Stop Wildfire Smoke From Suffocating Vulnerable Populations

Target: Ali Zaidi, National Climate Advisor of the United States

Goal: Protect people’s health and air quality by limiting dangerous pollutants.

Subpar air quality has become a perilous condition affecting major U.S. cities, most notably New York City. This persistent challenge arises from multiple factors, such as increasing pollution, and, as has been observed recently, smoke from wildfires raging in Canada. Forecasters caution that this smoke brings a discernible haze, elevating AQI readings. As of October 2, 2023, New York’s AQI touched a “moderate” level of 52, a figure posing risks for individuals particularly susceptible to air pollutants.

Moreover, other northeastern cities including Philadelphia and Hartford also exhibit heightened AQI levels. Winds carrying smoke from nearly 500 fires, which reportedly raged uncontrolled across Canada last week, are accountable for the worsened air conditions. While the air quality has been given a “moderate” rating, scientists express concerns that climate change escalates the frequency and intensity of these wildfires. Thus, elevated AQI levels ought to be considered a public health menace, requiring swift and efficacious intervention.

A noteworthy additional dimension includes cumulative health effects. Residents are still grappling with the fallout of record rainfall and widespread flooding, exacerbating the urgency for measures that restore breathable air quality. New York City officials have issued warnings; however, a holistic strategy remains noticeably absent. Take immediate action.


Dear Ali Zaidi,

We express our intense concern about the escalating air quality issue in U.S. cities, such as New York, worsened by recent Canadian wildfires. This warrants immediate action and robust regulations on AQI thresholds for issuing public advisories.

Hence, we request you, in your capacity as National Climate Advisor, to take earnest steps toward the implementation of stricter AQI standards for public advisories. The allocated resources should suffice for comprehensive scrutiny, data collection, and necessary regulatory reforms.

Our message aims to underscore the collective call for action from concerned citizens across the United States. We insist that stringent regulations be established to monitor AQI levels and, in turn, issue timely, informative advisories. Such measures will assuredly contribute to public safety, health, and overall well-being.


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