Demand Geriatric Senator Retire at the End of Her Term

Target: Senator Diane Feinstein 

Goal: Urge Senator Feinstein to step down in light of reported memory loss issues.

Diane Feinstein is 89 years old, and in 2021, she became the longest-serving US senator from California. She is the oldest senator currently serving. Through the years, she has had many legislative victories as a Democrat and has dedicated her life to public service. Including fighting for things such as LGBTQ+ rights and climate change action. 

Unfortunately, she has recently experienced the effects of an aging mind. Sources allege she is experiencing memory lapses, an inability to recognize long-time colleagues, and an inability to engage in essential policy discussions. These old-age symptoms might influence many senators to retire and pass the torch to a younger representative. However, Feinstein has stated she has no intention to step down before her term ends, and she may even seek re-election.   

This occurs at the expense of California constituents and the Democratic Party. An open Senate seat in this blue state provides a unique opportunity for another progressive voice to join the Senate. Demand Feinstein retire to solidify her honorable legacy and open up a senate seat for a younger, more progressive candidate. 


Dear Senator Diane Feinstein

The people of California formally appreciate and cherish your 30 years of public service. However, in light of your recent alleged health issues, Americans demand you do not-seek reelection in the Senate and instead retire and enjoy your golden years. 

Solidify your honorable legacy of public service to the American people and pass the torch to the next generation of senators. 


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Photo Credit: The United States Senate


  1. I am older and fully understand the problems and issues associated with aging. It stinks!!! Yet 90 is a good age. You have worked hard and made a difference to so many of us through your efforts and wisdom. Maybe now is the time to relax a bit, be a mentor, direct from the sidelines. Continuing to take on so much responsibility may not be in the best interests for you or the people you served so well. However, you may nit leave your post without a huge THANK YOU!!! Because of you life is better. Deepest gratitude.

  2. She is a nasty person. She could not be more corrupt. Time to go diane!

  3. Juanita S Ross says:

    Is there medical support that says she is unable to function? If there isn’t, she can continue as she is….just as the men have done!

  4. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Feinstein is a Traitor to this country and has been banned to live in China (who she loves & to where her loyalties lie).

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