Stop the Rape, Assault, and Murder of Innocent Women

Target: Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa

Goal: Stop gender-based violence and abuse to implement gender equality.

Throughout the world, nearly 81% of woman go through sexual harassment and/or assault in their lifetime. Within many third-world countries, rape cases heighten alongside gender-based violence, sexual or not. For example, in the first quarter of 2022, there were nearly 11,000 reported rape cases in South Africa alone, and the chance of a woman being killed by her partner is 5 times higher than that of any other country. With this in mind, the world needs to focus on the well-being of woman and their sexual/physical health.

Many women have a fear of walking alone in the dark, regardless of what country they’re in. If they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, unimaginable things can happen to them. In many third-world countries, gender-based violence is a result of poverty which can cause arranged child marriages. During war times, many women end up misplaced, resulting in violence being heightened. Governments have done their best to prevent gender-based violence and sexual assault cases, but sometimes these situations cannot be controlled.

There is no way to promote equality in a world that continues to harm and abuse one gender. The South African government needs to do all it can to prevent further rape cases and abuse from occurring. Sign this petition to demand the end of gender-based violence.


Dear President Ramaphosa,

Gender-based violence is a present issue in today’s society. A majority of our global population will/has faced sexual harassment and/or assault, providing our demeaning our society can be. In South Africa specifically, women are at a higher chance of being killed by their partner compared to any other country. Arranged child marriages are used in this country, often during times of poverty. As this country has the highest rates of these acts in the world, it’s up to you to enforce laws that prevent such acts. There needs to be further protection of women in vulnerable situations, and the best way to do this is monitor rape cases and strongly support woman’s rights.

Please stop gender-based violence now. It’s a direct violation of human rights and absolutely no one deserves to go through it. Young girls also need to stop being forced into arranged marriages in which they’re abused and assaulted. Put an end to these awful actions immediately. Thank you for your attention to this pressing message.


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Photo credit: South African Tourism

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