Success: Virginia Senate Passes Powerful Gun Control Bills

Several crucial gun control bills were passed in the Virginia Senate. This is a welcome first step toward setting up precedent-setting laws. Appreciate these timely actions undertaken at the Senate to prevent firearms abuse.

Demand Abortion Access for Low Income Populations

One of the largest governing bodies aims to overturn a discriminatory provision that obstructs the full range of reproductive health services for low-income groups. Support this important cause to secure federal funding for abortion.

Curb Power of Career Politicians With Term Limits

Too many politicians have made a career out of Congress at the expense of these two crucial legislative bodies. Demand term limits to spark progress, evolution, and a return to politics driven by policy rather than power.

Push for Tougher Gun Control Laws in Virginia

Gun violence in the United States is one of the largest preventable causes of death. Democrats in the State of Virginia are pushing hard for tougher gun control laws in the 2023 legislative session. Demand state lawmakers take positive action to restrict the firearms menace.

Support Democratic Elections to Get the House in Order

The House of Representatives has demonstrated its dysfunction by struggling to elect a leader. Meanwhile, this integral chamber of Congress is paralyzed and unable to represent and work for the people. Demand these leaders get their priorities straight.

Protect Democracy by Honoring Will of Voters

The will of voters could be tossed away because of unclear laws vulnerable to manipulation. Demand Congress ensure that election results, and democracy itself, stand strong.

Investigate South Africa’s President for Alleged Corruption Scandal 

The President of South Africa has been accused of hiding foreign money inside his home. His re-election, despite this apparent corruption, has brought about international concern. Demand a thorough investigation into this leader’s actions and consequences if he is found guilty.

Demand Geriatric Senator Retire at the End of Her Term

Diane Feinstein is 89 years old and in 2021 became the longest-serving US Senator from California. She has dedicated her life to public service, but unfortunately has recently experienced the effects of an aging mind. Urge her to make this term her last.

Stop Re-Election Campaign That Would Cripple Democratic Party

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema recently announced she was leaving the Democratic Party. Although she has routinely been a party black sheep, this defection could have devastating consequences for Democrats in the upcoming re-election. Demand that Sinema halt her plans for the benefit of the state and the country.

Stop the Sale of American Assault Weapons to Drug Cartels

Most of the weapons used by Mexican drug cartels are obtained legally in the United States. This makes America’s gun problem not just a domestic issue, but an international one. Demand action to ban the deadliest firearms.

Remove Stain of Powerful Partisan Influence From Supreme Court

Dark money and political networks that operate in secrecy are tainting the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Demand transparency from the nation’s highest authority on the law.

Stop Deceiving Donors About Campaign Contributions

Campaign donors are reportedly being deceived about who their contributions are actually helping. Urge more truth and transparency in political fundraising.

Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

Election Day, despite its importance, is still not designated as a federal holiday. Changing this would offer wider access to voting while reaffirming the vitality of the democratic process. Demand a status upgrade for Election Day.

Demand Accountability for Alleged Swindling of Taxpayers and Impoverished Communities

America’s poorest state has allegedly been redirecting support for the poor to the ultra-rich and powerful. Mississippi’s state welfare agency reportedly spent over 90 million dollars of its funds for frivolous vanity projects of wealthy citizens. Urge the state’s leader to stop seemingly protecting his influential friends and to start standing up for his most vulnerable constituents.

End Putin’s Reign of Violence With Improved Global Peacekeeping Strategies

The United Nations is failing in its duty to maintain stability and peace in the world. A broken system is enabling countries to neutralize and abuse this global organization’s security branch. Demand reforms that will balance the scales of international justice.

Support the Right for Public Defenders to Form a Union

Public defenders make enormous personal sacrifices to make sure marginalized people receive justice in a court of law. Demand that these essential employees receive the right to unionize.

Indict Trump for Possible Espionage and Obstruction

The former president is embroiled in yet another controversy with even more serious accusations arising. Donald Trump allegedly took classified information potentially involving national security from the White House and withheld it from authorities for months. Call for real repercussions if these allegations prove true.

Protect All NATO Allies From Invasion

Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine threatens to spill over into neighboring nations. Demand one of the world’s most formative alliances do everything possible to prevent this devastating outcome.

Success: Finland and Sweden Join Fight for International Security and Freedom

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has grown two members stronger with the admission of Finland and Sweden. Applaud this needed security win in an increasingly destabilized geopolitical landscape.

Prevent United Kingdom From Collapsing Into Political Chaos

The prime minister of the United Kingdom is clinging to power amidst a wave of scandals and resignations, threatening to destabilize this region and far beyond. Demand action to quell this crisis of confidence in leadership.

Success: Bipartisan Gun Safety Package Signed Into Law

The fight against America’s gun violence epidemic received a needed boost when several senators came together in a rare bipartisan effort. Applaud an initiative that will help protect future victims from mentally unstable and abusive threats.

Reform Power Hungry Right-Wing Supreme Court

The integrity of American justice is at stake without urgent action. Demand reformation in the processes used to shape the highly influential Supreme Court.

Crack Down on White Nationalist Violence

Thirty-one Patriot Front men apparently planned an attack at an LGBTQ+ Pride event. The men have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to riot. Call upon officials to ensure this is investigated as a potential domestic terrorist attack.

Stop Using Governorship to Bully Businesses and Critics

The Florida governor is once again unethically retaliating against businesses and people that speak out against his policies. Urge a restoration of level-headed leadership unfazed by toxic political grudges.

Stop Prioritizing Coal Companies Over Climate Change

Wyoming’s pro-coal climate legislation boosts fossil fuel companies, puts profits over people, and likely increases environmental pollutants. Call on Wyoming’s governor to stop catering to coal companies and pass legislation that actually addresses climate change.

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