Success: Over 140 Dogs Reportedly Killed and Neglected Receive Justice

Target: Bruce D. Zuchowski, Sheriff of Portage County, Ohio, United States

Goal: Thank the Portage County Police Department for their work in getting justice for the hundreds of dogs allegedly killed.

In June 2022, 146 deceased dogs were reportedly found in Barbara A. Wible’s, 68, home in Mantua, Ohio. Prior, Wible, co-founder and leader of Wible and Canine Lifeline Inc., was found passed out on the floor of her Parma home and was rushed to the hospital. During this visit, 12 deceased dogs were apparently found, and 24 others were found reportedly malnourished. Receiving justice for these dogs was of top priority as it was mentioned in this ForceChange petition.

As of July 20, 2023, it was revealed that all dogs included in these alleged crimes received the justice they deserved. For the 146 dogs reportedly found dead, Wible was charged with 146 fifth-degree felony counts of cruelty to companion animals. For the additional 12 dogs allegedly found dead and 24 reportedly neglected and malnourished, Wible was charged with 36 felony counts of cruelty to animals in Cuyahoga County. These hundreds of charges were vital to giving the hundreds of apparent lives lost justice. The justice system needed to give each and every life lost a charge of their own to truly highlight how severe these apparent crimes were.

Sign this petition to thank the Portage County Police Department and Justice System for serving Wible with charges that match the seriousness of this case. Each and every dog reportedly killed in this case received an individual sense of justice. Hopefully the accused will receive proper punishment, if found guilty, and this case will serve as an example as to how to serve justice to other cases involving animal cruelty. Thank you for your attention to this vital message.


Dear Portage County Sheriff Zuchowski,

After the shocking release of Wible’s alleged crimes, there were questions surrounding how justifiable Wible’s charges would be. Since Wible was charged with a separate fifth-degree felony for each dog reportedly killed, the lives lost in this case were brought to justice in the best way they could be. Nothing can bring the dogs back, but the charges indicted can prevent future cases from happening.

Thank you for your attention to this case. This was a heartbreaking situation that shocked thousands. Not only were the initial 36 reportedly harmed and/or deceased dogs found, as were the 146 in a separate location. The police department issued a warrant to find more information outside of the initial dogs found, which caused the case to escalate to what it turned out to be. If no further action had occurred, the hundreds of dogs seemingly already deceased may have never been found, possibly allowing more animals to be put in these situations. We deeply appreciate your concern to this dire case and hope the charges indicted can decrease animal cruelty rates.


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  1. goh maria says:

    Its his karma for subjecting these innocent lives to pain, sufferings, misery and necessary deaths. Give him the max punishment please!

  2. I want to thank the police for doing an amazing job. All the dogs suffered an agonizing death. Hope the few still alive were able to receive the help they so deserved. Yet although the police were exceptional I do hope the perp will receive the amount of punishment befitting the crime. To have all those felonies makes it difficult to render the perp with anything less than a long prison stay. I’ve never seen is many felonies but all will be needed to get true justice for the dogs who perished. Why are;t these people tried in a court with a jury? I imagine the prosecutor feels that would be certain punishment for years. But the crime and punishment of years in prison does match the crime.

  3. Michelle Taylor says:

    Instigation of the death penalty is essential to be performed on all vile animal abusing/killing scumbags.

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