Human Rights

Declare the Ku Klux Klan a Terrorist Organization

The Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacist hate group that has terrorized Black Americans since 1865. Its continued existence has caused nothing but death and destruction. Demand that it be classified as a domestic terrorist organization.

Protester Reportedly Struck With Car and Killed at Black Lives Matter Gathering Deserves Justice

A car reportedly barreled into a Black Lives Matter gathering and took the life of a nonbinary protester. This alleged hate crime injured another and risked the lives of many more. Demand that the charges match the seriousness of this seeming ultimate assault on human rights.

Return Mount Rushmore to the Lakota

The time has come to return Mount Rushmore to the Lakota people. They are owed the land by rights, by treaty, and it is time to make it right by law. Demand that the United States government returns this stolen land to its people.

Demand Justice for Elijah McClain

Elijah McClain was killed while in police custody and his family desperately needs justice. There is never an excuse for an unarmed, non-violent person to be killed while in the care of people who are supposed to be there for the public’s protection. Demand justice for Elijah McClain.

Police vehicles - Johnathan Green

Rehire Police Detective Fired for Supporting Black Lives Matter

A police detective who posted on her Instagram in support of the Black Lives Matter movement was fired. She is the mother of three children, two of whom are Black. Demand that the department offer this former detective her job back.

Success: Migrant Children to Be Released From Family Detention Centers

Migrant children who are confined in US detention centers will soon be freed, thanks to the hard work of immigration advocates. This is an important development for human rights and public health in the wake of the devastating coronavirus pandemic. Thank those who fought to free these children.

Stop Mark Zuckerberg From Forcing Native Hawaiians Out of Their Homes

Native Hawaiians are being threatened with eviction from their homes for refusing to sell their land to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The billionaire plans to build a mansion on the property. Demand that the rights of indigenous people are protected from this apparent colonialism.

Pay Withheld Wages to Struggling Workers

Millions of workers in Bangladesh have been denied months’ worth of pay by their employers, jeopardizing their access to food, medicine, and shelter. Demand that these employers pay their workers or face severe penalties for their greed.

Success: Restrictive Anti-Abortion Law Struck Down

A restrictive anti-abortion law was recently overturned. This law would have made women’s access to a safe abortion very difficult. Thank activist organization Pro-Choice America for their tireless work fighting for women’s right to their bodies.

Homeland Security: Don’t Send Sexual Abuse Victims Back Into Danger

The Trump administration is turning its back on immigrant women fleeing sexual violence in their home countries. Demand that domestic abuse victims continue to be granted asylum in the U.S.

Success: Amazon Puts Brakes on Use of Racial Profiling Facial Recognition

Amazon just helped ensure its facial recognition technology is not weaponized for racial profiling and wrongful imprisonment. The influential company will ban use of its often inaccurate tech by law enforcement in most cases. Thank business leaders for this step in the right direction.

Donald Trump - Gage Skidmore

Trump: Apologize for Sharing “White Power” Video

President Trump tweeted a video of one of his supporters yelling “white power,” a white supremacist slogan. The administration had a deputy press secretary explain that the president hadn’t heard the message of the video instead of issuing a formal apology. Urge President Trump to personally apologize for sharing the video and denounce white supremacy.

Don’t Allow Extreme Punishments Against Police Brutality Protestors

Two protestors potentially face a minimum of 45 years in prison for allegedly attempting to set fire to an unoccupied police car. Meanwhile, convicted animal abusers, rapists, and killers have been sentenced to far less. Demand that these absurd charges are reduced in the name of justice.

Success: Racist Confederate Flag Removed and Retired

The Mississippi state flag, which displays the Confederate symbol, will be removed and retired. This is a huge achievement for the thousands of protesters nationwide who have been fighting to dismantle systemic racism. Applaud Mississippi’s governor for supporting the removal of the state flag.

Don’t Allow Greedy Corporation to Seemingly Trample Landowners’ Rights

Villagers in rural Cameroon are reportedly under threat of eviction from their homes by a Belgian rubber giant. The company seemingly leaves villagers in the dark about their intentions and refuses to honor their land rights. Demand that the company begin discussions with locals to ensure fair treatment.

Ensure Access to Clean Water for Communities of Color

Millions of Americans face each day without access to clean water for drinking and sanitation, making the transmission of COVID-19 all the more likely in marginalized communities. Demand that the United States protect communities of color and low-income neighborhoods from this shameful insufficiency.

Demand Justice for Elijah McClain

Ten months after the death of unarmed teenager Elijah McClain in police custody, the officers involved face no criminal charges. Demand justice for this innocent young man whose life was cut tragically short.

Save Starving Populations from Plague of Locusts

Millions of people are at risk of starving in Kenya because of a plague. This locust plague does not bring disease but poses health risks every bit as devastating by destroying essential food supplies. Demand urgent international aid to citizens threatened by long-term food insecurity.

Protect Isolated Indigenous Peoples from Criminal Gold Miners

Brazil’s largest uncontacted tribe faces a new threat from illegal gold miners emboldened by the government’s disregard for the environment. Demand that environmental law enforcement agencies have funding restored to protect these people and shut down illicit mines.

Grant Miami Nation Native American Tribe Government Protection and Sovereignty

The Miami Nation of Indiana has been fighting for more than a century to get federal recognition for their tribe, which was forcibly split by the American government before the Civil War. This would grant them sovereignty and protect their land. Demand that the federal government recognizes their tribal status and allows them the resources they need to maintain their autonomy.

Strike Down Cruel and Unconstitutional Abortion Ban

An illegal abortion ban that would endanger countless women has been approved in Tennessee in a secret vote held without public input. This prohibits abortion after the six-week mark, when most women don’t even know that they’re pregnant yet. Demand that this unconstitutional act be prevented in federal court.

Ban the Use of Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets on Protesters

Tear gas and rubber bullets that can cause extreme injury or death are being fired at peaceful protesters by police. Call for a ban on these dangerous and inhumane methods of crowd control.

Trump: Don’t Imprison Protesters for Removing Confederate Statues

President Trump is threatening protesters who have defaced or removed statues of racist figures with up to ten years in prison. He referred to protesters as “hoodlums” and “anarchists” for toppling monuments of men associated with colonialism, slavery and confederacy. Demand President Trump stop threatening protesters who are speaking out against racism.

Protect Native Territory From Destructive Fracking

Native peoples’ lives, land, and culture are being threatened by a proposal to expand fracking. This practice would destroy sacred artifacts and exacerbate the public health risk for communities who already suffer disproportionately high rates of Covid-19. Demand the Bureau of Land Management halt their plan to expand fracking in order to protect the health and well-being of native people and their lands.

Pardon Journalist Wrongfully Convicted to Silence the Press

The editor of a major Philippine news organization has been wrongfully convicted of libel in an effort to destroy the free press. She faces between six months and six years of imprisonment for simply doing her job. Demand that this editor be pardoned immediately to undo the damage to basic liberties.

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