Human Rights

Image of a protest sign with white background, gold sparkly border, blue text, and pink hearts. The sign's text reads: "Trans and GNC Youth. We love you. We see you. We stand with you."

Stop Ban on Gender Affirming Treatments for Trans Youth

An attack on trans youth would deny them safe medical treatments and force teachers to ‘out’ students. Stop this latest hate campaign targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

Give Closure to Families of Indigenous Children Kidnapped, Abused, and Killed in Name of Assimilation

Thousands of Native American children were physically and psychologically traumatized at so-called schools operated by the federal government. Many of these children died on school grounds. Demand current leaders help make amends for these still-resonant atrocities.

Don’t Let Judges Control Women’s Bodies

The Supreme Court is poised to launch an attack on women’s reproductive freedom. Demand politicians stop sitting on the fence and take action to protect women’s rights.

Don’t Let Famine Kill Millions

A three-year drought propelled by the climate crisis has put children and countless communities at risk of starvation and malnutrition in Somalia. Other nations are largely ignoring this impending catastrophe. Demand action to stop the next killer famine.

Rescue Trapped Ukrainian Civilians Facing Starvation, Torture, and Slaughter

The lives of thousands of people hang in the balance in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol. They are trapped, starving, desperate, and the targets of possible genocide. Demand international leaders ramp up efforts to save these innocents from annihilation.

Stop Reported Kidnapping, Rape, and Enslavement of Migrant Farm Workers

Death by assault, kidnapping, blackmail, and slavery: these grave abuses allegedly unfolded over years on Georgia’s onion farms. Guest migrant workers desperate for a better life were the apparent victims of mass exploitation. Demand authorities protect these vulnerable humans.

Defend Youth From Transphobic Legislation

Trans rights are under attack. Don’t let transphobic legislation strip youth of their human right to healthcare regardless of their gender identity.

Don’t Deprive Ukrainian Refugees of Fair Work and Family

Ukrainian farm workers are reportedly being underpaid, overworked, and separated from their families in the United Kingdom. Demand better legal protections and employment options for these war-time refugees.

Don’t Dictate and Criminalize Women’s Reproductive Choices

The supposed defenders of personal liberty and small government are once again trying to assert their control over their constituents’ bodies. Demand Oklahoma’s governor veto a proposed near-total ban on abortion.

Don’t Let Volcano Eruption Cause Food Shortage Crisis

Tonga’s volcano eruption has endangered food supplies and put the well-being of every citizen at risk. Demand the country’s leadership stop refusing essential aid.

Success: Lynching Victims Get Justice

After a century and more, lynching has finally been recognized as a federal hate crime. Applaud the decisive condemnation of these horrific murders and the pursuit of justice for victims taken by prejudice-fueled violence.

Stop the Use of Invasive and Racist Detection Technology

New York City has released plans to use unregulated, untested, invasive facial recognition software in their battle against gun violence. Such technologies, in addition to being experimental and ineffective, are racially biased programs that threaten to attack communities of color. Stop the implementation of harmful recognition technologies.

Demand the Removal of Music Video Showing Alleged Sexual Assault

A Marilyn Manson music video with nearly 32 million views allegedly depicts the rape and assault of an actress. Survivors and activists are urging its removal. The voices of survivors must be heard. We demand YouTube’s CEO remove the video permanently.

Support Marriage Equality and Stop Colonial-Era LGBTQ+ Discrimination

Same-sex couples, long stigmatized in the Caribbean, are once again facing off with a government determined to dictate their private lives. Demand these politicians stop standing in the way of marriage equality.

Protect the Right to Record Police Violence

The right of concerned bystanders to film and document police misconduct is under attack in New York. Stop this assault on civil liberties.

End Funding of Anti-Gay Politicians

Disney is under fire after funding political supporters of homophobic legislation. Though the company issued a statement that it is on the side of the LGBTQ community, there are still reports that the funding has not been cut. Demand Disney’s CEO stop helping politicians who put an entire community’s safety at risk.

Stop Unjust Imprisonment of Dissidents and Detainees

Innocent people are being caught in the crossfire between warring nations and authoritarian governments. Demand detained travelers and political dissidents have access to legal aid and appeals.

Send Essential War Jets to Ukraine to Protect Allied Countries

Russia continues to launch unwarranted attacks on Ukraine and they are now approaching the borders of United States’ allies. The Biden administration refuses to help Poland send fighter jets to Ukraine, because they want to prevent a third World War. Demand Biden find a way to help Poland transfer these jets to Ukraine before Russia crosses a dangerous line.

Address Reportedly Horrendous Living Conditions at Residential Property

A property management company has reportedly ignored complaints filed by residents of their newly acquired rent-stabilized building. Egregious conditions, including an abhorrent rat infestation, have allegedly rendered the tenants’ building unlivable. Demand that this company address the needs of their tenants.

Indict Russian Leaders for War Crimes Against Ukraine

Innocent civilians are being slaughtered by the thousands in Ukraine under the orders of Vladimir Putin. These war crimes being committed by Putin and other Russian leaders must be punished.

Close Inhumane, For-Profit Migrant Detention Centers

Migrant detention centers previously cited for egregious conditions are still open, despite the reduction of migrant children in need. Demand the immediate closure of the remaining for-profit migration shelters, specifically Fort Bliss in Texas, and the establishment of adequate nonprofit migrant care systems.

Protect Women From Gender-Based Violence and Murder

Women in Mexico protest against gender-based violence at risk to themselves and without the support of their dismissive government. Implore leaders to stop belittling these activists and to fight for instead of against them.

Provide LGBTQ Youth Access to Mental Health Resources

LGBTQ youth no longer have access to suicide prevention resources on The Texas Department of Health and Human Services website. The suicide rate for them is statically higher than for others not in the community and it is extremely dangerous to remove the resources that provide the community with safety and protection. Demand the website provide accurate information for LGBTQ youth suicide prevention hotlines.

Protect the Rights of Trans Youth and Don’t Outlaw Gender Affirming Healthcare

Gender affirming medical procedures now constitute cases of child abuse, under an order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott that calls for inquiries into parents and medical providers associated with them. Demand that legal measures be taken to protect the rights of vulnerable trans youth.

Allow LGBTQ Groups to March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A St. Patrick’s Day Parade is banning LGBTQ groups from marching, even after nearby Manhattan lifted its ban. No one should be barred from this celebration due to beliefs based in hate and ignorance. Demand the head of the parade committee allow LGBTQ groups to march.

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