Don’t Destroy Infertile Couples’ Dreams

So-called pro-life politicians in Alabama are taking parenting opportunities away from people who are actively seeking them. Demand the state’s leaders curb a legal attack that imperils in-vitro fertilization.

Don’t Let Lacking Earthquake Aid Claim More Victims

A New Year’s earthquake is still taking a devastating toll on the communities it shattered. Demand more healthcare assistance during this crisis to stop another wave of deaths.

Don’t Let Racial Bias Hurt Patient Care

Racial inequities in healthcare are causing patients to be misdiagnosed and they’ve provided delayed or inadequate treatments for serious conditions. Demand stronger efforts to bridge these critical gaps in public health.

Success: Prescription Drug Pricing Gets a Reset

Prescription drugs that Americans need for better health could be in closer financial reach. Applaud needed amendments to the country’s overpriced pharmaceutical system.

Protect Infants From Unnecessary Procedures

A medical procedure is reportedly being performed on infants who may not need it or being recommended by individuals without the proper credentials. Demand better guidance for parents.

Don’t Let Overheated Sidewalks and Railings Harm People

Residents of urban areas are literally being burned for using public places like walkways and stairs. Demand better protection from overheated objects.

Protect Patients From Potentially Infectious Medical Procedures

A hospital allegedly exposed patients to serious infectious illnesses during the course of routine diagnostic procedures. Demand public health officials investigate objectively and develop a strong response.

Don’t Let Earthquake Aid Turn Deadly

Another natural disaster has upended the lives and livelihoods of shattered communities. The national government is seemingly botching and worsening recovery efforts. Call on Turkish leadership to better aid earthquake survivors.

Don’t Let Mothers and Babies Die in Maternity Care Deserts

Millions of expectant mothers and unborn children are being put at risk because of plummeting maternity care access. Demand immediate enactment of life-saving measures.

Make Mental Health Care for All a Top Priority

Critical mental health services are still out of reach for millions of Americans. Call for a broad plan of action at the national level that affirms mental health care is healthcare.

Don’t Let Drinking Water Get Dangerously Salty

Drinking water supplies are being seriously threatened by a barrage of saltwater. Demand leaders better assess and confront this imminent public health risk.

Stop Using Community as Toxic Dumping Ground

Thousands of gallons of potentially toxic water are to be stored beneath a town that has already suffered too much. Demand the individuals responsible for cleanup following a massive train derailment toxic spill act more responsibly and safely.

Make RSV Vaccine More Accessible for Vulnerable Populations

Potentially life-saving vaccines are once again failing to make it into the arms of the individuals who need them most. Call for a more inclusive and comprehensive rollout of the RSV vaccine.

Open Up Therapeutic Possibilities for PTSD-Afflicted Veterans

A notorious class of drugs is shaking up the landscape of treating severe mental illnesses. Urge the legalization of helpful psychedelic drugs for mental health treatments.

Stop Warehouses From Wreaking Havoc on At-Risk Communities

Warehouses are creating not-so-hidden public health dangers across America. Demand one dramatically affected state do more to protect communities bearing the brunt of physical and psychological health risks.

In-N-Out: Drop Mask Ban That Threatens Employees’ Health

In-N-Out Burger wants to take away the one thing its employees can do to protect their health. Call on the fast food company to halt its mask ban.

Success: Mental Health Gets a Lifeline

People in mental health crisis have a new lifeline in the form of the 988 national hotline. Applaud this important support service for America’s hidden epidemic.

Utilize Noise-Reducing Insulation to Decrease Sound Pollution

Noise pollution induces stress, anxiety, and may lead to serious health concerns. The use of noise-reducing insulation may be the answer to diminishing these effects throughout small towns and urbanized cities. Promote the increased use of this revolutionary product.

Protect Farmers From Potentially Brain-Damaging Weedkiller

A popular weedkiller remains on the market despite its longstanding potential links to Parkinson’s disease. The company behind the product may be directly responsible for enabling the continued proliferation of this possible public health danger. Urge accountability and justice for impacted farmers.

Don’t Abandon Communities Decimated by Destroyed Dam

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has yielded yet another humanitarian catastrophe after a dam the occupiers are accused of destroying burst. Communities are in immediate danger of sickness and death, and the long-term health consequences could be even greater. Demand the Red Cross stop ignoring its pledges to lend a helping hand in the worst crises.

Honor Soldiers With Worry-Free Healthcare

Soldiers who were not born in America, and yet serve it all the same, are not receiving the healthcare to which they are entitled. Demand leaders stop stalling on giving these military heroes the help they need.

Provide Mental Health Treatment to Vulnerable Homeless People

Mental illness is an epidemic among the already-vulnerable homeless population. Demand more investment in behavioral health plans that help, not hurt, these struggling individuals.

Prevent the Next Deadly Virus From Spreading Across the Globe

Africa is experiencing a concerning outbreak of a highly lethal bleeding virus that has the potential to spread further. Demand the international health community ramp up efforts to find and approve effective vaccines and treatments.

Don’t Deprive Low-Income Seniors of Critical Care and Aid

Deficiencies in Medicaid approval are costing millions of older Americans a healthy and more financially stable life. Urge bureaucrats to unwind the red tape and unleash holistic wellness.

Stick With Standard Time for Country’s Health

Time changes are a medically proven detriment to public health on multiple levels, and now Congress wants to reward the primary cause of this harm—daylight savings time—with permanence. Demand politicians step aside and listen to the experts.

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