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Educational Series

Educational Series: Pet Overpopulation is an Urgent Crisis

By Nick Engelfried Every year, an estimated 7.6 million homeless cats and dogs are taken into shelters in the United States. Some are strays who may never have known a loving home, while others are surrendered by owners who are unable or unwilling to care for them. Each one of […]

Educational Series: The Cruel, Destructive Exotic Pet Trade Must End

By Nick Engelfried Few things are cuter than a loris. These small primates with big, round eyes and bodies covered in fuzzy fur look as if they were born to be cuddled–and as a result, pet lorises have become internet sensations and popular novelty pets. However, the trade in these […]

Educational Series: No More Animals Should Die From Lead Bullet Poisoning

By Nick Engelfried In 1982, North America’s largest bird seemed to be heading for extinction. California condors, which prior to European colonization soared above forests, prairies, and deserts from what is now British Columbia down into Baja California, had been reduced to just 22 individuals. A variety of factors, from […]

Educational Series: It’s Time to Stop Slaughtering Sharks for ‘Safety’

By Nick Engelfried Every summer, millions of people head to ocean beaches to surf, swim, fish, or otherwise enjoy the water. For some, there’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach. However, what many beach-goers don’t realize is that they may be recreating in proximity to some of […]

Educational Series: Cruel Octopus Farms Need to be Stopped Before They Start

By Nick Engelfried On Spain’s Canary Islands, an international seafood company wants to build the world’s first large industrial octopus farm, raising and slaughtering animals widely considered to be the world’s most intelligent invertebrates. Octopuses, which are solitary creatures in the wild, would be kept in tanks with dozens grouped […]

Educational Series: ‘Back From the Dead’ Animals Can Still be Saved, if We Act Fast

By Nick Engelfried Nothing is more tragic than the disappearance of a species. Once an animal or plant goes extinct, there’s no bringing it back and the result of millions of years of evolution is gone forever. Today, climate change, habitat destruction, and other effects of human actions are driving […]

Educational Series: It’s Time to Stop Racing Greyhound Dogs to Death

By Nick Engelfried With their powerful muscles, streamlined bodies, and ability to run up to 40 miles per hour, greyhounds are master sprinters of the dog world. Over the centuries, greyhounds have been selectively bred to reach greater and greater speeds, and there can be little doubt these dogs enjoy […]

Educational Series: Seabirds, World Travelers of the High Seas, Are in Crisis

By Nick Engelfried Seabirds are among the natural world’s most impressive world travelers. With migration routes that may span entire oceans, they cover distances almost no other animal will venture in its lifetime. Their streamlined bodies and paraglider-like wings are designed to keep them aloft above the open seas, where […]

Educational Series: Roads and Highways are Wildlife Death Traps

By Nick Engelfried Every year, an estimated one to two million large animals are hit by cars or trucks in the United States. The damage from these collisions for both wildlife and people is immense, and includes approximately 200 human deaths, 26,000 human injuries, and $8 billion in property damage. […]

Educational Series: Cruel Animal Circuses Need to Go

By Nick Engelfried In August 1994, a tanker ship that began its journey in California arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii with a massive prisoner in its hull. Tyke was an African elephant who was born in Mozambique, but was captured from the wild when she was a baby and spent most […]

Educational Series: The Illegal Bird Trade is a Wildlife Tragedy

By Nick Engelfried Birds are among nature’s most beautiful animals, and it’s no wonder countless people are drawn to the idea of having one in their home. The U.S. is believed to be home to more than 40 million pet parrots, alone, and birds are considered the country’s most popular […]

Educational Series: Massive Wildfires are Burning Wild Animals Alive

By Nick Engelfried From the Pacific Northwest, to New York, to New England, vast areas of the United States have already suffered this summer from smoky conditions caused by raging wildfires, largely located in Canada. In early June, the smoke blanketing New York City resulted in the metropolitan area temporarily […]

Educational Series: It’s Time to Stop Raising and Killing Animals for Fur

By Nick Engelfried Fur farms, where hundreds of animals spend their entire lives in cramped wire cages before being brutally killed for their skins, are among the fashion industry’s cruelest secrets. Approximately 100 million animals including mink, foxes, chinchillas, rabbits, and raccoon dogs are raised and slaughtered on fur farms […]

