Aéropostale: Stop Allegedly Supporting Child Abuse in the Name of Fast Fashion

Target: Julian Geiger, CEO and President of Aéropostale

Goal: Stop reported production of fast fashion in countries that utilize child labor.

Many of the most popular clothing brands have continued to use sweat shops in third-world countries to manufacture products. Aéropostale, a leading clothing brand typically marketed towards teens and young adults, have had several scandals and charges towards the use of child labor. Their production factories are located in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. While Aéropostale has released several statements defending human rights and advocating against child labor, they still reportedly continue to utilize cotton farms in Uzbekistan, a country that often uses child labor.

Uzbekistan has a history of forcing children into labor industries that enforce long hours and unethical treatment. Several cases have arisen regarding the sexual exploitation of children in labor industries. While Uzbekistan has implemented new laws that make forced labor and child labor illegal, cases of child labor continue to arise. Prior to the laws being placed, nearly 2 million individuals were forced to work on Uzbekistan’s cotton farms every year, and children of nine or up were included. Aéropostale® still reportedly continues to utilize this country’s cotton which directly correlates with the use of child labor.

Child labor is a highly unethical and abusive practice that ruins children’s lives and it must be stopped. Demand CEO Geiger to stop his reported use of child labor in Aéropostale’s manufacturing process.


Dear President Geiger,

Child labor is a serious violation of human rights. Using countries that utilize and/or have a history of utilizing child labor for the production of goods seemingly shows support for these actions, regardless if a company claims to be against child labor.

In order to properly discourage the use of child labor and forced labor, countries that violated human rights cannot be used in the production of your products. Aéropostale® seemingly inadvertently supports these crimes and provides further room for them to be committed. For the betterment of your company and the world, Uzbekistan and any other countries that enforce child labor, or have done so in the past, must be deemed unacceptable to use. The lives of innocent children is much more important than the production of clothing and accessories.

Please stop manufacturing your products in countries that reportedly abuse human rights. This is a worldwide issue that must be stopped, and the best way to go about that is to not allow these activities to occur through your company. Stop your reported use of materials from countries that contain sweatshops. This is a pressing concern that questions the ethicality of your company. Thank you for your attention to this vital message.


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Photo credit: Alan D. Cirker

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