Articles written by: Hannah Soukup

Young journalist, environmentalist and healer trying to make a change in the world!

Success: 77 Animals Allegedly Caged, Killed, and Neglected Receive Justice

Homeowners who allegedly neglected and/or killed 77 animals are facing 77 animal cruelty charges. Each animal who reportedly endured this abuse received justice through each individual charge. Thank officials for their intense and thorough investigation of this case.

Stop the Rape, Assault, and Murder of Innocent Women

Thousands of women are raped and/or assaulted each day. Government officials need to end gender-based violence and sexual abuse now. Demand a stop to this extreme violation of human rights.

Plant More Trees to Reduce Pollution and Fight Climate Change

Nearly half of the world’s trees have been destroyed by humans. We must plant more trees to save the earth.

Stop Poisoning, Neglecting, and Killing Industrial Farm Animals

The farming industry is filled with extreme animal cruelty and neglect. The unethical treatment and killing of these animals needs to be halted immediately. Demand rapid change.

Save the Planet From Deadly Plastic Pollution By Reusing Food Containers

The planet’s animals are suffocating due to plastic pollution, much of which can be easily reused within the average home. Something must be done to fix this problem before it is too late. Demand efforts be made to reuse this plastic to help our dying Earth.

Promote Automotive Recycling to Stop Toxic Pollution of Landfills

Car parts continue to pollute landfills with toxic automotive fluids, despite rules against their disposal. Demand metal recycling facilities be utilized instead to promote environmental sustainability.

Replace Natural Gas With Biomethane to Save Earth

The use of natural gas emits harmful chemicals into our atmosphere and damages Earth. Biomethane is a renewable alternative that presents little harm to the environment. Demand the use of biomethane over natural gas.

Success: Over 140 Dogs Reportedly Killed and Neglected Receive Justice

A woman who reportedly neglected and ended the lives of hundreds of dogs was charged with 146 fifth-degree felonies for animal cruelty. Each individual life apparently lost was accounted for in this ruling. Thank officials for bringing justice to the deceased dogs in the best way they could.

Stop Selling Deadly Raw Milk

Raw milk contains dangerous bacteria that can lead to food-poisoning and other illnesses. Milk needs to go through pasteurization before being consumed. Demand the banning of raw milk sales nationwide.

Stop Vessel Strikes to Save Blue Whales From Extinction

There are only 10,000-25,000 blue whales left around the world. They’re at extreme risk for extinction because of vessel strikes and prior commercial trading. Demand shipping routes be altered to not enter their habitats and cause any further harm.

Aéropostale: Stop Allegedly Supporting Child Abuse in the Name of Fast Fashion

Popular clothing retailer Aéropostale is reportedly violating human rights by manufacturing products in countries that condone child labor. This practice harms millions of children every year through long workdays and unfit working environments. Demand this fast fashion empire end this apparently unethical association.

Replace Rubber Tires With Biodegradable Materials to Reduce Pollution

Rubber tires contribute to nearly half of the world’s small particle pollution. The use of biodegradable tires reduces the world’s carbon footprint and prevents harmful chemicals from entering Earth’s atmosphere. Demand the world’s number one tire manufacturer take these steps to protect the planet.

Prepare to Use “World’s Whitest Paint” to Combat Global Warming

A new paint has been in the works that can reduce global warming through cooling environments and reflecting sunlight. Dubbed the “world’s whitest paint,” barium sulfate paint could be the key to saving our planet. Demand its immediate use once it’s released.

Prohibit Overfishing of an Essential Fish Species for the Welfare of Marine Ecosystems

The menhaden fish population has decreased by 90% because of previous over-fishing. This essential species provides nutrients to humans and is a major player in the Atlantic’s food chain. Demand stricter fishing regulations to prevent another devastating extinction.

Utilize Noise-Reducing Insulation to Decrease Sound Pollution

Noise pollution induces stress, anxiety, and may lead to serious health concerns. The use of noise-reducing insulation may be the answer to diminishing these effects throughout small towns and urbanized cities. Promote the increased use of this revolutionary product.

Ban Chlorine Emissions From Refrigeration to Save the Ozone Layer

The ozone has faced extreme depletion through the use of chlorine-containing compounds such as those used in air conditioners and aerosol products. Ban their use and promote a safer, non-chlorine alternative.

Success: Cat Reportedly Sexually Assaulted and Killed Receives Justice

A man who reportedly raped and killed a cat has been legally compelled to complete a psychiatric evaluation to prevent the same treatment towards other living beings. Thank officials for looking out for the welfare of the public and doing something to address his supposed dangerous behavior.

Phase Out Smoking to Save the Environment

Millions of people face severe health problems from long-term cigarette use and animals and plants die due to the pollution caused by disposed tobacco products. Demand harsher restrictions on smoking to encourage a ban and save those it kills.

Save Manatees By Classifying Them as Endangered

Manatees are essential in maintaining the ocean’s biodiversity, and their populations are steadily decreasing due to pollution and boat collisions. Demand this species be considered endangered once again to ensure their survival.

Preserve Swamp Habitats to Save Fireflies From Extinction

Habitat loss is causing a drastic decline among fireflies. Wetlands are necessary for their growth, and they must be protected. Stop eliminating swamps to prevent fireflies from endangerment.

Stop the Bushmeat Trade From Killing Off Gorillas

Great apes are being driven to extinction by the illegal bushmeat trade. Help stop this horrific, cruel industry once and for all.

Stop Hurting and Killing Endangered Sea Turtles With Fishing Nets

Sea turtles could be extinct by 2040 because of commercial fishing and other human activity. These species need to be saved for the biosphere of oceanic habitats. Demand conservation experts save these animals from endangerment.

Stop Putting Invasive Fish Species in Unfit Ecosystems

The biodiversity and life within marine ecosystems are at risk because of invasive species. Native animals are starved and often become endangered when their environment is invaded. Demand action to protect these essential habitats.

Protect the Public From Hazardous Wildfire Smoke

Canadian wildfires threaten America’s air quality, putting people at risk of serious respiratory and cardiovascular health problems. Demand the EPA issue a warning about this pressing issue.

Stop Cancer-Causing Toxins From Invading Drinking Water

Dangerous manufacturing chemicals called PFAS have contributed to the deaths of millions. Cancer, kidney disease, and reproductive issues are just some of the effects of this deadly toxin. Demand authorities take action to stop PFAS from polluting our environment.

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