Animal Welfare

Success: 600-Day Shelter Dog Finds Forever Home

A canine survivor of horrendous neglect has found his forever home after nearly 600 days of waiting. Celebrate the happy ending to this one-time horror story.

Insist on Justice for Over 100 Cats Allegedly Suffering in Hoarding Incident

Over 100 cats were removed due to suspected neglect and hoarding. Call for accountability and justice for their suffering and mental health treatment for those found responsible.

Puppy Severely Burned by Unknown Arsonist Deserves Justice

A three-month-old puppy suffered serious burns to its face, ears, and body. Demand accountability for this cruel act.

Demand Justice for Bulldog Allegedly Thrown Off Cliff

A dog was reportedly thrown from a cliff, suffering severe injuries. Seek immediate legal consequences for the alleged perpetrator.

Dogs Subjected to Alleged Sexual Abuse Deserve Justice

Dogs were allegedly sexually abused by children in a case that has disturbed many. Call for a thorough investigation into this incident, bringing legal consequences to those responsible, as well as mental health treatment for the alleged perpetrators.

Stand for Dogs Allegedly Living in Distressing Conditions at Adoption Center

Seven dogs were reportedly found locked in a trailer. Call for stern legal repercussions.

Call for Justice for Puppy Allegedly Kicked and Thrown Near Busy Street

A small puppy was allegedly thrown on the ground and brutally kicked as the animal whimpered in pain. Demand action against the perpetrator.

Pets Allegedly Brutalized at Grooming Center on Camera Deserve Justice

In a shocking discovery, pets were allegedly subjected to cruel treatment. Demand legal repercussions for the perpetrator.

Animals With Reportedly No Food, Water, or Medical Care Deserve Justice

Alleged incidents of animal cruelty have surfaced, highlighting the urgent need for action. Call for strict legal measures against those responsible.

Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Confined Without Bedding or Water

A shocking incident unfolded where animals were allegedly kept in deplorable conditions. Call for legal action against the accused.

Demand Justice for Pitbull Allegedly Brutally Attacked by Owner

A pitbull named King reportedly endured a violent beating from his owner. Demand rigorous legal accountability.

Protect Animals From Paralysis and Death Caused by Hit-and-Runs

A dog named Jiro was left paralyzed after a hit-and-run. Demand stricter enforcement of traffic laws to prevent further suffering.

Stand Up For Dog Suffering From Skin Infections and Hair Loss Due to Alleged Neglect

A dog was reportedly found chained, malnourished, and neglected. Seek legal action for its alleged abuser.

Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Subjected to Repeated Kicks and Beatings

Disturbing accounts of alleged animal abuse have emerged, demanding stringent legal actions. Demand justice for these voiceless victims.

Demand Justice for Puppy Allegedly Smacked and Punched

A pit bull mix puppy was allegedly subjected to severe abuse. Demand strict legal consequences for the accused, if they are found guilty.

Demand Justice for 40 Pit Bulls Confiscated From Property

Multiple dogs were rescued from a residence that was allegedly the subject of numerous animal welfare complaints. No legal action has seemingly been taken against the person presumably responsible for these animals. Call for a full investigation and related charges if wrongdoing is found.

Demand Justice for Goats Allegedly Killed Due to Neglect

Dozens of goats, including a pregnant doe, were reportedly severely neglected. Call for strict legal repercussions.

Demand Justice for Elephants Allegedly Shackled and Forced to Race at New Year Festival

At a New Year festival, animals were allegedly subjected to abuse. Call for immediate legal action.

Justice for Wolf Allegedly Tortured to Death

A wolf in Wyoming was allegedly subjected to horrifying abuse before its death. Demand legal repercussions for those involved in this cruelty.

Cows Allegedly Crammed Into Vehicle Without Food and Water Deserve Justice

Cows were reportedly transported without essential needs. Demand immediate legal action against the accused.

Reportedly Tortured Mouse at Technological University Deserves Justice

A mouse was allegedly trapped and scalded to death in a horrific act of cruelty. Call for immediate legal action against those responsible.

Crab Reportedly Used in Cruel Political Stunt Deserves Justice

A crab was reportedly subjected to unnecessary pain for a media stunt. Call for accountability and respect for animal rights.

Demand Justice for Over 100 Pit Bulls Allegedly Forced to Fight

Over 100 pit bulls were reportedly rescued from a harrowing situation, bred for violence. Call for legal action against those allegedly behind this cruelty.

Don’t Let Marine Mammals Die in Captivity

Two orcas perished, reigniting concerns over captive conditions. Advocate for their protection by demanding reform.

Demand Justice for Sloths Allegedly Exploited at Exotic Animal Store

Shocking allegations report sloths subjected to distress and unsanitary conditions. Call for legal action against those responsible.

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