Fight Light Pollution in Urban Areas to Stop Energy Waste

Target: Shawn M. LaTourette, Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Goal: Reduce light pollution to save energy and enhance night sky observation in urban locales.

The celestial wonders of the night sky are becoming increasingly elusive in New Jersey’s urban areas, thanks to the pervasive problem of light pollution. This issue not only robs residents of the simple joy of stargazing but also disrupts ecosystems and wastes energy. The need for action is immediate and compelling.

Light pollution affects more than just amateur astronomers; it has a broader ecological impact. Many species of wildlife depend on natural light cycles for navigation and behavior. Moreover, excessive artificial lighting contributes to energy waste, exacerbating climate change.

Sign the petition to urge the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to take swift action in mitigating light pollution. Key steps should include the implementation of energy-efficient lighting, public awareness campaigns, and local ordinances to control excessive lighting.


Dear Commissioner Shawn M. LaTourette,

The night sky over New Jersey’s urban areas is under siege. Light pollution is erasing our view of celestial wonders and disrupting natural ecosystems. The evidence is clear: increased energy consumption, disoriented wildlife, and a generation growing up without the awe of a starry sky.

We call for immediate, decisive measures. A well-thought-out plan must be put into action to curb this glaring issue. This should involve transitioning to energy-efficient lighting, educating the public on the importance of dark skies, and enforcing local regulations that limit unnecessary lighting.

The cost of inaction is too high. Our night skies are not just a canvas of cosmic art; they are an integral part of our natural world and cultural imagination.

We implore you to act swiftly and decisively. Implement strategies that will not only reduce current levels of light pollution but also ensure the long-term enjoyment and scientific value of New Jersey’s night skies.


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Photo credit: Bilovitskiy

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