Human Rights

Disband Violent Police Unit With a Reported Record of Human Rights Violations

Calls to disband a controversial Nigerian police unit with an apparent record of brutality and corruption have been answered with the unit’s replacement with a near-exact copy. This move signals a complete disregard for Nigerians’ demands for simple respect and fair treatment from police forces without offering meaningful change. Demand that this new unit be disbanded before the cycle of violence begins again.

End Twitter’s Apparent Double Standard on Death Wish Tweets

Women of color claim that Twitter has done nothing to protect them from death threats, even when the tweets were reported. This followed the social media giant’s recent crackdown on users who had ill will for President Trump after he contracted COVID-19, saying that wishes or hopes of death were not allowed on their platform. Sign this petition to urge Twitter to end the apparent double standard on death wish tweets.

Tesla: Don’t Use Child Labor to Build Electric Cars

Tesla is seeking to produce 20 million electric-powered cars by 2030, putting thousands of children at risk of exploitation and forced labor. Demand action.

Don’t Deport Unfairly Convicted Autistic Man

An autistic British man is under threat of deportation following his imprisonment for a crime he and others insist he did not commit. Demand that this cruel decision be reversed immediately.

End Discrimination Against the LGBTQ Community

Healthcare, housing, education, and employment discrimination against LGBTQ Americans still percolates in the United States, with the federal government’s implicit stamp of approval. Demand a national policy of nondiscrimination that moves America forward, not backward.

Don’t Revoke Custody of Children From Pro-Democracy Activists

Parents have been threatened with the forcible removal of their children in retaliation for protesting the dictatorial rule of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Demand that these threats cease immediately.

Germany: Protect Children from Exploitation and Abuse

Cars, chocolate, and clothing: nearly every major consumer product in Germany can be traced back to child labor. Sign the petition to demand an end to this exploitation and abuse.

Trump: Stop Holding Urgent Relief for the American People Hostage

President Trump abruptly cut off negotiations for a COVID-19 relief package that could save jobs, the economy, and lives. Demand the President stop his reckless disregard for Americans.

Trump: Apologize for Your Xenophobic Attack on a U.S. Congresswoman

President Trump unleashed a xenophobic attack on Representative Ilhan Omar, one of the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress. He accused her of telling “us” – meaning his largely white audience – “how to run our country,” as if she is not also a member of the United States. Demand that Trump apologize for his blatant xenophobia.

End Forcible Relocation of Genocide Survivors to Potentially Uninhabitable Island

Victims of one of the largest genocides of the 21st century could soon be forced to relocate to an island where they may be without access to food, water, health services, or communications. Demand that this cruel mistreatment be stopped immediately.

Don’t Invade Individual Privacy with Facial Recognition Technology

Private citizens could soon face a loss of safety and security if plans to expand the use of facial recognition software go ahead in Russia. There must be an immediate stop to any efforts which may harm individuals and violate human rights.

Trump: Stop Your Incessant Attack on Refugees

The Trump administration reduced the number of refugees allowed into the country by nearly 100,000 since 2016 and he plans to cut that allowance even further. This announcement presents yet another xenophobic attack on immigration under his presidency. Demand Trump prioritize human rights by increasing the number of asylum seekers allowed in the United States.

Protect Women from Sexual Assault and Rape

A 19-year old woman has died of severe injuries sustained during a brutal rape, making her the most recent victim of the Indian government’s disregard for women’s safety and rights. Demand that this end now and that rape victims be taken seriously.

Success: NFL Supports Players’ Rights to Free Speech

The National Football League has successfully reversed its archaic policy punishing players for taking a knee against racial injustice. They are no longer penalizing athletes for kneeling during the national anthem and are in fact supporting this peaceful protest and other appeals for racial equality. Applaud this win for free speech and grassroots activism.

Prevent Civilian Deaths in Border Conflict

Innocent civilians are reported to have been injured and killed in renewed fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Demand that they be offered protection, evacuation, and assistance away from dangerous areas.

Drop Unfair Charges Against Pro-Democracy Protester

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been subjected to a humiliating and absurd legal charge due to his decision to wear a protective face covering. This is yet another attack on those fighting for human rights in China. Demand that this charge be dropped without delay.

Stop Problem Police Officers From Endangering Lives and Destroying Law Enforcement Legacy

Police officers with a confirmed track record of excessive force complaints are repeatedly let off without consequence, risking the lives of innocent people like Breonna Taylor, who may never see justice. Virginia is taking tentative steps towards correcting this problem with police reform. Show support for enhanced police decertification that keeps reckless, dangerous elements out of law enforcement.

Success: California to Allow Nonviolent Offenders to Become Firefighters

Nonviolent offenders who valiantly fought wildfires will now be able to get training to become professional firefighters when they are released. Thank California lawmakers for pushing for this legislation to bolster the firefighting force and rehabilitate people who have been in prison.

Walmart: Stop Reportedly Cutting Employees’ Hours and Pay During the Pandemic

Walmart is reportedly cutting employees’ hours and increasing workloads for little or no extra pay. This comes despite their recent announcement that sales have risen considerably during the pandemic. Demand that Walmart immediately give employees more hours and better pay.

Ban the Harmful Practice of Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy remains legal in the state of West Virginia, but one city stands the chance of being the first in the state to ban the practice. Sign the petition to ask that Charleston, WV protect its LGBTQ community and ban conversion therapy.

Investigate Apparent Cold-Blooded Execution of Defenseless Woman

An unarmed woman appears to have been murdered by soldiers in Mozambique in disturbing video footage which recently surfaced on social media. Demand that authorities take responsibility for this apparent crime and investigate it immediately.

Investigate Violence and Abuse at Georgia State Prisons

Over 20 inmates at Georgia state prisons have been murdered and COVID-19 cases run rampant. Violence, abuse, and neglect have become commonplace at these institutions. Demand that the federal government launch an investigation into the Georgia state prison system.

Don’t Deprive At-Risk Prisoners of Crucial Mental Health and Disability Support

A significant number of Western Australian prisoners perish due to the effects of untreated mental illness. The government has failed to provide sufficient medication, counseling, or other mental health support for inmates. Demand that Australian authorities carry out their obligation to offer mental health care and treatment to those in need.

Twitter: Stop Deleting Evidence of Human Rights Atrocities

Social media sites are deleting evidence of human rights atrocities. This makes it impossible to get justice for victims. Demand platforms stop this censorship.

Free Slavery Descendants From Bonds of Oppression

Citizens in Nigeria are prohibited from becoming leaders or even marrying who they want….all because they are descendants of slaves. This discrimination is perpetuated in popular media outlets. Demand a real end to caste systems that punish human beings for circumstances beyond their control.

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