultations, and the promotion of clean energy technologies.


Dear Secretary Sarah Cottrell Propst,

The Chihuahuan Desert, a jewel in New Mexico’s ecological crown, faces a precarious future. The allure of its untapped energy potential threatens to overshadow the need for sustainable development. The facts are stark: potential habitat loss, endangerment of native species, and disruption of natural carbon sequestration processes.

We insist on immediate, thoughtful action. Develop a robust framework that ensures any energy projects in the desert are sustainable, ethical, and environmentally sound. This must include thorough environmental assessments, active community involvement, and a focus on renewable energy sources.

The desert is not merely a backdrop for human endeavors; it’s an irreplaceable part of the state’s ecological and cultural fabric.

We beseech you to act with the urgency this critical situation demands. Implement measures that will not only tap into the desert’s energy potential, but also preserve its unique ecological balance.


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