Push for Tougher Gun Control Laws in Virginia

Target: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

Goal: Pass safer gun laws in the 2023 Virginia legislative session.

The 2023 legislative session in Virginia has quickly spiraled into the eye of a storm surrounding tougher gun control laws. Democratic lawmakers have fast sprung into action with a slew of proposed gun control bills. The American Public Health Association reports that each year more than 39,000 people lose their lives to guns, reasons including suicides, homicides, and unintentional firearms discharge. Public opinion against gun violence has seen massive support from volunteer groups such as the rapidly growing Moms Demand Action.

The key obstacle to freeing America from the menace of gun violence lies in the vested interests of the gun lobby. Republican senators in Virginia are considering legislation to repeal existing prohibitions on gun carry, effectively intending to turn the streets of Virginia into a de facto battleground. However, even the senate officials acknowledge that Democrat-supported bills make more common sense and have the potential to make Virginia safer.

Democratic lawmakers have traditionally pushed for safer gun laws in Virginia. The 2023 session is all set to discuss at least three measures that could have a massive impact on controlling gun violence. Senate Bill 1382 intends to impose a powerful blanket ban on the use of an assault weapon by making its manufacture, import, sale, purchase, transfer, and use liable for a Class 1 misdemeanor. Senate Bill 901 intends to propose stronger measures to prevent gun thefts from unattended motor vehicles. Yet another measure plans to ensure safer gun storage law in any household inhabited by a minor.

By signing this petition, you can have an important role making Virginia safer. Urge Governor Youngkin to do the needful thing and ensure the fast passage of these crucial bills within the General Assembly. Made into defining laws, these measures can radically transform the firearms scenario in Virginia and set a powerful precedent for a troubled nation.


Dear Governor Youngkin,

The 2023 legislative session is a crucial one to ensure the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth. Unrestricted gun violence is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths and injuries. The current session is all set to discuss at least three bills proposed by leading Democrats. Given the continued incidents of gun violence, it is imperative that these bills receive a critical overview and be passed into law.

Proposed bills intend to restrict the use of assault weapons, and prevent the theft of firearms from unattended vehicles. Other suggested measures intend to prohibit the sale of unserialized weapon parts and impose tougher gun storage laws in households.

By governing the smooth passage of these bills, you can set strong precedent as a stern public official and earn the support of concerned citizens. We are asking you, Governor Youngkin to do all in your power to make Virginia safer.


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