Prepare to Use “World’s Whitest Paint” to Combat Global Warming

Target: Joe Biden, President of the U.S.

Goal: Encourage use of the Guinness World Record’s whitest paint to reduce global warming.

In 2020, a professor at Purdue University named Xiulin Ruan created the world’s whitest paint called barium sulfate paint. The goal behind the paint was to reduce the heat on buildings, which in turn would reduce global warming. With the help of his team, Dr. Ruan was able to craft a paint that first bounced 95% of heat off Earth’s surface. Later, the paint was improved to reflect 98% of sunlight. This creation has the ability to cool air without any air-conditioning or outside energy sources.

Not only does this paint help with global warming and climate change, it also can help users save money. Since it reduces a need for air-conditioning with its temperature-reducing properties, money is saved. It also appears no different than regular white paint; it’s not overly bright and/or florescent. Although the paint is not yet available for commercial use, it should be used on infrastructure and all painted buildings when it’s released. There is no direct time when it’ll be available, but as of recently, it was reported that it would take at least another year. A somewhat recent advancement has been made to the paint that allows it to reflect light off vehicles too, including airplanes. The change may appear small, but the implementation of the paint can reduce the amount of light hitting Earth and cool heated environments.

Sign this petition to promote the use of the world’s whitest paint to stop global warming and encourage the Earth’s well-being.


Dear President Biden,

Over decades, Earth has endured the severe effects of climate change and global warming. Both issues continue to worsen, and something must be done. The U.S. should look towards using barium sulfate paint when trying to stop global warming. This paint, also named “the world’s whitest paint,” was created to help cool buildings and halt global warming by reflecting light off Earth’s surface. This paint has incredible impacts on where it’s placed: it can reduce a need for air-conditioning on its own. It’s beneficial for commercial use and Earth’s welfare.

Barium sulfate paint has yet to be released, but when it is, it needs to be utilized immediately. If painting and repainting buildings and vehicles is all that needs to be done to help Earth, even just a little bit, it needs to be done.

Please prepare for the immediate use of the world’s whitest paint after it’s released. It’s a simple way to help Earth little by little. Do something about global warming by utilizing this new tool. Thank you for your attention to this message.


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Photo credit: Peakpx

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  1. I believe that if this works, it may help to reduce climate change, but let’s make sure first that it is a viable solution not just another environmental disaster. Manufacture of this paint may involve mining, chemical manufacture, toxic wastewater, etc. Do ALL the tests before it is developed.

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