Protect the Public From Hazardous Wildfire Smoke

Target: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael S. Regan

Goal: Prevent Americans from facing detrimental impacts from poor air quality.

In March 2023, hundreds of Canadian wildfires began, worsened by the effects of a hotter, drier climate. Now the fires are still continuing, and their smoke is entering America. As large amounts of smoke enter U.S. air systems, the air quality has drastically declined. Eastern and Midwestern states have registered far above the maximum safe air quality reading of 100, putting public health at risk. States such as Maryland and Pennsylvania have an air quality score ranging from 280-210. Many states on the East Coast have begun to cancel public events because of the smokey atmosphere which presents itself as fog.

Low air quality can result in serious respiratory problems if it exists for a long period of time. Direct contact with it can cause shortness of breath, itchy eyes and nose, and irritate those with asthma and/or other breathing issues. Health professionals have also reported it contributing to premature birth and inflicting cardiovascular infections. With the poor air quality expected to last at least a few more days, it’s essential for individuals to stay inside their homes to prevent any respiratory issues.

Sign this petition to prevent individuals from going outside in such extreme conditions. The Canadian Wildfires are bringing billows of smoke into America, and northerners need to be careful when exposing themselves to the smoke. Poor air quality can cause respiratory and cardiovascular issues, which may be irreversible with intense exposure. Demand the EPA to issue a stern warning about these conditions.


Dear EPA Administrator Regan,

The Canadian wildfires are bringing billows of smoke into the Northern U.S. The air quality is drastically worsening, causing certain events to be pushed off. Air pollution is already bad enough, but with the accumulation of smoke in the atmosphere, something must be done to prevent irreversible health effects.

Poor air quality can lead to serious cardiovascular and/or respiratory issues with extensive exposure. It can also cause preexisting respiratory issues to worsen. It can cause issues with pregnancy and inflict infections related to breathing issues. This is an issue that applies to all age ranges and groups of people. The smoke is not predicated to go away for a few days, so with this, something must be done.

I urge you to issue a federal warning about the poor air quality circulating the U.S. Many Americans notice the ‘foggy’ air, but don’t understand the true extent of the danger. The EPA needs to ensure that all Americas, regardless if their area is directly impacted by this issue, understand the cause behind the poor air quality and its effects on our bodies. Issue a warning about this pressing issue. I appreciate your attention to this request.


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Photo credit: Anthony Quintano


  1. Address Climate Change!!!!!
    Then & only Then Will Things get Better.
    Inaction BY GOVERNMENTS! Is The Problem!
    Deforestation Means No Trees,,, No Rain!!!
    The World will Continue To BURN BURN BURN!

  2. I agree, Paula. The shame is the rest of our country doesn’t seem to care. I feel the everyday people do care but the governments of the world don’t. How we will ever get out of this mess remains to be seen. However, you are correct and I wish people would listen. Inaction by governments is primary, as you said. This world seems to be run by profit. Money, money, money is the theme song but although money is needed the greed of politicians, industry and corporations is beyond belief. They are killing the hand that feeds them! They do this not through ignorance so it must be stupidity. No matter, it’s still murder.

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