Articles written by: Hannah Soukup

Young journalist, environmentalist and healer trying to make a change in the world!

Dog With Chain Embedded Into Neck Deserves Justice

A Siberian Husky was found with a 28-inch chain wrapped around his neck, which caused an abscess in his skin. He had to undergo surgery and treatment to restore his health. Demand justice for this dog.

Protect Marine Life by Using Biodegradable Fishing Nets

Hundreds of thousands of marine life are killed each year through the use of wire and plastic fishing nets. Demand the required use of biodegradable nets to improve water pollution and preserve these vital populations.

Cut Pollution by Recycling Leftover Pumpkins

Millions of pumpkins thrown away every year emit the harmful pollutant methane when they break down in landfills. Demand the creation of pumpkin recycling facilities to address this urgent problem.

Teach Climate Change in Schools to Help the Environment

Climate change is predicated to be irreversible in the next ten years. Teaching students about climate change may reduce the chance of this happening as they will be more likely to make sustainable decisions. Demand schools promote environmentalism.

Stop Poisoning and Injuring Child Workers in Cobalt Mines

Cobalt mining puts the lives of thousands of children at risk due to toxic gasses, backbreaking work, and long hours. Demand the enforcement of stricter labor laws to protect the mines’ child workers.

Dog Reportedly Thrown Out of a Moving Car and Nearly Killed Deserves Justice

A dog nearly lost his life after reportedly being thrown out of his owners’ car and hit by another. Demand justice for Morti by encouraging the investigation and prosecution of his alleged perpetrators.

Reduce Plastic Pollution by Using Compostable Trash Bags

Plastic pollution increases daily, severely harming marine life. The use of compostable trash bags is an environmentally friendly way to reduce plastic pollution. Demand companies produce more compostable trash bags.

Success: Man Who Allegedly Dragged a Dog to Death Faces Justice

A man who reportedly dragged a dog to death behind a truck has been identified and is soon to be charged with animal cruelty. Thank Florida’s law enforcement for bringing justice to this poor animal.

Replace Toxic Fertilizer With Environmentally Friendly Grass Clippings

Fertilizers contain chemicals that harm both humans and animals. Using previously trimmed grass is an environmentally friendly alternative that improves plant growth and overall sustainability, all while being more natural and affordable. Demand investment into this innovative process.

End Toxic Lithium Battery Pollution

Lithium batteries are incredibly flammable and can ignite in trash cans if disposed of improperly. Stop the dangerous disposal of batteries to halt further environmental harm.

Protect Honey Bees by Instating More Bee Farms

Honey bee populations are drastically declining and pesticides, disease, and modernization will continue to kill them off. Bee shelters are a viable solution to this detrimental problem. Demand new shelters be made for the benefit of bees and their environment.

Recycle Old, Bleached Books to Reduce Landfill Waste and Toxicity

Old books are filling landfills and endangering the environment as well as public health due to their toxic chemicals. Recycling or donating them can make all the difference. Demand support for this important initiative.

Keep Stray Cats From Being Born into Lives of Misery

Millions of stray cats suffer lives of terror and deprivation, without ever receiving the care they need. Meanwhile, their populations decimate native wildlife. Support an ethical solution to the stray cats crisis.

Promote Plastic Asphalt to Minimize Pollution

Plastic pollution is killing off millions of marine animals and other wildlife. Plastic asphalt is an environmentally friendly alternative that improves Earth’s atmosphere and the world’s overall biosphere. Demand leaders support this initiative.

Protect Bamboo From Extinction

Bamboo, an important food and habitat source for countless species, once flourished within China but is disappearing due to climate change and deforestation. Help increase bamboo production throughout China to improve the health of the global biosphere.

Stop Flushing Menstrual Products to Protect Infrastructure and Wildlife

Households and wildlife populations are at risk due to menstrual products being flushed into sewage systems and clogging the pipes. Demand the EPA remove such products from water waste to better conserve the environment.

Support the Continued Existence of Wolves in Yellowstone

Wolves are an essential predator in the Yellowstone ecosystem, but they remain at risk from hunting. Support continuing to build a healthy wolf population in Yellowstone.

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