Stick With Standard Time for Country’s Health

Time changes are a medically proven detriment to public health on multiple levels, and now Congress wants to reward the primary cause of this harm—daylight savings time—with permanence. Demand politicians step aside and listen to the experts.

Prevent Killer Fungal Infections by Investing in Vaccines

Fungal infections are a hidden and looming threat to public health. Despite this, a fungal disease vaccine has yet to be vetted and approved. Demand the medical world invest in robust protection.

Demand Better Pay for Healthcare Workers

The United Kingdom is arguably facing the biggest public health crisis in its history. Thousands of healthcare professionals have come together for the first time, asking for better pay. Demand an immediate resolution of this serious issue.

Don’t Put Outrageous Price Tag on Vaccine Protection

A leading developer of the COVID-19 vaccine is about to price millions of Americans out of crucial protection from the deadly virus. Demand Moderna honor its commitments to help, not swindle, the people.

Don’t Cut Lifesaving Healthcare Program That Benefits Disadvantaged

Millions of low-income Americans could lose their only healthcare link if a proposed widespread Medicaid enrollment cut happens on schedule. Demand leaders stop the ticking clock counting down to uncertainty and chaos.

Don’t Drop Funding for Pandemic Fight

An infection-preventing COVID nasal vaccine long sought after by scientists will soon be on the market in China. However, a lack of funding means this advanced disease-fighting development is not an option in America. Urge leaders to reinvest in ending this still-deadly pandemic.

Stop Stalling on Mental Health Support for College Students

Mass shootings at colleges and universities started barely 100 years ago and have only been gaining in number. The current plan to address mental health on campuses relies too much on students seeking their own help and does not provide sufficient proactive support. Demand a plan to help schools support student mental health now instead of waiting until the next shooting.

Don’t Drop Ball on Football Players’ Health

Concussions are the silent assassins of football, causing brain injuries, neurological disorders, and other long term health consequences for players. Urge league leaders to protect their teams with enhanced health protocols.

Don’t Let Communities Become Radioactive Health Hazards

An elementary school was reportedly contaminated with radioactive waste, putting students at risk of cancers and other debilitating illnesses. Children shouldn’t have to pay the price of apparent carelessness. Urge leaders to do more to contain these public health hazards.

Replace High Fructose Corn Syrup With Cane Sugar in Pepsi-Cola Products

High-fructose corn syrup is known to cause a number of health issues, more-so than regular sugar. Pepsi-Cola briefly experimented with using real sugar in Pepsi and was met with success. Demand this influential brand embrace this healthier alternative.

Provide Clean Water to Community Ravaged By Wildfire

A public health crisis is unfolding in a fire and flood-battered Western community. Clean drinking water remains in critically short supply. Call on the leaders apparently partially responsible for this disaster to extend a stronger helping hand.

Declare Climate Crisis Threat to Global Public Health

Deadly diseases and dangerous chronic illnesses have skyrocketed as the planet warms and the quality of the precious resources that sustain life degrades. Demand global health leaders sound an urgent alarm on the looming menace of the climate crisis.

Prevent the Spread of Brain-Eating Amoebas Caused by Global Warming

A young child in Nebraska died from a brain-eating amoeba after swimming in a lake. More deaths may follow, as warming climates are believed to be spreading this affliction. Demand the government prevent an outbreak of these dangerous amoebas and do more to address global warming.

Don’t Revictimize Chronically Ill 9/11 Survivors

Survivors of the September 11th terrorist attacks, including many first responders, are still battling chronic and serious health conditions. Their funding lifeline may soon vanish without immediate action. Call for aid for these still-suffering heroes.

Support Safe Injection Sites to Stop Overdose Deaths

Our communities are racked by overdose deaths, and the War on Drugs hasn’t helped. Support safe injection sites to save lives.

Demand Cancer Risk Warning Labels on Dairy Products

Drinking just 2/3 cup of milk per day increases the risk of prostate cancer by 60%. Call for labels to warn consumers of this serious health risk.

Success: Medicare Recipients to Benefit From Cost Cuts

Out-of-control prescription drug prices will be reined in thanks to significant new Medicare reforms. Applaud this win for Americans burdened by excessive healthcare costs.

Don’t Let Delivery Drivers Die From Dehydration and Heatstroke

UPS delivery workers have endured heat-related health problems in alarming numbers. Demand their employer stop a widescale dereliction of duty of care.

Stop GOP From Bankrupting Diabetics With High Insulin Prices

Sky-high insulin prices are endangering the health and financial stability of diabetic Americans. Legislators have already failed once to rein in costs. Demand they take immediate action to correct their latest failure of the people they serve.

Prevent Drug Overdoses With Federally Funded Programs

America is currently facing a drug-related overdose epidemic, and officials are going about it in all the wrong ways. Demand the Biden Administration step up and take more vigilant steps in decriminalizing drug use and, instead, showing compassion towards those who use.

Success: Veteran Burn Pit Victims Get Healthcare Coverage

Health care for veterans has received a major boost. Soldiers who have fallen ill due to toxic exposure will now have enhanced coverage for their conditions. Laud this win in the battle for better healthcare.

Stop Spread of Paralyzing Polio

Polio is rearing its head in regions once thought free of the potentially paralyzing and deadly disease. Demand global health leaders step up to provide equal and safe vaccine access.

Prevent Poisoning of Military Families

Pearl Harbor is once again the scene of American suffering. This time, thousands were poisoned by their own drinking water. Call for accountability in this public health nightmare allegedly fueled by reckless leadership.

Stop Slaughter of School Children with Semi-Automatic Weapons

Children continue to be slaughtered by unregulated guns while the Supreme Court works to invalidate more gun safety laws. Demand politicians take action to protect our children and communities from gun violence.

Don’t Let Supply Shortage Weaken Disease Prevention

Patients are losing access to life-saving diagnostic imaging procedures that can help prevent worst-case health outcomes. Supply shortages are to blame. Demand a boost in availability of these essential materials.

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