Replace Rubber Tires With Biodegradable Materials to Reduce Pollution

Target: Florent Menegaux, CEO and President of Michelin

Goal: Switch to biodegradable rubber tires to reduce global pollution.

Nearly 6.1 million metric tons of tire dust enter Earth’s environment and water each year. The dust emitted from tires produces more small particle pollution than any other car part. It also contributes to carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Microplastics within rubber tires can produce dust that harms respiratory systems and may result in serious health issues. Since rubber is a non-biodegradable material that includes hazardous chemicals, it directly harms the atmosphere. There are many biodegradable materials that could replace rubber in tire production.

To replace the rubber in tires, flora-derived latex is a good alternative that comes from natural sources. Silica can be used for tire threads, and sunflower oil is a good replacement for petroleum. Natural materials are the best way to go about making tires because of the pollution they prevent. They don’t cause much of a change compared to rubber tires besides the obvious biodegradable properties they provide. These materials are easier to break down without any serious environmental consequences. Better yet, these tires also reduce fuel consumption and can save consumers money. They’re better for the public and for the environment; it’s a win-win situation.

Biodegradable tires are easier to break down, reduce fuel consumption, and contribute to less overall pollution. Sign this petition to advocate for the production and use of biodegradable tires.


Dear President Menegaux,

Rubber tires contribute to nearly half of the world’s small particle pollution. They emit dust particles that harm the environment and the Earth’s atmosphere. The best way to go about this issue is to encourage the use and production of biodegradable tires.

Tires made of natural and easy to break-down material decrease greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, all while saving consumers money through decreased fuel consumption. They also improve the health of the public by reducing the amount of toxic chemicals emitted through rubber. Overall, this alternative is more economically and environmentally beneficial.

The Earth’s well-being is at stake because of pollution, and it’s up to us to do what we can to save it. This small change can benefit the economy all while providing a positive change to the environment. Please encourage the use of biodegradable materials within tire production to do what you can to help Earth. This is a vital change necessary to improving the atmosphere and preventing further pollution. Thank you for your attention to this message.


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