Protect Majestic Gypsum Dunes From Off-Road Driving

Target: Bruce Baizel, Director of the New Mexico Environment Department

Goal: Protect unique Gypsum Dunes.

New Mexico’s Gypsum Dunes, a natural wonder and a scientific marvel, are facing an existential threat from human activities like off-road driving, littering, and unauthorized camping. These activities are causing irreversible damage to this delicate ecosystem. The clock is ticking, and we can’t afford to waste any more time.

The dunes are not just a tourist attraction; they are a critical habitat for specialized flora and fauna. Moreover, they hold significant cultural and historical value for the local communities and indigenous peoples.

Sign the petition to compel the New Mexico Environment Department to enact immediate protective measures for the Gypsum Dunes. Essential actions should include stricter regulations on human activities, habitat restoration projects, and educational programs to raise public awareness.


Dear Director Baizel,

New Mexico’s Gypsum Dunes are at a critical juncture, teetering on the edge of ecological collapse due to unchecked human activities. The facts are glaring: habitat degradation, loss of native species, and an increase in litter and pollution.

We insist on immediate, concrete action. Develop a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond mere regulations. This plan should involve habitat restoration, community education, and stringent enforcement of protective measures.

The stakes are sky-high. The Gypsum Dunes are not just a series of white hills; they are a living, breathing ecosystem that forms an integral part of New Mexico’s natural and cultural heritage.

Act with the urgency this critical situation demands. Implement strategies that will not only halt the current degradation but also ensure the long-term survival of New Mexico’s Gypsum Dunes.


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Photo credit: Diana Robinson

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  1. When will people learn there are places built for fun activities and other places made by nature for viewing only. America is not one whole amusement park and Americans should know this! Steep fines and law enforcement needs to be present along with cameras and any device to catch those who offend Nature in this manner. The first offense could be a huge fine, second offense is loss of license for a year. Third offense is loss of license for 5 years plus prison! People can be so stupid sometimes and selfish. They need to be reminded there are places built for this type of recreation but not in these dunes!

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