Stop Putting Invasive Fish Species in Unfit Ecosystems

Target: U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland

Goal: Stop introducing fish species in ecosystems that do not support them.

Nearly 42% of endangered species are at risk due to the inclusion of invasive species entering their ecosystems. For marine life especially, thousands of fish species are put at risk by cargo ships moving ballast water to and from their destination. This allows invasive species to move into unfit ecosystems that put preexisting fish at risk. Many aquarium owners will release fish into oceans and/or other bodies of water in hopes of returning them to their natural ecosystem. More often than not, this ends up harming the environment.

When an unfit species enters waterways, food sources are put at risk, increasing starvation throughout the ecosystem. Biodiversity is threatened, and the overall habit can go through detrimental changes. Many plants and fish are at risk of becoming extinct because of the inclusion of invasive species. These inclusions may cause direct or indirect altercations, but nonetheless, the entire ecosystem can change to fit the needs of the invasive fish rather than continue providing for the present marine life.

Sign this petition to demand invasive species to stop being included in preexisting ecosystems. Marine life suffers the consequences of these new species being brought in, and this is incredibly unfair. Innocent fish are losing their lives and biodiversity is steadily decreasing. Invasive species drain present ecosystems of valuable resources and food sources, and they need to be stopped. Demand the prioritization of already present marine life over that of invasive species.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

Please stop the addition of invasive marine life in improper ecosystems. When invasive marine life enters an unfit ecosystem, hundreds of fish are at risk of extinction. Their food source may drastically decrease, and the overall diversity of the ecosystem may falter. The actual environment within the ecosystem also falters. Existing plants may not receive the correct minerals to flourish.

Cargo ships cause unfit waters and materials to travel. In turn, new marine life comes to ecosystems that cannot sustain them and native plants and species. Oftentimes, species that are not native receive the proper necessities needed to reproduce, killing off the other species. This is an unfair component to this entire process. Aquarium owners may also release fish into oceans and other bodies of water. This further harms the well sustained environment in different bodies of water.

We urge you to make the adequate changes needed to sustain existing ecosystems within water. These environments need a set amount of biological aspects to survive on their own, and the inclusion of other marine animals is detrimental to the well-being of plant and marine life. Something must be done to halt this common occurrence. Do your best to sustain life within waterways. Thank you for your attention to this message.


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  1. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, any place, anytime caught harming an eco system needs to be given a court date or given to Russia and then never see the light of day again. Their action is illegal but the punishment needs to fit the crime.
    Once done it presents a mess which compromises life for all other species and will not be tolerated. You do the rime and must do the time. Large fines must brr paid if guilty and a very long prison sentence. People must respect nature. If people are ignorant of the facts then they need to be educated. There are no excuses for harming an eco system, not on land or at sea. If you harm then you should rot!

  2. It is we who are the real invasive species. Other beings end up in the wrong places only because people transfer them whether on purpose or not.

    • That is so true Kate, but we must educate humans as to the damage caused by their stupidity and greed. Also, fines are imperative. If you can’t get them in their sensibilities then get them in their wallets. Humans aren’t going away anytime soon, so we need to do the best we can.

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