Human Rights

Demand Fast Track Trial of Alleged Drug Kingpin

A former top Mexican official was arrested in the US on alleged involvement with drug money. Illegal drug distribution costs millions in taxpayer money every year and this case could make a difference. Demand a speedy trial to bring the truth to light.

Success: Pope Speaks Out Against Unjust Imprisonment of LGBTQ+ People

Pope Francis has sent a powerful message about the mistreatment, imprisonment, and execution of LGBTQ+ populations. Applaud this spiritual leader’s appeal for inclusivity and empathy.

Drop Possible Felony Charges Against Human Rights Defenders

Two human rights defenders were arrested after they volunteered in search and rescue operations for refugees stranded at the sea. Demand the Greek court drop all charges against these internationally known heroines.

Prevent Routine Police Stops From Turning Deadly

When several police officers allegedly beat a man to death, this horrifying incident reignited the debate about policing reform. Demand America’s leaders stop hiding from this critical issue and take decisive action.

Demand Justice for Youth Shot Dead by Police Officers

An 18-year-old was shot dead by the police in Baltimore. The state attorney decided against pressing charges on the officers responsible for the killing. Demand change to end police brutality in the USA.

Demand Justice for Murdered Environmental Activists

Two prominent environmental activists were shot dead in an alleged robbery. The murders have sparked an international uproar seeking justice for the water defenders. Demand a speedy independent investigation of the incident.

Stop Government-Approved Torture Killings of Death Row Inmates

Lethal injection, the capital punishment method touted as humane, has reportedly been responsible for numerous botched executions. Demand leaders hit the pause button on a practice that is seemingly torturing human beings to death.

Keep Deadly Weapons Out of Children’s Hands

Negligent firearm storage has come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of an elementary school shooting reportedly involving a six-year-old. Urge meaningful reform to help prevent the next tragedy.

Justice for Afghan Woman Killed in Possible Gender-Based Execution

An Afghan woman who served in the country’s Parliament was shot dead, reigniting the debate about gender-based discrimination and violence under Taliban rule. Demand justice for this fallen advocate and a continuation of her legacy of equality.

Demand Elon Musk Reinstate Twitter Trust and Safety Council

Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council was axed last month by Elon Musk, leading to a dramatic rise in hate speech. The volunteer council played an invaluable role creating a safe space for diverse points of view. Demand the reinstatment of the Trust and Safety Council with immediate notice.

Stop the Dead Lines in Disaster Response

Natural disasters are causing unprecedented humanitarian crises across the country. Emergency response during and after these critical incidents is often either lagging or non-existent. Call for urgent reforms to ensure Americans receive life-saving aid when it’s needed most.

Reunite Mother With Smuggled Children

Three young children have reportedly been kidnapped by human smugglers and separated from their family. Demand the region where they are believed to be located help end a mother’s worst nightmare.

Don’t Stir Instability With Military Intervention in Humanitarian Crisis

Haiti is once again collapsing into turmoil and chaos, to the severe detriment of its people. Demand world leaders resist the call for armed intervention and instead support a more measured plan of assistance.

Don’t Render Workers With Disabilities Obsolete

Americans with disabilities are being refused essential assistance because of an outdated book. Demand the country’s leading agency for disability benefits modernize and meet the urgent needs of all vulnerable populations.

Bite the Bullet on Dangerous and Deadly Ammunition

Thousands of people were injured in the past year, too many fatally, by mass gunfire. Urge leaders to keep a stronger check on the bullets in the barrel.

Don’t Send Refugees and Allies Back to Face Oppression and Death

Afghan allies who sought refuge in America after its withdrawal from their country may be sent back into the grip of a regime that could kill them. These brave people deserve to be protected. Demand U.S. leaders rediscover their humanity and grant these individuals security and sanctuary.

Protect the Right to Gather and Protest in Turbulent Nation

Peruvian citizens have been denied the right to gather and protest following a failed coup attempt. As the nation falls into a state of emergency, the people are being locked away in their homes. Demand citizens be allowed to speak their minds on their nation’s politics.

Condemn World Cup’s Refusal of Platform for Peace

Ukraine’s president wants to share a message with the planet, but World Cup leaders won’t allow it. Demand these influencers allow a plea for peace.

Protect Young Workers From Child Labor Abuses

Teenager workers have allegedly been overworked and placed in dangerous situations at McDonald’s and several other prominent businesses. Demand labor leaders better protect the country’s most vulnerable employees.

Success: Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage Recognized as Civil Rights

Marriage equality is now a federally protected right in America, regardless of any court’s opinion. Applaud the passage of a measure that safeguards same-sex and interracial unions.

Stop Using Imprisoned Americans as Political Puppets

The US recently swapped prisoners with Russia, an American basketball star for a Russian international arms dealer. A former Marine was included in the deal, but Russia denied his release thus giving the impression he was included simply to give them negotiation leverage. Urge the US government to secure his release as promised and no longer use American lives as political puppets.

Success: Apple Employees Freed From Reportedly Oppressive Conditions

Workers at Apple’s Foxconn plant in China are finally free after being confined to factory grounds to slow the spread of COVID-19. They alleged several human rights abuses during their lockdown. Thank Tim Cook of Apple for discontinuing these seemingly oppressive policies and enabling employee freedom of movement.

Recognize Same-Sex Marriage as a Civil Right

Same-sex marriage may be at risk in the US as civil rights repeatedly come under attack. The time is now to protect the LGBTQIA+ community. Urge President Biden to acknowledge same-sex marriage as a right nationwide.

Stop Letting Healthcare Workers Be Harassed for Helping People

From harassing those supplying COVID-19 vaccinations to reportedly threatening doctors providing care to transgender youths, healthcare workers are targets of verbal and physical attacks. Those who cannot separate politics from medicine’s objective to improve mental and physical health are creating a scary environment for doctors and nurses. Compel the Federation of State Medical Boards to work with lawmakers and protect healthcare workers from the abuse.

Apple: End Reported Slave-Like Factory Conditions

An Apple factory in China has experienced protests and riots in response to alleged human rights violations. Push Apple to acknowledge the rights of factory workers by ending slave-like conditions.

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