Don’t Force LGBTQ+ Employees to Follow Homophobic Dress Codes

Target: Sid Miller, Commissioner of Texas Department of Agriculture

Goal: Stop singling out employees who do not conform to traditional gender dress codes.

Pride Month is taking place during a period of time when people are being dramatically triggered by beer cans and articles of clothing. As companies like Target and Budweiser try to be inclusive to LGBTQ+ individuals, their products are being boycotted, destroyed, or even shot with guns. Their employees are being bullied and threatened, and their places of business are becoming the sites of self-righteous tirades and acts of vandalism. Never content to let a cultural wedge issue go unexploited, the supposed freedom-loving leaders of Texas are now taking aim at the way people dress and do their hair.

Recent controversies have included school districts suspending male students for donning hair styles traditionally associated with girls, such as ponytails or buns. Some school systems have prohibited boys from growing their hair long…until their restrictive measures were halted by legal action. Now, the state’s Commissioner of Agriculture has waded into the fray by ordering employees to dress in a “manner consistent with their biological gender.”

What exactly this “manner” means to the commissioner is never made quite clear, but what is clear is the overreach and override of personal choice by yet another politician who claims to stand for hands-off government. Sign the petition below to demand the commissioner focus more of his attention on doing his job and less on suits, skirts, and dresses.


Dear Commissioner Miller,

When exactly did the fate of agriculture in Texas depend on what employees at the department are wearing? The notion that dress codes seem to be your top concern at a time when the state and the nation’s agricultural sector are experiencing unprecedented challenges is more than a bit troubling. Stop politicizing the work of this important agency.

An employee that feels comfortable and valued in the office—an employee that does not see the workplace as a hostile, oppressive, and unwelcoming environment—will be a more productive and loyal employee. Please end the grandstanding and get back to fulfilling the Department of Agriculture’s mission.


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Photo Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko


  1. Everyone has the right to be themselves. We may not approve but it’s not really our business. We are all human beings living in the land of the FREE! Tolerance will stop discord and bring peace. Hopefully! Ridicule fosters resentment and hatred. America its becoming the land of shootings, no respect fro others, and much more.

    What happened to the Golden Rule, taught in all religions which states, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  2. I see a dude in a dress and I laugh.. can’t help it.

    • Frank Staples says:

      And the liberals would have us all praise those people for standing up as who they are…when in actuality they are men or women. And if it is my business then my employees are going to be neatly dressed and present themselves to my customers accordingly…or they won’t be drawing a paycheck from me…my business, my rules of conduct!

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