Human Rights

Justice for Pregnant Woman Who Reportedly Lost Baby Due to Negligent Jail Staff

Erica Thompson, a Black inmate, reportedly gave birth by herself in a cell with no medical help. Jailers seemingly ignored her pleas and screams before the birth. Sadly, when medical attention arrived it was too late, and her daughter died. Bring justice for this mother and child by firing those deemed responsible.

Give Democracy a Fighting Chance in Corruption-Ravaged Nation

A nation that liberated itself from dictatorship is in danger of falling under oppressive control once again. The freedom to peacefully protest and fundamental human rights could be at stake. Demand Tunisia’s president stop sowing instability and undermining freedoms.

Protect Peaceful Protesters in Afghanistan

The Taliban antagonizes the Afghanistan population with violence and suppression. Peaceful protests have been silenced with deadly violence. Demand the UN step in to protect the Afghan people by signing this petition.

Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage

American workers need to be paid their fair share immediately. The federal minimum wage has not budged in over a decade, and the time has long passed to raise it. Urge lawmakers to advance a higher standard of living.

Success: Closure Granted to 9/11 Families Demanding Answers

“Never forget” is the common theme for September 11, but too many families have felt forgotten by a government that owes them honesty. Applaud President Biden’s decision to give them the answers they have long sought regarding the most transformative and tragic day of their lives.

Bring Imprisoned Veteran Home

A Marine veteran and photojournalist was kidnapped and has been imprisoned in Syria since 2012. Demand committed action and diplomacy to ensure Austin Tice’s freedom.

Give Stolen Homes Back to Holocaust Families

The crushing legacy of the Holocaust still lives on for survivors and descendants. Ninety percent of Jews were lost in Poland alone, but this country still refuses to give seized homes and lands back to their rightful heirs. Call for an end to the re-victimization of Poland’s embattled Jewish people.

Aid Survivors of Devastating Earthquake

Haiti is experiencing another humanitarian crisis in the wake of a massive earthquake that left 2,000-plus dead. Citizens desperately need shelter, food, medical care, and security. Demand an organized and honest aid plan for a country that has already had its trust broken once.

Don’t Leave Desperate Afghans at Mercy of Terrorists

The disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan left a devastating human rights toll in its wake and left the country in the iron grip of terrorists. Demand American leaders support its allies and help clean up a mess of their own making.

Protect West African LGBTQ+ People and Allies From Unjust Imprisonment

LGBTQ+ individuals are at risk of death and imprisonment in Ghana, and a proposed new law could make the situation worse. Speak out for the lives of people who are only trying to be themselves.

Don’t Deliver Human Trafficking Victims Back to Danger

A flight company is reportedly helping boost the bottom line of human traffickers and transporting desperate refugees back into harm’s way. Demand this company cut the seeming enabling of human rights violations from its business model.

Don’t Let Evicted Americans End Up on the Streets

Millions of Americans are in imminent danger of eviction as a moratorium on the practice expires. Minorities, low-income citizens, and women will suffer most. Demand immediate action to stop this looming nightmare scenario.

Abolish Federal Death Penalty and Set Life-Affirming Standard

The death penalty has become a stain on a civilized society that claims it values life. Discrimination and lethal misuse have long plagued this instrument of cruel and unusual punishment. Demand President Biden keep his pledge to prohibit the American government from killings its own people.

Protect Vulnerable Populations From Exploitative Conservatorships

Britney Spears’ struggle to liberate herself from the legal control of her father has shone a harsh spotlight on conservatorships and their potential abuse in America. Help restore fairness and equity to this controversial process.

Stop Sweeping Away Suffering of the Homeless

America’s homeless are swept away and forgotten by leaders. Homeless sweeps deprive these already-at-risk human beings of their safety, their belongings, their dignity, and sometimes even their freedom. Demand the U.S. extend a helping hand and not a closed fist to one of its most ostracized and demonized populations.

Hundreds of Indigenous Children Hidden in Mass Graves Deserve Justice and Peace

Widespread genocide may have been taking place in North America as recently as the 1970s. More mass unmarked graves of indigenous children are uncovered by the week, shedding light on some of Canada’s darkest events. Demand answers for grieving communities and a nation calling for accountability.

Don’t Silence Olympians Standing Against Injustice

The Olympic Games are set to be a spectacular display of athletic talent, unity…and oppression. Athletes are prohibited from protesting critical human rights issues or grave violations. Demand the committee responsible for this archaic rule stop denying these representatives a fundamental freedom.

Success: Voting Rights Defended and Enforced

Voting rights in the U.S. are under attack at levels not seen since the Civil Rights Movement. America’s top lawyer wants to take on these injustices. Applaud his stand against voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Stop Rampant Food Waste and Feed the Hungry

Every year, billions of dollars of edible food is thrown away while millions go hungry. Sign this petition to help implement a federal law that ensure this food will be donated to food banks and charities.

Stop Standing in Way of Help for Hungry and Homeless Refugees

A sole U.S. Senator could deprive thousands of starving and displaced families across the world of urgently needed aid. Urge this selfish and manipulative politician to rethink his priorities.

Stop Subjecting LGBTQ Youth to Mental and Emotional Torture

A destructive new attack on LGBTQ youth is making its way through Oklahoma’s legislative chambers. This latest civil rights assault would bring back a harmful and banned “therapy” condemned by true psychiatrists. Urge an end to the continued attempt to enshrine discrimination into law.

Show Mercy to Survivors of Child Sex Trafficking

Child sex trafficking strips young people of their innocence, freedom, dignity, and trust. The justice system often does the same. Demand better safeguards for survivors facing hard prison time because of their exploitation.

Identify and Honor Unknown American Heroes

Unknown soldiers deserve to have their names and their stories restored. Demand better utilization of DNA technology that could bring peace to these fallen heroes and their families.

Protect Human Rights From Dangerous Government Onslaught

The right to protest, to privacy, to equity, and much more are under assault in the United Kingdom. This powerful region’s track record on human rights continues to crumble. Demand a halt to damaging actions that undermine basic freedom.

Don’t End Rehabilitation of Thousands of Reformed Prisoners

A massive prison rehabilitation success could be upended as thousands of released non-violent inmates fear a return to life behind bars. Encourage the justice department to extend an initiative that could serve as a backbone for prison reform.

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