Stop Poisoning, Neglecting, and Killing Industrial Farm Animals

Target: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Reduce the neglect and abuse associated with industrial farm environments.

Once upon a time, farm animals were viewed as living beings treated with utmost respect. With the current farming industry, farm animals are viewed as means of production, resulting in unhealthy living environments. In industrial farming facilities, many animals are killed inhumanely, all while being pumped with toxic chemicals to produce more food. The industrial farming industry needs to focus on the welfare of its animals rather than the quantity of products being produced.

When farm animals grow up in an overcrowded environment, which many do, disease can rapidly spread. This decreases the quality of food being produced, and it can even impact the food chain as a whole. Stress and pain can also decrease food quality. Outside of potential consumer issues, farm animals in industrial societies often end up having to live in their own feces. They’re even forced to mate, and many female animals are pumped with hormones to increase food production. Antibiotics have also been reportedly used to increase food production as well, which can decrease the animals’ lifespans and quality of life. Overall, the treatment of these animals is unjust and inhumane. They’re killed the minute their food production is finished. We need to prioritize the lives of animals rather than consumer needs.

These animals are forced to live in disgusting, overcrowded environments, which in turn decreases the quality of goods produced. Government officials need to put an end to this inhumane and horrifying treatment. Sign this petition to protest the despicable treatment of farm animals in industrial facilities.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

The agriculture industry is incredibly toxic for the farm animals involved. They’re treated with little to no respect and/or regard to their lives. They’re forced to live in disgusting environments filled with their feces. These environments are often so overcrowded that diseases can spread and impact the safety and quality of goods being produced. Farm animals are also inhumanely killed after their use is over. The actual lives they live are filled with the use of hormones and antibiotics to increase food production. Forced mating is also a pressing issue that needs to be stopped immediately. The combination of these acts make industrial farms a disgusting form of food production that needs to be monitored and changed as soon as possible.

Please look into the unethical treatment within such industries in order to put an end to farm animal abuse. The lives of these animals are at risk, and if nothing is done, this abusive industry will continue without consequences. No animal should live in an environment in which it’s pumped with unnatural materials and can be killed at any moment. Put an end to this disgraceful treatment. Thank you for your attention to this vital message.


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Photo credit: Mercy For Animals Canada


  1. Please pass policies which forbid this disgraceful treatment of farm animals. Since industrial farming the poor animals suffer so much more than is necessary. Disease will spread, cultivation on non caring workers which spills over into society develops, a society not realizing how many animals are tortured and killed inhumanely, and a government which accept this as the cost of doing business. You can pass laws to restrict this but I guess dark money stops you as you attempt to help.
    Yet help we must. A country is judged by the way they treat their animals. True! Let’s see to it animals at least maintain a shred of respect as they are forced to give up their lives for our dinner plates.

  2. Alice Knight says:

    How would any human feel if they were to live and die under these unspeakable conditions? This cruelty needs to stop. I honestly don’t understand how any person working in this industry could manage a healthy outlook on life. There is such a lack of respect towards our animals as food. Many people don’t care how their food has been treated as long as they get it. Does anyone ever give thanks for the face on their plate?

  3. It’s fucking Horrendous the way farm Animals are treated,,, Absolutely Heartbreaking…. Just the image alone (above),,, These poor Animals (like trillions of other industrial farmed Animals) don’t even have access to water or food when they want it. THEY CAN’T FUCKING MOVE, TURN AROUND, TEND TO THEIR BABIES, CAN’T EVEN SCRATCH THEMSELVES… Like Seriously,,, HOW FUCKING CRUEL!!! I’ve been to an intensive piggery & IT IS A NIGHTMARE!!!
    Fucking evil savage monsters that treat Animals like this,,, will all burn in hell, hope it’s a slow burn! BASTARDS!!!!!!

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