Save the Planet From Deadly Plastic Pollution By Reusing Food Containers

Target: Michael S. Regan, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Reduce plastic pollution by reusing food packaging as daily containers.

Nearly 50% of plastic that emits fossil fuels comes from food packaging. Many food packages, especially things such as dairy containers, have lids and can be used in a variety of ways. When food packages have lids and can serve as a bowl or container, they should not be put in the environment to contribute to pollution. The creation of these plastics already emits lots of greenhouse gases, and recycling, whether that be through reusing them or bringing them to a proper recycling facility, is an environmentally-friendly way to help our ecosystem.

There are several ways to reuse old food containers that can be economically beneficial. First, they can be used as snack bins, and if a snack goes unfinished, a lid can be put on the container. Certain plants can also grow in certain containers, specifically ones made of cardboard. These containers can be used as storage for all sorts of things, food and household materials alike. Overall, these are good items to keep in a home, all without having to harm the environment in any way. Saving these containers rather than scrapping them is the most environmentally-friendly way to reduce plastic pollution.

Food containers have multiple useful functions, and they deserve a second life for the benefit of the planet. Sign this petition to promote the reuse of food containers over disposal or recycling.


Dear Administrator Regan,

Every day, thousands of plastic food packages are put into the environment, often harming marine and wildlife. Many foods, mostly dairy and such, are sold in plastic packages with lids. These containers can be reused for many household needs, some completely unrelated to food. This concept can save households money, all while emitting less pollution. This simple change is quite easy and sustainable; all homeowners need to do is clean out food containers and come up with new uses for them. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is use them as snack bowls for car rides and/or plane rides. Since food packaging already causes environmental damage, it should not be disposed of in a way that further harms Earth.

Please promote the reuse of food containers to reduce plastic pollution. Old food containers are multipurpose and don’t have to be used for food specifically. They’re economically-friendly, all while reducing the amount of plastic deposited into the environment. Encourage this change. Thank you for your attention to this important message.


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  1. America must stop dark money!!! Plastic is killing the planet and all living things. Plastic has never been fined nor have they helped clean up their mess. Yet plastics have and continue to kill living beings from wildlife, animals, birds, ocean fish and ocean animals all the way to humans. Yet absolutely nothing is being done.
    This is like the rest of our pollution problem. Politicians take dark money to turn the other way and big contributors support candidates who will look the other way. It has worked up until now but living under a climate which was produced by Big Oil is not doable. Make laws. Fine these polluters. Put them in prison if they ignore the laws. GO AFTER THEM!!!!!

  2. People need to get a little innovative. Find uses for things that would be tossed. Don’t throw things out, unless they can’t be recycled or reused. Every little action has a reaction. Think before you act. And most of all, educate young people from preschool on about the environment, what we are doing to it and how to save it.

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