Plant More Trees to Reduce Pollution and Fight Climate Change

Target: Michael S. Regan, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Increase tree populations to reduce carbon emissions and atmospheric pollution.

Since the beginning of industrialization, tree populations have been pushed aside to make room for facilities and neighborhoods. Since humans have civilized, tree populations have decreased by 46%, and nearly 15 billion are cut down every year. Through the photosynthesis process, trees absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide to convert into oxygen. As tree populations are decreasing and carbon emissions are increasing, Earth faces dire consequences due to climate change.

Several laws have been passed to increase the amount of trees being planted. If one tree is cut down, at least two trees should be planted. In order to successfully increase tree populations, deforestation cannot continue. As so many trees have already been cut down, severely harming their populations, the addition of new trees also has to be prioritized. In all forest preserves and open areas suitable for tree growth, trees should be planted. The more trees, the better. Earth flourishes with plant life, and as it is already facing global warming, pollution, and climate change, the least we can do is try to bring it back to its once healthy state.

We need to increase the number of trees in our ecosystem to save Earth. Sign this petition to advocate for the increased planting of trees.


Dear Administrator Regan,

Pollution is getting worse and worse. The amount of carbon and other gases emitted into our ecosystem continues to rise. Trees were once the key to absorbing carbon dioxide and keeping it in check, but now there aren’t nearly enough trees to fix this pressing issue. Industrialization has greatly decreased the amount of trees in our ecosystem, and something needs to be done to change this.

Climate change and atmospheric pollution doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, and without an increase in trees, carbon will continue building up, further worsening climate change. The government needs to prioritize Earth and its plant life in order to keep atmospheric gases stable. The best thing to do is implement new laws that encourage the addition of new trees, particularly when trees are cut down. Better yet, set a quota for how many trees should be planted within the next year. This can serve as a solid goal to directly improve the environment. Work your hardest to increase tree populations. Thank you for your attention to this important message.


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Photo credit: Felix Mittermeier


  1. Finally, a common sense solution to decrease CO2!

  2. This does make sense. Trees should be planted everywhere to make up for all the industry, business, corporations, parking lots and modern life. This would both beautify cities and neighborhoods and help with the CO2 problem. It’s simple and it works. More shade, more beauty, more clean air and more for wildlife! It’s a win / win!

  3. Jane Miiller Van Haaften says:

    We need more trees!

  4. Bruce Mitchell says:

    I signed it, but it’s not so simple. Search for these articles:-
    The surprising downsides to planting trillions of trees (Benji Jones, Vox, 22 September 2021)
    We’re going to need a bigger planet: the problem with fixing the climate with trees (Maanvi Singh & Rashida Kamal, The Guardian, 13 November 2021)
    ‘Greenwashing’: Tree-Planting Schemes Are Just Creating Tree Cemeteries (Sophia Smith Galer, Vice, 1 September 2022)
    How planting trees in some areas could actually increase atmospheric warming (Bob Yirka,, 3 October 2022)

  5. Therese Giffin says:

    The planet is dying we need more trees planet to save all

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