Animal Welfare

Stop Reportedly Abusing Animals for Views on Social Media Platforms

Animal abuse videos have reportedly been surfacing on TikTok, resulting in users making money in a despicable manner. Demand TikTok ban such videos to prevent further animals from losing their lives for the sake of profit.

Siberian Husky Allegedly Found With Chain Embedded in Neck Deserves Justice

Veterinarians reportedly had to surgically remove a chain inside a Siberian husky’s neck after the animal was said to have been running around in pain for an unknown amount of time. Demand the suspect spend time in prison if he is found guilty of such gross abuse and neglect.

Close Sanctuary for Reportedly Abusing and Neglecting Animals

Animals were allegedly not provided with food, water, or proper shelter by a sanctuary that has been cited multiple times for animal cruelty. Demand this establishment be closed down and that the animals be moved to a reputable sanctuary if these allegations are found to be true.

Demand Justice for Cat Allegedly Beaten to Death With Wooden Back Scratcher

Two cats were reportedly beaten with a wooden backscratcher by their owner in a shocking case of animal cruelty. One cat died, and the other was severely injured. Demand the person reportedly responsible for this disgusting abuse be given the strictest punishment under law.

Puppy Who Allegedly OD’d on Fentanyl Deserves Justice

An eight-week-old pet puppy allegedly had to be revived after reported exposure to fentanyl. Call for maximum charges against the puppy’s caretakers if they are deemed responsible.

Stop Traumatizing Young Animals with Yoga

Puppies, kittens, and other young animals are reportedly being exploited and mistreated in a new and unexpected way. Demand leaders address the apparent cruelty disguised in cuddly cuteness known as animal yoga.

Protect Pet Fish From Callous Acts of Cruelty

Fish and other important marine life are treated as disposable trash to be used and exploited in much of the world. Call for stronger protections for these overlooked animals.

Don’t Let Another Horse Die Due to Mysterious Epidemic

Several horses have died under mysterious circumstances. An investigation into the cause has not proven fruitful. Demand more commitment to solving this lethal puzzle.

Save Runaway Pets From Horrific Executions

When two reportedly non-aggressive dogs were allegedly shot and killed by police, the incident sparked outrage that still persists. Demand state leadership take better action to stop preventable pet fatalities.

Horse Allegedly Thrashed on Camera Deserves Justice

A horse was allegedly hit with a switch and dragged while lying on its side. Demand urgent action to ensure justice for this innocent animal.

Dog Allegedly Strangled to Blackmail Owner Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly strangled to coerce the poor animal’s owner. Make sure this alleged animal cruelty case is addressed so justice can prevail.

Justice for Rabbits Allegedly Killed and Frozen By Domestic Abuser

Innocent rabbits have become some of the latest alleged victims of companion animal cruelty. Demand stronger safeguards for pets in the crosshairs of domestic abusers.

Dog Reportedly Starved Until Forced to Ingest Rocks Deserves Justice

A dog named Conrad was reportedly found with untreated broken bones, starved until he ate rocks out of desperation. Demand justice for Conrad.

Dog Allegedly Shot Dead on Camera Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly shot to death with a shotgun. Those allegedly responsible must not escape legal consequences. Ensure justice prevails and cruelty towards animals is not tolerated.

Dog Allegedly Abused During Walk Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was allegedly physically abused while on a walk. Stand with us, urging a thorough investigation and justice for this alleged cruelty.

Family Cat Allegedly Killed on Camera Deserves Justice

A family cat was allegedly attacked by a dog and stomped on by a man on a bike. This innocent animal died and those responsible must be held accountable. Demanding justice be served in this heinous case.

Six Blind Puppies Reportedly Stuffed in Bag and Abandoned Deserve Justice

Six blind puppies could have died because of apparent abandonment, but their caretaker and alleged abuser will never suffer any real consequences. Call for harsher legal penalties in cases of pet abandonment.

Dog Allegedly Beaten and Starved to Death Deserves Justice

A 12-year-old dog tragically died due to alleged abuse and neglect by her owner. Ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution to bring justice for this innocent pup.

Hugh the Manatee, Dead at 38 From Alleged Negligence, Deserves Justice

A 38-year-old captive manatee was apparently killed by injuries inflicted by another captive manatee, and the company that houses and cares for these animals has reportedly been assigned blame by a federal agency. Urge this agency to follow up on its damning findings with decisive action.

Dog Allegedly Unable to Walk Due to Extreme Matting Deserves Justice

A mini poodle was so matted due to alleged neglect that the poor animal couldn’t even walk. Incidents like this underscore the urgent need to strengthen animal welfare enforcement. Demand the governor address animal cruelty state-wide to protect all innocent pets.

Dog Allegedly Sexually Abused by Man Deserves Justice

A man is accused of committing heinous acts of sexual violence against a dog. Demand swift legal action against the accused.

Dog Allegedly Killed in Dog Fight Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly killed during a dog fight, igniting concern among animal rights activists in the community. Neighbors stated that this dog, as well as other pets in the house, suffered ongoing abuse for a year. Demand justice for these animals and strengthen animal welfare enforcement.

Dog Reportedly Stabbed to Death By Stranger Deserves Justice

A family dog was reportedly stabbed to death in broad daylight without reason. Demand justice for this poor animal by encouraging maximum sentencing and mental health treatment for the suspect if he is found guilty.

Horses and Dogs Reportedly Found Dead and “Skeletonized” Deserve Justice

Twelve horses and 24 dogs were reportedly found dead after suffering agonizing starvation. Demand justice for the innocent lives lost now.

Stop Illegal Dog Fighting to Reduce Canine Fatalities and Forced Aggression

Illegal dog fighting rings kill and harm thousands of innocent dogs. These forced acts result in canine aggression and cause untrue stereotypes to arise. Demand officials stop this industry from taking any more lives.

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