Human Rights

Don’t Let Another Child Die in Border Custody

A young girl died in the custody of border patrol, and her death may have been prevented with better healthcare protocols. Urge more empathy and compassion in the care of struggling refugees.

Don’t Steal Athletic Freedom From Oppressed Women’s Sports Team

Afghan women are not only being shunned and dismissed in their own country, but on the world stage as well. Demand soccer’s top federation give female athletes the respect and acknowledgement they deserve.

Stop Policing Women’s Bodies and Choices

Reproductive restrictions are having devastating impacts on millions of women. The latest attack even seeks to block women from obtaining information and aid from afar. Call on politicians to rein in these authoritarian assaults on autonomy.

Don’t Deprive Children of Mothers Due to Misogynistic Law

Mothers in Egypt are losing guardianship of their children because of an outdated and deeply misogynistic law. Demand the scales of justice be balanced for these women.

Don’t Let Prison Put Pregnancies at Risk

Expectant mothers in prison are reportedly having their health and the well-being of their soon-to-be-born children put at unnecessary risk. Demand better care for these highly vulnerable populations.

Don’t Auction Off Weapons Responsible for Mass Carnage

Guns used for mass murder are being auctioned off and resold by police under lax state laws. Demand an end to this legalized profiteering from the most heinous crimes that put communities at risk.

Bring Peace to People Endangered by Civil War

A dangerous conflict in Africa with international implications is threatening the lives and well-being of over 45 million people. Access to healthcare and food is in dire straits. Demand the world stop turning a blind eye to the African people.

Stop Reactive Gun Owners From Endangering More Young Lives

Americans are being shot and killed for innocent mistakes such as turning into the wrong driveway and knocking on the wrong door. Help end these often state-authorized acts of violence.

Stop Dismantling Workers’ Long-Held Rights

France’s people have taken to the streets demanding leaders hear their worries about being worked to death with little benefit. Call on leadership to end the assault on retirement pensions.

Stop Supplying Russia With Aid for Reported Crimes Against Humanity

Countries providing supplies and support to Russia’s campaign of destruction are compounding suffering for Ukraine’s people and risking the good fortunes of their own people. Demand one top enabler end its detrimental economic partnership with Russian invaders.

Protect Food Factory Employees From Dangerous Detonations

A deadly explosion rocked a Pennsylvania chocolate factory, leaving behind devastation, anger, and still-unanswered questions in the rubble. Demand more be done to enhance occupational safety in the sometimes-hazardous food manufacturing industry.

Ban Underage Marriage to Protect Children From Sexual Predators

Underage marriage is currently legal in all but seven US states. This gives sexual predators an opportunity to hurt vulnerable children without repercussions. Demand an immediate stop to this unthinkable human rights abuse.

Put Kids First and End Permitless Carry for Guns

Politicians who refuse to take meaningful action on gun violence have blood on their hands. The state where the latest mass shooting took place now wants to make it even easier to buy and carry these deadly weapons. Call on these so-called leaders to stop arming dangerous killers.

Success: Allegedly Corrupt Prime Minister Will be Prosecuted to Fullest Extent

After a prime minister was indicted on charges of breach of trust, bribery, and fraud, his ruling party allegedly tried to illegally influence his ongoing trial to keep him in office. Thanks to protestors, this violation of justice has been prevented. Acknowledge this important success of the judicial system.

Don’t Traumatize Kids With Deplorable Detention Centers

Inhumane detention centers once widely condemned for their scarring impact on children may be making a comeback. And the very people who criticized them most loudly could be responsible. Call on the nation’s leaders to stop playing politics with the lives of desperate refugees.

Success: School Workers Granted Higher Wages and Healthcare

Thousands of striking school workers demanded higher wages and healthcare and the authorities have relented. It’s a major victory for social justice and fundamental human rights. Celebrate this historic success in solidarity with these determined workers.

Success: Potential Poisoning Disguised as Humanitarian Aid Under Review

The European Union reportedly shipped pesticide-laden food to African countries under the guise of humanitarian aid. Thanks to human rights advocates, a review of these shipping policies and ideas for sustainable investment in Africa are being discussed. Acknowledge this important step taken in the right direction.

Issue a Most Wanted Notice for Controversial Godman

A self-styled godman wanted on charges of rape and abduction in India has allegedly duped more than 30 US cities by representing a fictional country. Three members of the Congress have also reportedly awarded the country special recognition. Demand the FBI issue a most wanted notice for this international fugitive.

Stop Imposing Financial Burdens on Low-Income Groups

The government has been accused of suppressing public dissent in a region of India. Protests have erupted against the imposition of a property tax and higher electricity bills. Demand the authorities roll back the new tax with immediate effect.

Don’t Ignore Alleged Crimes and Humanitarian Crisis Caused by Coup

Millions of people are losing their healthcare access, their educational and work opportunities, their homes, and possibly their lives in a conflict-ridden nation. The world has looked away from the plight of Myanmar’s people. Demand the international community confront and help end alleged war crimes.

Success: Striking Healthcare Workers Receive Well-Deserved Pay Increase

Healthcare workers in the United Kingdom have clinched a major victory after months of striking. The government has relented to a pay hike after initially refusing its mere possibility. Applaud the tough fight put up by thousands of hospital staff to claim the right to a better life.

Compensate Families of Migrants Who Died Due to Alleged Slavery

Reportedly, more than 6,500 migrant workers have died in the preparations for the Qatar FIFA World Cup. Poor working conditions and a biased labor code are apparently to blame. Demand FIFA compensate the migrant worker’s families and end its own alleged human rights abuses.

Defend Democracy by Supporting Free and Fair Elections

The president of Mexico stands accused of hijacking the right to vote by defunding the top electoral body. This would limit their ability to oversee election spending and disqualify non-compliant candidates. Stand in solidarity with protesters to reverse the reforms and defend democracy.

Don’t Drag Queens Through the Political Muck

Drag performers are the latest targets of states more concerned with limiting freedoms than expanding them. Demand politicians stop weaponizing entertainment and start focusing on the country’s true problems.

Prevent Poisonous Air Pollution and Ratify the Right to Breathe

Breathing is one of the most vital and fundamental rights every human being should have. Yet, rampant air pollution is depriving Thailand’s people of this essential aspect of life. Demand leaders take action to stop the choking of their own people.

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