Educational Series: Save Giraffes From a Silent Extinction

By Nick Engelfried Towering above vast herds of wildlife on the African plains, giraffes are among the most distinctly recognizable animals on Earth. Their famously long necks can hardly help but make them stand out, and their immense size earns them a place on a select list of herbivore species […]

Educational Series: Stop Imprisoning Hens in Tiny, Torturous ‘Battery Cages’

By Nick Engelfried Imagine spending almost your entire life crammed in a space so small and crowded that you can barely turn around. It sounds like a nightmare–but this grim fate represents reality for millions of hens on industrial egg farms who are kept in the cruel devices known as […]

Educational Series: Critically Endangered Animals Need Our Help Before it’s Too Late

By Nick Engelfried The world is facing a biodiversity extinction crisis unlike anything that has happened for millions of years. From climate change caused by burning fossil fuels, to the destruction of habitat to make way for agriculture and development, human activities threaten almost every major ecosystem on Earth and […]

Educational Series: North America’s Rarest Cats Need Our Help

By Nick Engelfried Majestic, beautiful, and famously elusive, wild cats are among the most regal predators to roam the world’s forests, grasslands, and deserts. Lists of wild cat species native to North America commonly include three members: the cougar, bobcat, and lynx, all of which are found over large geographic […]

Educational Series: End the Horrors of Live Animal Exports

By Nick Engelfried Hundreds of terrified sheep are herded onto a ship chartered for a distant port. During the next few weeks, the animals will live in cramped, filthy conditions surrounded by their own feces while enduring massive temperature swings as the weather varies from suffocatingly hot to freezing cold. […]

Educational Series: It’s Time to Stop Killing and Persecuting Coyotes

By Nick Engelfried With the exception of the domestic dog, no member of the canine family is more closely associated with humans in North America than the coyote. Larger and more powerful than a fox, but smaller than a wolf, at about 25-35 pounds a typical coyote could be easily […]

Educational Series: Long Targeted for Extermination, Prairie Dogs Need Our Help

By Nick Engelfried Imagine a species that lives in towns of hundreds or thousands of individuals; that changes the surrounding landscape in profound ways; and in which individuals communicate with one another using a complex spoken language. This description may sound like it refers to human beings–but it also applies […]

Educational Series: Rodents Are Intelligent, Sensitive Animals, Not Fodder for Experiments

Animal research labs–where scientists perform experiments on living creatures to develop products or procedures for use on humans–have long been a major focus for animal welfare advocates. Images of monkeys and apes in tiny cages, dogs forced to undergo painful operations, or cats being injected with chemicals are almost certain […]

Educational Series: Incredible Kelp Forests With Countless Marine Animals are Facing Destruction

By Nick Engelfried Submerged beneath the waves, just a short ways from the shore along many parts of North America’s Pacific Coast, forests 150 feet or more in height sway gently back and forth with the tides. As impressive in their way as the Douglas-fir and redwood trees growing on […]

Educational Series: Wildlife Killing Contests are a Senseless Celebration of Slaughter and Cruelty

By Nick Engelfried Every year, in more than 40 states, countless numbers of wild coyotes, foxes, bobcats, rabbits, prairie dogs, and other wildlife are hunted down and murdered like trophies as part of legalized “killing contests.” These cruel events, which are largely unregulated and unfold far from the public view, […]

Educational Series: It’s Time to Stop Treating Pigs as Walking Meat

By Nick Engelfried More than probably any other animal species, pigs are considered by countless people around the world to be practically synonymous with meat. In the U.S. alone, approximately 120 million pigs are slaughtered every year to make ham, sausage, and other meat products consumers love. Yet, what is […]

Educational Series: Cougars Need Our Help After Centuries of Persecution

By Nick Engelfried Cougars, the largest wild cat historically found throughout North America, are also one of the most elusive and misunderstood of the continent’s mammals. Sometimes known by the alternative names mountain lion, puma, or panther, these feline predators seldom want to have anything to do with people–but human […]

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