Human Rights

Don’t Give Financial Green Light to Slavery

The United Kingdom is seemingly looking the other way as it profits from one of the world’s gravest human rights violations. Demand willfully ignorant leaders stop the promotion of products derived from slavery.

Stop Using Marriages as Licenses for Rape

Across the world, sexual crimes against women are still permitted, so long as the offender is married to the victim. Call for an end to legalized marital rape.

Help Communities Devasted by Disaster Emerge From Rubble

A deadly and destructive landslide demonstrated the continued impact of natural disasters on humanitarian assistance. Demand more global investment in preparing the world for these increasing catastrophes.

Honor Fallen Black Soldiers Denied Recognition

Black soldiers who served in some of America’s most consequential conflicts have historically remained unrepresented and unacknowledged in military honors. Demand rectification of these shameful oversights.

Ensure Worldwide Justice for Crimes Against Humanity

No formal process exists in the United States for dealing with crimes against humanity that take place in other countries. Demand the U.S. abide by its own designation as defender of global freedom.

Ensure Discriminatory Odor Code Passes Smell Test

Olfactory racism is a form of discrimination involving smells that has reportedly taken root in an Oregon city. Demand leaders end an unfair policy that hurts minority business owners.

Reunite Families Separated by War

Families from conflict zones are enduring prolonged separations due to government red tape. Demand leaders cut this tape and reunite desperate families.

Success: Legal System Takes Pride in Defeating Discrimination

Another discriminatory measure disguised as helpful law could soon fall. Applaud the continued crumbling of anti-transgender legislation that disproportionately bullies and harms vulnerable youth.

Help American Heroes Support Families

Many service members cited for their distinguished service are being prevented from sharing the fruits of their accomplishments with cherished loved ones. Demand equal treatment for all Purple Heart recipients.

Hundreds of Patients Allegedly Abused by Doctor Deserve Justice

Over 200 patients were allegedly sexually violated by a trusted doctor. Call for criminal charges following a full investigation.

Help End World’s Worst Child Displacement Crisis

Over 14 million children have been displaced from their homes, their schools, and their communities in a conflict between warring factions. Call for broader aid and assistance for the people of Sudan.

Ensure Military Killings Meet Codes of Conduct

Special ops killings have allegedly taken an even darker turn. Call for a full investigation into the reported actions of a British team that led to the deaths of 80 Afghans.

Save Sextortion Victims Before Tragedy Strikes

Blackmail involving the sexual exploitation of minors is an increasingly dangerous threat. Demand stronger legal safeguards against crimes with horrific repercussions.

Don’t Send Reproductive Rights Back to the Civil War

Arizona is the latest ground zero for the criminalization and demonization of reproductive rights. Call on state leaders to end the country’s most draconian abortion ban.

End Legally Approved Attacks on Birth Control

Contraception and reproductive rights are facing a new line of attack thanks to an archaic law. Call for a repeal of this insidious targeting of freedom.

Promote Paid Leave for All

Americans are working in sickness and distress in massive numbers, fearing for their livelihoods. Call for a restoration of quality work-life balance.

Throw Out Junk Behind Wrongful Convictions

Discredited forensics has sent countless innocent people to prison, and possibly some to their death. Demand the immediate removal of bite mark analysis and other junk science from America’s courts.

Stop Legal Silencing of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Survivors of sexual violence are too often refused their day in court. Demand an end to the statute of limitations that denies victims justice and lets abusers go unpunished.

Stop Letting Public Servants Dictate Personal Relationships

Public servants will be given the authority to determine which couples are allowed to marry in Tennessee. Call for an end to this latest attack on marriage equality.

Enact Ban on Conversion Therapy

Harmful conversion therapy practices could soon be prohibited in Scotland. Demand an end to these destructive and discredited techniques aimed at the LGBTQ+ community.

Bring Missing Indigenous Persons Home

California took an important step in confronting the crisis of violence and missing persons cases afflicting indigenous populations. Call on stewards of these needed actions to bridge gaps that are still endangering and costing lives.

Do Not Legalize Imprisonment and Killing of the Homeless

A new proposed law in Kentucky could put homeless individuals at risk of imprisonment and even death. Demand an end to the criminalization of extreme poverty.

Stop Cruel Experimental Executions

An Alabama inmate made history as the first guinea pig for an untested and highly controversial method of execution. This man’s seemingly torturous and prolonged death fulfilled fears about the method’s inhumanity. Demand an immediate end to this cruel and unusual punishment.

Don’t Punish Pregnant Women for Miscarriages

Women are now being threatened with prison time for experiencing miscarriages. Demand legal reforms to end this dangerous trend.

Don’t Let Children Get Caught in Police Crossfire

An 11-year-old boy was allegedly shot in his own home by police officers after making a 911 call. Demand answers in this disturbing case and reforms to curtail future deadly mistakes.

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