Stop Power-Hungry Politicians From Suppressing the Youth Vote

Target: Dade Phelan, Speaker of Texas House of Representatives

Goal: Do not back proposals that would restrict opportunities for voters in college.

For years, politicians have lamented the meager youth turnout come election time. In the most recent election cycle, however—which includes several special elections—the narrative has changed as the number of young voters has surged in multiple states. Now, some politicians are apparently worried about this turning of the tides out of fear that the youth tide will turn against them. Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker said the quiet part out loud: “young voters are the issue. We have to counter it, or conservatives will never win battleground states again.”

And counter they have. Several states—largely controlled by the aforementioned conservative legislatures—have either enacted or attempted to pass laws that would ban student IDs as a form of identification for voting. In another region with a large out-of-state college population, the legislature tried to pass a measure that would bar students from voting in the towns where they are attending college. While this bill ultimately failed, yet another line of attack coming out of Texas is still on the table. The proposed resolution would prohibit polling locations on the state’s campuses.

Sign the petition below to help stop this latest attempt at voter suppression.


Dear Speaker Phelan,

The youth of this nation want their voices heard, and suppressing these voices at the ballot box will only work for a short period of time. Laws and proposed bills targeting college-aged voters are on the rise. The Texas House proposal to restrict polling on campuses is another unpopular ploy that will only deepen the grievances of this emerging voter base.

Please send this wrong-headed initiative to the legislative graveyard where it belongs. Instead of trying to silence your youngest voting constituents, try engaging with them and listening to them. Ignore them at your own political peril.


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  1. All such idiotic things seem to form in Texas. There is a severe problem with politicians attempting to cancel out young voters who have had the right to vote for eons. Now the young are not good enough to vote or are they savvy and can see the underpinnings of a culture of politicians unraveling all laws just to stay in power? The youth are our future. They will come of age but in silencing them politicians may regret their actions due to young people having excellent memories. What a waste politicians can be when they suppress the value of people for only their own selfish reasons. There should be a law but America is becoming rather lawless. Sadly.

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