Save the Catskill Mountains From Illegal Logging

Target: Basil Seggos, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Goal: Protect the Catskill Mountains.

New York’s Catskill Mountains, a haven of natural splendor and biodiversity, are facing an onslaught of environmental threats. From illegal logging to pollution and encroaching development, the Catskills are at a critical juncture. The need to act is not just urgent; it’s a moral imperative.

These mountains are more than just a tourist destination; they are a vital ecological stronghold. They serve as a habitat for countless species and act as a natural filter for New York’s water supply. Moreover, the Catskills are a source of inspiration and recreation for millions, contributing significantly to the state’s economy.

Sign the petition to call upon the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to enact immediate, forceful conservation measures for the Catskill Mountains. Essential actions should include stricter logging regulations, pollution control, and public education about responsible mountain use.


Dear Commissioner Seggos,

The Catskill Mountains, one of New York’s most cherished natural landmarks, are in peril. Environmental degradation from illegal logging, pollution, and unchecked development is reaching a crisis point. The facts are undeniable: loss of native flora and fauna, compromised water quality, and a diminishing natural landscape.

We insist on immediate, impactful action. A comprehensive conservation strategy must be developed and swiftly executed. This plan should not only enforce strict logging and pollution controls but also engage the public in responsible stewardship of this irreplaceable region.

The stakes are incredibly high. The Catskills are not merely hills and valleys; they are the lifeblood of New York’s ecological and cultural heritage.

We beseech you to act with the urgency this critical situation demands. Take steps that will not only halt the current degradation, but also ensure the long-term health and beauty of the Catskill Mountains.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Daniel Case

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  1. Why is it the Department of Environment is always involved in the destruction of what is majestical but extremely needed at this time of the climate crises. Are you asleep at the job? There must be payoffs involved as the lumber industry is cutting the hell out of the entire set of mountains. If this is not against the law it certainly should be. Also prosecution is necessary in this offense. Not just a fine but prison. I ma weary of taxpayers paying for officials who take bribes while destroying what they were given to protect. Our politicians, officials and business are raping the country and yet expect to be respected. Why? What for?

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