Remove Stain of Powerful Partisan Influence From Supreme Court

Target: John Roberts, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Goal: Make donations and political connections affiliated with the court and its cases fully transparent.

In recent months, Americans’ confidence in the Supreme Court has plummeted to under 40 percent: a historic low. The court has upended longstanding precedents and appears poised to do the same in future cases. While this branch of government is supposed to be independent, objective, and non-partisan, recent revelations cast serious doubt on its legitimacy.

Reports have emerged about just how deeply certain lobbyists and donors have ingratiated themselves to justices. These organizations and individuals have apparently developed close social relationships with some of the justices and allegedly infused dark money into the selection process for the court. This process has always had a partisan slant because it is overseen by politicians, but former President Trump (who appointed three justices) made it even more politicized by openly touting his intentions to appoint conservative pro-life justices approved by these same organizations.

Some of the dark money has allegedly gone directly to the justices and their causes. And in an even more troubling sign of this influence, individuals have claimed that they received inside information about major rulings before they were officially made. With these revelations, it’s little surprise that the Court made a 2021 ruling in favor of not disclosing the identities of big-money donors, thereby keeping money dark.

Sign the petition below to urge the Supreme Court to restore at least a modicum of its legitimacy by vowing transparency and a strict code of ethics.


Dear Chief Justice Roberts,

What legacy do you wish to leave the nation’s highest court? This institution should be objective, non-partisan, and above all transparent. Yet Americans have lost confidence that this court can fulfill those time-honored objectives.

Leaks and controversial rulings are only a symptom of a deeper problem. The dark money web of influence and sophisticated schemes by powerful entities must end. Every other major government official must abide by strict rules of transparency and codes of ethics.

Make a pledge to the people of this country to do the same. This plea, unlike other entreaties, is coming from a transparent public forum. The court is not above reproach or accountability.


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  1. To me the Supreme Court is not so supreme any longer. They have no code of ethics. They have no limit to the time they can serve on the court. The last 3 judges were placed in a GOP rush, they were all MAGA conseratives with the last judge placed by Biden who is DEM. The court is out of balance. I think there should be 8 GOP, 8 DEM and the one who presides over the court as a tie breaker. The court needs a code of ethics, and a limit of time they can serve. The Court has no respect from most Americans. They are not trusted to see the law and not the political perspective. This is the highest court in the land but now it is viewed with suspicion by the people. Thomas has not recused himself from judging those involved in the insurrection and shields his wife even though she was in on the insurrection and it can be proven. The court must do a better job. They even voted against our assisting with Climate Change. something is terribly wrong and is in need of correction.

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