Don’t Let Governor’s Political Ambitions Leave State Behind

Target: Paul Renner, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Goal: Do not change laws to enable politicians to neglect their jobs while running for another office.

Disney has filed a lawsuit against Florida governor Ron DeSantis and his administration, accusing officials of “a relentless campaign to weaponize government power against Disney in retaliation for expressing a political viewpoint unpopular with certain state officials.” The well-publicized feud is the latest instance of this governor openly using his position to punish entities—from public schools to cruise lines—that did not fall in line with his politics. The antics have reportedly deeply frustrated members of the state legislature who have complained—but only anonymously—about DeSantis ignoring state issues while making a play for the national stage.

Despite these seeming reservations, the majority legislators are apparently mulling a move that would allow this governor to put off his duties even further as he launches a presidential bid. Under current Florida state law, any elected official who intends to run for another position before their term is up must resign from the office they currently hold. The intention of this law is to prevent just the kind of on-the-job negligence and abuse of which the governor is now accused.

Now, the legislature appears to be folding on its stance because it fears the governor’s power. Sign the petition below to remind these politicians that they cannot have their cake and eat it too at the expense of the people who elected them.


Dear Speaker Renner,

Disney is a mega-employer for the state of Florida and accounts for a large chunk of its tourism as well. The actions the governor is continuously taking will only harm the state and its citizens in the long-term. Members of this legislature have reportedly gone off the record to bemoan Governor DeSantis’ overreach and his tipping of the scales toward the state executive branch.

Where is the political courage to not only state these grievances publicly, but to do something about them? Handing this governor, or any elected politician in the state, the ability to run for another office—in an extremely time-consuming campaign—while putting less effort into the job to which he was elected will only, once again, harm the people of Florida. And this decision will also further weaken the legislative branch as it is seen as an arm of the governor’s office rather than an independent and equal branch of government. If you repeal the Resign to Run law, you can expect more of the same headline-grabbing antics with which you are now grappling…only at an accelerated pace.

Please rethink this decision and ensure that all elected officials do their jobs with full commitment and in good faith.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: DeSantis Twitter

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