Human Rights

Don’t Let Filibuster Derail Voting Rights

An obstructionist Senate tactic, known as the filibuster, is endangering voting rights. Preserving this important freedom would honor the legacy of Martin Luther King and ensure the integrity of democracy for centuries. Demand politicians stop standing in the way of progress.

Protect Native American Spiritual Land From Destructive Mining

Native Americans’ religious freedoms are being cast aside at an alarming rate. Destructive mining projects endanger both the environment and the spiritual practices of Indigenous tribes. Demand more rigorous legal protections for these historically oppressed populations.

House Afghan Families Displaced Due to Taliban Rule

Afghan refugees are struggling to find housing after fleeing from the Taliban. The United States is ill-equipped for the number of asylum seekers coming to the country. Demand that the president expand the refugee program and allocate resources to help these victims of a war they did not cause.

Amazon Employees Reportedly Forced to Remain at Work During Deadly Tornados Deserve Justice

Fourteen workers lost their lives when they were reportedly forced to remain at work during a series of deadly tornados. These deaths were seemingly avoidable if not for two companies’ actions. Cite Amazon and Mayfield Consumer Products for their apparent fault.

Ban Military Style Weapons Used in Deadly School Shootings

Four students were killed, and seven others injured in a school shooting in Michigan. The gunman reportedly used an assault rifle to shoot the eleven people in minutes. Please, act now to ban assault rifles and stop such horrific acts.

Success: Sex Trafficking Co-Conspirator Brought to Justice

At least four young women were groomed for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein’s former employee and girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Now, this convicted abuser will likely face decades in prison. Applaud the efforts of those who sought justice in this case.

Don’t Dismiss Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence

Immigrant survivors of domestic violence often face language and cultural barriers when seeking help. This unequal treatment puts lives at risk. Demand Australia do better for immigrant women fighting for their survival.

Don’t Give Up Human Rights Activists to Dictators

People trying to shed light on human rights abuses are losing their freedom and sometimes their lives. The international police may be unwittingly assisting in their unlawful detention and mistreatment. Demand Interpol stop handing over journalists and activists to authoritarian governments.

Families Devastated by Government Forced Adoption Scheme Deserve Justice

A dictator masterminded a scheme to rip hundreds or thousands of children away from their unsuspecting parents. This heartless system of coercive adoption resulted in decades of pain and suffering for families. Call on leaders to bring justice and peace to betrayed citizens.

Stop Letting Children Die for Smoothies

Acaí berries are incredibly difficult to harvest and are often picked by children. These young workers are exploited consistently, and there are no protections in place to ensure their rights. Please, sign the petition to keep children from dying.

Don’t Make Employees Choose Between Lives and Livelihoods During Disasters

Many of the deaths resulting from a killer tornado outbreak may have been prevented if not for employers who allegedly kept their employees in harm’s way. Urge reforms that will keep people from unnecessarily dying for their jobs.

Don’t Force Job-Seeking Former Prisoners to Disclose Criminal Background

One in three Americans has a criminal record, and nearly half of those are unable to find work after being released. This is due in large part to “the box,” the portion of employee applications that asks if you are a criminal. Sign the petition to end this discriminatory practice today.

End the Failed, Racist Mass Incarceration System

The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country in the world. This is due to racist policies that primarily affect Black and brown citizens. Sign the petition to end mass incarceration in America.

Children Reportedly Forced to Make Chocolate in Dangerous Conditions Deserve Justice

Major chocolate companies like Hershey’s reportedly continue to use exploitative child labor. These children are apparently forced to work in awful conditions for low wages and aren’t able to go to school. Sign the petition to end child exploitation in the chocolate industry.

Support Disadvantaged Communities Battered by Climate Crisis

The people of South Sudan are suffering from malnourishment, disease, and displacement because of unprecedented flooding. More disadvantaged countries will likely follow suit. Call on wealthy nations to honor their commitments for greater aid.

Ensure People of Color Have Their Voices Heard at the Ballot Box

Voting rights have been eviscerated by the Supreme Court and racist laws made by the GOP. This especially puts People of Color at risk of not having their voices heard. Restore voting rights before it’s too late.

Stop Condemning Nonviolent Drug Offenders to a Cycle of Poverty

The war on drugs has been shown to be completely ineffective. It has only succeeded in punishing nonviolent offenders and forcing many into homelessness, bankruptcy, and an endless cycle of poverty. Demand that the government take action to wipe these offenders’ records clean.

Honor Veterans Afflicted By Brain Injuries With Purple Hearts

Dozens of service members injured in the largest ballistic missile attack against the American military in history have been denied Purple Hearts. Demand Army officials honor and take care of their own.

Stop Blackmailing Migrant Workers Into Slavery

Reports of migrant workers being abused, deprived of food, and forced to work without pay under threat of removal from the country have rocked Ireland’s fishing industry. Urge necessary reforms to curb these human rights violations.

Success: Men Who Shot and Killed Ahmaud Arbery Convicted of Murder

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers have been convicted of murder, along with a series of other charges. This is a landmark case for civil rights. Thank the prosecuting attorney for her amazing work.

Don’t Censor Sexual Assault Allegations of Missing Athlete

An athlete from China has seemingly vanished following sexual assault allegations against a former prominent politician. Demand China’s leadership halt any attempts to censor this woman and allow an investigation into her accusations.

Stop Putting Government-Ordered Hits on Suffering Drug Addicts

The war on drugs has taken an especially lethal turn in the Philippines. Upwards of 30,000 people have reportedly lost their lives due to government-directed orders to kill. Call for an end to these alleged crimes against humanity.

Ban Child Beauty Pageants

The child beauty pageant world is corrupting children’s values and exposing them to inhumane standards of perfection. Enough kids have been psychologically scarred by being forced to focus on obsessing over being perfect and constantly comparing themselves to others. Call for a ban on these harmful contests.

Ban the Use of Live Firearms on Film Sets Following Cinematographer’s Tragic Death

A cinematographer on the set of the film “Rust” was shot dead by a live gun that was supposed to be filled with blanks. Somehow, the gun fired contained a lethal amount of live ammunition, an entirely avoidable tragedy. Please, ensure that no one else dies from “prop” guns.

Success: Parole Board Recommends Clemency for Julius Jones

A possibly innocent man has an impending date with death. Thanks to a parole board’s recommendation, Julius Jones may be spared from execution. Support this critical decision that could save a life.

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