Replace Natural Gas With Biomethane to Save Earth

Target: Michael S. Regan, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Promote the use of biomethane instead of natural gas for environmental sustainability.

The use of natural gas drains Earth’s natural resources and emits hazardous amounts of greenhouse gas. Biomethane is a good alternative because it provides power, heat, and fuel, all while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It’s incredibly environmentally friendly and deserves to be recognized as an environmentally-friendly resource.

With increased biomethane use, we can slowly make our way to having a net zero energy system.We have a clear ecological crisis with the excessive pollution in our atmosphere, and if we have access to a material that can reduce atmospheric pollution, there’s a clear need to switch out toxic materials with better alternatives. With the drastic increase in gas prices, the cost of biomethane is comparable, making it more competitive. It’s also renewable, while gas is not, so it can be more long-lasting without the fear of it stripping Earth’s resources.

Sign this petition to promote using biomethane as an alternative to natural gas. It provides several environmental benefits and serves the same purposes as natural gas. Its use needs to be promoted by the EPA and should be prioritized at gas stations and for home owners. This vital change can begin the process of reducing Earth’s pollution and energy consumption.


Dear Administrator Regan,

Each day, Earth gets more and more polluted. The use of natural gas contributes to this, but there’s a solution: look towards using biomethane as an alternative to natural gas. It acts the same, all while reducing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s nearly the same price as natural gas since the recent inflation in gas prices. There are several other benefits to the use of biomethane. Most importantly, it’s a renewable source, while natural gas is not. With excessive gas use, it’ll run out and billions of people will be without power, heat, and fuel. With our society’s reliance on these amenities, this cannot happen.

Please help our dying planet by switching natural gas use with biomethane. This is a cause that direly needs support in order for our society to follow through. There are barely any differences between biomethane and natural gas, besides environmental sustainability. Help our planet and promote this crucial cause. Thank you for your attention to this vital message.


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  1. Biomethane may seem like a miracle, but there are still some problems with it replacing fossil fuel derived methane. Sometimes the process of converting it to a usable energy source requires the use of fossil fuels. Also, if it is produced from a crop, such as corn, agricultural fields will be taken out of food production in order to make ethanol. I guess that nothing is perfect and maybe better, more efficient methods will be discovered.

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