Stop Compiling Blacklist of Political Dissidents

Singapore is in serious danger of sacrificing more freedoms in the name of politics. A current proposal could curtail the privacy and right to free expression of countless individuals. Demand the government end this detrimental and legally unsound overreach.

Stop Dangerous Descent Into Authoritarian Rule

Poland is once again slipping into authoritarianism, and the results could be dire and far-reaching. Demand the government cease and desist efforts to extricate itself from widely popular European Union membership.

Topple Tax Havens and Legal Shields for Billionaires

All manner of financial crimes have found safe harbor in the United States. The wealthy, powerful, and criminal from around the world are legally protected and their billions shielded. Call for an end to the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else.

Empower Voters and Weaken Special Interests With Ranked-Choice Voting

Ranked-choice voting allows anyone to vote their conscience. It is a non-partisan tool that enforces true majority rule and decreases the power of the two-party system. Sign the petition now to increase your own voting power in the next election.

Acknowledge Transgender Murders as Hate Crimes Nationwide

Trans people disproportionally face violence and discrimination in the United States with penalties varying based on the state. With nearly thirty reported murders this year of trans people, something must be done to protect this community. Demand criminal offenses committed due to sexual orientation and gender identity be recognized as hate crimes nationwide.

Protect Marginalized People from Homelessness as Delta Cases Surge

Nearly six million renters face losing their house this month alone due to withdrawal of governmental protections against eviction. Federal aid and non-profit rent relief programs are not enough to protect millions. Insist that appropriate rent relief is provided to households in need.

Give Closure to Grieving 9/11 Families

Potential Saudi complicity in the September 11 terrorist attacks is still being withheld by the American government 20 years later. Demand leaders give peace of mind to families searching for answers.

Don’t Give Sanctuary to Gun Violence

Missouri is placing more value on guns than on the safety and the lives of its citizens by restricting state officials from enforcing federal laws. Urge power-hungry politicians to reassess their priorities in the wake of a nationwide gun violence epidemic.

Don’t Further Destabilize Country on Verge of Collapse

Haiti’s people are suffering in the wake of another political earthquake. A president and accused dictator has been assassinated, and the country still struggles with the repercussion of authoritarian rule. Demand a deemphasis on military intervention and a commitment to helping rebuild a badly fractured democracy.

Don’t Derail Essential Investigation Into Insurrection

If certain politicians get their way, Americans may never fully know the events and the motivations of the January 6 attack on the People’s House. Continued Republican obstruction could endanger the U.S. once again and imperil democracy. Call for an end to these cover-ups in plain sight.

Success: Juneteenth Recognized as National Holiday

America’s liberation from the shackles of slavery will finally be acknowledged with a federal holiday. Applaud the designation of Juneteenth as a national day of remembrance.

Stop Shielding the Mega-Rich From Paying Taxes

The richest 25 people in the U.S. pay less in tax than the average working American. This is absurd and must be corrected.

Honor George Floyd With Police Reform in His Name

Meaningful action on police reform would honor George Floyd’s legacy on the anniversary of his tragic death. Demand movement on a number of needed actions that could save lives and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Biden: Stop Tax Evasion By Corporations and Rich Americans

Having access to offshore bank accounts and high-power accountants should not equate to paying fewer taxes–or no taxes at all. Sign this petition to urge the Biden administration to commit to stopping tax evasion by the super-rich and corporations.

Kavanaugh: Commit to Rehabilitating Juvenile Criminals Instead of Lifetime Prison Sentences

Brett Kavanaugh, who during his own hearing asked not to be judged by his teenage actions, voted to allow judges to sentence juveniles to life in prison without parole or the possibility of rehabilitation. Urge Kavanaugh to give these juveniles a second chance.

Mike Pompeo: Apologize for Personal Use of Federal Funds

Mike Pompeo used federal funds and personnel to complete personal errands while serving as Secretary of State under former President Trump. Sign this petition to urge Pompeo to apologize for this breach of trust.

Vote - Tom Arthur

End Petty Restrictions That Encourage Voter Suppression

Restrictions that could potentially inhibit voting and likely disproportionately affect voters of color have been approved by Republican lawmakers in Arkansas. Sign this petition to urge the governor to stop these petty attempts at voter suppression.

Urge Republican Lawmakers to Prioritize Police Reform

Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions and should not have legal immunity for crimes they commit while on duty. Sign this petition to urge Republican lawmakers to prioritize police reform legislation in the Senate.

Biden: Prioritize Common Sense Gun Laws in the Wake of 50 Mass Shootings

The United States has seen at least 50 mass shooting incidents in a span of a month. Sign this petition to urge President Biden to prioritize legislation that will put a stop to this senseless violence.

Trump: Take Responsibility for Death of Veteran at Capitol Insurrection

Ashley Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran, was shot and killed by Capitol police at the January 6 insurrection. A Trump supporter, Babbitt attempted to gain access to the Capitol, threatening the safety of the lawmakers inside. Urge Trump to take responsibility for Babbitt’s death and express condolences.

Let Puerto Rico’s People Decide on Statehood

America could soon add its 51st state. Calls to resolve the long-standing Puerto Rico statehood question are growing. Demand Congress finally treat residents of this territory as full Americans.

Dismantle Destructive Trump Policies Before Clock Runs Out

Congress is squandering an opportunity to eliminate some of the most damaging government actions taken against the environment, health, and more. Demand this deliberative body review its priorities.

Don’t Waste Money on Useless Government Positions

Valuable resources that should be used to protect the environment are being squandered on useless government jobs. Sign this petition to redirect the funds to useful protection services.

Stop the Filibuster From Paralyzing Congress

Fundamental rights and meaningful reforms that could improve lives too often die on the Senate floor due to stalling techniques. Demand an end to a political weapon that denies the will of the people.

Hold Saudi Crown Prince Accountable for Execution of Journalist

The United States is still allowing the gruesome execution of a democracy advocate to go unpunished, in spite of evidence implicating a key ally in the murder. Demand real justice for slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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