Human Rights

Don’t Traumatize Kids With Deplorable Detention Centers

Inhumane detention centers once widely condemned for their scarring impact on children may be making a comeback. And the very people who criticized them most loudly could be responsible. Call on the nation’s leaders to stop playing politics with the lives of desperate refugees.

Success: Potential Poisoning Disguised as Humanitarian Aid Under Review

The European Union reportedly shipped pesticide-laden food to African countries under the guise of humanitarian aid. Thanks to human rights advocates, a review of these shipping policies and ideas for sustainable investment in Africa are being discussed. Acknowledge this important step taken in the right direction.

Issue a Most Wanted Notice for Controversial Godman

A self-styled godman wanted on charges of rape and abduction in India has allegedly duped more than 30 US cities by representing a fictional country. Three members of the Congress have also reportedly awarded the country special recognition. Demand the FBI issue a most wanted notice for this international fugitive.

Stop Imposing Financial Burdens on Low-Income Groups

The government has been accused of suppressing public dissent in a region of India. Protests have erupted against the imposition of a property tax and higher electricity bills. Demand the authorities roll back the new tax with immediate effect.

Don’t Ignore Alleged Crimes and Humanitarian Crisis Caused by Coup

Millions of people are losing their healthcare access, their educational and work opportunities, their homes, and possibly their lives in a conflict-ridden nation. The world has looked away from the plight of Myanmar’s people. Demand the international community confront and help end alleged war crimes.

Success: Striking Healthcare Workers Receive Well-Deserved Pay Increase

Healthcare workers in the United Kingdom have clinched a major victory after months of striking. The government has relented to a pay hike after initially refusing its mere possibility. Applaud the tough fight put up by thousands of hospital staff to claim the right to a better life.

Compensate Families of Migrants Who Died Due to Alleged Slavery

Reportedly, more than 6,500 migrant workers have died in the preparations for the Qatar FIFA World Cup. Poor working conditions and a biased labor code are apparently to blame. Demand FIFA compensate the migrant worker’s families and end its own alleged human rights abuses.

Defend Democracy by Supporting Free and Fair Elections

The president of Mexico stands accused of hijacking the right to vote by defunding the top electoral body. This would limit their ability to oversee election spending and disqualify non-compliant candidates. Stand in solidarity with protesters to reverse the reforms and defend democracy.

Don’t Drag Queens Through the Political Muck

Drag performers are the latest targets of states more concerned with limiting freedoms than expanding them. Demand politicians stop weaponizing entertainment and start focusing on the country’s true problems.

Prevent Poisonous Air Pollution and Ratify the Right to Breathe

Breathing is one of the most vital and fundamental rights every human being should have. Yet, rampant air pollution is depriving Thailand’s people of this essential aspect of life. Demand leaders take action to stop the choking of their own people.

Success: US Expresses Support for Human Rights Movement

The US announced its dedicated support of human rights in Tunisia. The timely intervention can have a crucial impact in restoring order following racist remarks by the President. Acknowledge the important role played by the US government in upholding the ethos of democracy.

Stop Legal Poisoning of Third World Countries

Parliamentarians have accused first-world countries of unfair trade and deceit towards poorer nations. Toxic food products that are otherwise banned are being sent to other countries as humanitarian aid. Protest these discriminatory practices.

Demand a Public Apology From Racist Comic

A reputed comic strip artist has unleashed a tirade of racist remarks on his YouTube channel. Consequently, leading newspapers across America have suspended its publication. Demand a public apology from the cartoon man.

Defend Migrants From Leader’s Racist Attack

Massive protests are being held in support of migrants under attack by a top public figure. Black people are being segregated and denied public service in a deliberate effort to cause unrest. Demand equal human rights for all in solidarity with protesters.

End Assault on Women’s Reproductive Rights

Stricter bans on abortion could target the autonomy of reproductive rights for women. It’s time to intervene to ensure access to safe healthcare. Demand that Wyoming lawmakers support accessible abortion for all in need.

Designate Islamic Revolutionary Guard as Terrorists in Solidarity with Protesters

The European Parliament has passed a resolution to list the Iranian militia as a terrorist organization. Germany remains indecisive despite the Islamic Republic awarding the death sentence to a dual citizen. Demand the administration list the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group.

Success: Hyundai Commits to Stop Child Labor in its Factories

A disturbing report noted that Hyundai production units employ underage workers. The company has ultimately decided to divest from the accused subsidiary and take strong steps to prevent such violations. Acknowledge this important step to protect children from exploitation.

Rein in the Rain and Quench Thirst of Drought-Ravaged Lands

The chance to help drought-prone communities is being squandered because of infighting and ineptitude. Call for a real plan to address California’s water crisis.

Success: Top Mexican Official Convicted in Narcotics Case

The former chief of the Federal Police in Mexico was put on trial for accepting millions of dollars of drug money in exchange for insider information. The prosecution set up a strong case ultimately leading to the conviction of the kingpin. Applaud this huge victory in a high-profile case.

Demand Closure of Drone Factory Allegedly Targeting Civilians

A human rights group has claimed that unmanned drones manufactured at a UK factory are being used against civilians. The Middle East conflict needs to stop now. Demand a closure of the UK facility allegedly committing covert war crimes.

Stop Reported Child Labor in Hyundai Supply Chain

Hyundai reportedly employs child laborers at its factories. The car manufacturer apparently confessed to this wrongdoing but is yet to provide a timeframe to stop such practices completely. Demand a complete prohibition on underage employment in the USA.

Success: Attorney to Pursue the Drug Motive for Double Murders

A debarred attorney accused of double murders will be held accountable for his drug habit. The court has summoned the jury to pursue this damning angle for establishing a motive. Acclaim the legal system for paying attention to this vital aspect.

Don’t Force Rape Survivors to Marry Their Alleged Attackers

A court in Pakistan has let an accused rapist avoid prison time by marrying his apparent victim, reportedly at the behest of a council and the woman’s own family. Demand immediate changes in a legal system that enables such outrageous miscarriages of justice.

Demand Investigation of Drug Charges Against Accused Double Murderer

A former legal baron has been indicted on the double murder of his wife and son. He is also wanted in a string of embezzlement cases and drug charges. Demand a full investigation of all charges to establish a motive in the murder trial.

Investigate the Alleged Abduction of Human Rights Activists

Two prominent human rights activists have disappeared in an apparent kidnapping. The incident may involve a corporate-underworld nexus. Demand an immediate high-level inquiry on the missing.

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