Human Rights

Stop Letting Public Servants Dictate Personal Relationships

Public servants will be given the authority to determine which couples are allowed to marry in Tennessee. Call for an end to this latest attack on marriage equality.

Enact Ban on Conversion Therapy

Harmful conversion therapy practices could soon be prohibited in Scotland. Demand an end to these destructive and discredited techniques aimed at the LGBTQ+ community.

Bring Missing Indigenous Persons Home

California took an important step in confronting the crisis of violence and missing persons cases afflicting indigenous populations. Call on stewards of these needed actions to bridge gaps that are still endangering and costing lives.

Do Not Legalize Imprisonment and Killing of the Homeless

A new proposed law in Kentucky could put homeless individuals at risk of imprisonment and even death. Demand an end to the criminalization of extreme poverty.

Stop Cruel Experimental Executions

An Alabama inmate made history as the first guinea pig for an untested and highly controversial method of execution. This man’s seemingly torturous and prolonged death fulfilled fears about the method’s inhumanity. Demand an immediate end to this cruel and unusual punishment.

Don’t Punish Pregnant Women for Miscarriages

Women are now being threatened with prison time for experiencing miscarriages. Demand legal reforms to end this dangerous trend.

Don’t Let Children Get Caught in Police Crossfire

An 11-year-old boy was allegedly shot in his own home by police officers after making a 911 call. Demand answers in this disturbing case and reforms to curtail future deadly mistakes.

Justice for Lactating Mother Reportedly Beaten to Death on Camera

A lactating mother was reportedly trapped and beaten to death, her final scream telling a tale of horror. Take immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrators.

Protect Athletes From Harassment and Assault

Sexual misconduct is seemingly running rampant in the world of women’s soccer. Call for stronger protections for the athletes and staff members placed at continued risk.

Don’t Illegally Imprison Refugees

Texas is once again taking excessive and hurtful shots against refugees and other migrants. Now they are seeking to imprison these individuals, potentially for decades. Demand an end to the weaponization of the pain and desperation of suffering people.

Let Body Cams Build Bridges of Trust for Law Enforcement

An apparent domestic violence victim was reportedly shot and killed by police after she called for help. The details remain open for debate even though body cam footage could provide needed insight. Demand broader implementation of these tools to help prevent more community mistrust in law enforcement.

Tiger Dead After Rescue From Allegedly Abusive Roadside Zoo Deserves Justice

Over a hundred animals, living and dead, were reportedly found in dire conditions at a roadside zoo. Demand immediate legal action against alleged perpetrators of animal cruelty.

Don’t Break Promise to Refugees

Afghan refugees fleeing oppression and danger are left with increasingly limited options for safe harbor. Call on influential leaders of the United Kingdom to extend the help they promised but have failed to deliver.

Stop Forcing Women to Risk Their Lives Birthing Terminally Ill Babies

Texas has essentially ensured no woman in the state has a say in her pregnancy, even if the life of the unborn child and herself are in imminent danger. Demand politicians stop trying to play doctor and morality police at the expense of their constituents’ well-being.

Stop Striking Out Against Climate Activists

Climate activists are reportedly being targeted and punished for their environmental advocacy. Call for an end to harsh policies that undermine civil liberties and climate policy.

Aged Woman Assaulted During Dog Theft Attempt Deserves Justice

A woman in East Kilbride was assaulted during an attempted theft of her dog; the assailant remains at large. Apprehend this individual and ensure community safety.


Stop Legacy of Forced Assimilation for Native American Youth

Many students are being threatened with suspension and punishment not for fighting or cheating but simply for their hairstyles. Disproportionately, the targeted youth are minorities trying to honor their heritage. Demand education leaders stop this thinly veiled discrimination.

Don’t Legalize Mutilation of Women

Male leaders are once again attempting to assert their dominance over female bodies and choices. Demand politicians in the Gambia keep a ban on female genital mutilation in place.

Justice for Children and Dogs Allegedly Starved to Sickness

Children and dogs were reportedly starved and neglected by an apparent conman. Take action for their justice and well-being.

Protect Survivors of Violent Crime

Prison overcrowding could be putting crime victims and the general population at risk. Call for stronger solutions to this issue that do not involve endangering communities.

Stop Turning Prisons Into Alleged Ovens

Inmates and guards in Texas prisons are reportedly being subjected to dangerously hot conditions. Call for an end to this alleged cruel and unusual punishment.

Success: Olympic Values Upheld and Defended

Olympic leaders are finally taking action in addressing reported abuses within the international sports system. Commend these efforts at restoring the integrity of a global platform for peace and goodwill.

Stop AI-Driven Digital Slave Labor

Workers who are helping build the technology of the future are being left behind by their greedy employers. Demand AI training companies stop taking advantage of already-struggling gig employees.

Save Young Girls From Diseases Caused by Early Menstruation

Children as young as eight are beginning their menstruation, which can put them at risk for multiple diseases later in life. Reports show that air pollution could be to blame. Save these children from needless suffering.

Stop Strengthening Discriminatory Language Barriers

Spanish-speaking and other multi-lingual Americans are encountering increased barriers and decreased access in areas ranging from education to voting. Call for a widespread removal of language bias from U.S. public life.

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