Protect Workers’ Rights During National Emergency

Workers in the United States are worried about losing their jobs because of staying home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Staying home will save lives, and peoples’ jobs need to be protected during this national emergency. Demand that the president protects these people’s livelihoods during the crisis.

Don’t Bail Out Environmentally Damaging Fracking Companies Due to Coronavirus Fears

The fracking industry may receive a bailout from President Trump due to fears of the coronavirus. The means that funds meant for the public would be diverted to an abusive and environmentally destructive industry. Demand that this corrupt abuse of public funds be stopped immediately.

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Stop Voter Suppression in Texas

Texas has eliminated over 1,500 polling places, most of them in communities of color. Demand that they expand access to voting sites for all Texans.

End Voter Suppression Due to Lack of Polling Places

Voter suppression is a major problem in Texas, and it must be stopped. The state is in dire need of more polling places, as long lines are keeping voters from being able to cast their ballots. Demand that the Governor of Texas intervene to ensure a fair election in November.

Tell the Democratic Party to Support the Leading Candidate, No Matter Who

The votes of the people in the Democratic primary could be overturned if the chosen candidate does not have enough delegates, leading to the reelection of Donald Trump. Tell the Democratic Party to support the recipient of the most votes in the primary election, regardless of who it is.

Success: Chris Matthews Resigns From MSNBC After Sexist and Antisemitic Comments

Chris Matthews resigned from Hardball on MSNBC during a broadcast following sexist and antisemitic remarks. Thanks to pressure from activists, Matthews is making way for a younger and more progressive generation of journalists. Thank Matthews for showing remorse and stepping down.

Oregon Senate Republicans: Stop Threatening Our Democracy and Return to Work

Oregon Senate Republicans fled the capitol in an attempt to kill an important cap-and-trade bill. This bill is important climate change legislation that will have impacts throughout the country. Demand that Oregon Senate Republicans return to the capitol and do their job.

Pete Buttigieg: Explain Apparent Condemnation of the Civil Rights Movement

Pete Buttigieg made a very concerning tweet in which he seemingly compared the extremism of Donald Trump to the fight for civil rights in the 1960’s. His campaign deleted the tweet shortly thereafter, but voters deserve answers. Demand that Pete Buttigieg explain his stance on civil rights.

Don’t Silence Public Opinion on Environmentally Destructive Mining

Gold mining companies in Ecuador have damaged water and the environment without seeking input from the people they harm most. Courts have silenced efforts to hold a vote on the future of mining. Demand that President Lenín Moreno allow them a say in their future.

Put America’s Security Before Political Security

The president has blown another hole into America’s national security by appointing an underqualified “yes-man” as national intelligence chief. This puts national security, and the lives of millions, at risk and undermines the importance of this position. Demand that this new appointee resign at once.

Chris Matthews: Resign for Comparing Bernie Sanders’ Win to Nazi Invasion

MSNBC host Chris Matthews made an antisemitic comparison of Bernie Sanders winning the Nevada caucus to the Nazis invading France. Demand that Chris Matthews resign from his role on MSNBC, as there’s no place for antisemitic attacks on a Jewish presidential candidate in our discourse.

Don’t Use Slingshots Against Native Monkey Population

The local monkey population around the Taj Mahal is under threat because of an upcoming presidential visit by Donald Trump and his family. This is unacceptable — no animal should be harmed to accommodate any tourist, even if that tourist is President Trump. Tell the head of security that no one deserves special treatment that threatens animals.

Democratic Presidential Candidates: Commit to a Person of Color for Vice President

The Democratic Party should be the party of representation of all of the people of the United States, but the remainder of the field is exclusively white. In order to be a more inclusive party, demand that the potential Democratic nominees for president choose a person of color as their running mate.

Protect Impeachment Whistleblower From Unjust Retaliation

The soldier who exposed Trump’s secret deal with Ukraine, is being threatened by the President after testifying against him. Speak out against the punishment of whistle blowers who served our nation.

Don’t Endanger American Lives With Social Security Cuts

Millions of Americans, including children who have lost their parents, could lose their Social Security thanks to President Trump’s proposed cuts. This cannot be allowed to happen. Tell Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi not to pass any budget that includes cuts to Social Security.

Disbar Attorney General William Barr to Prevent Corruption and Political Bias

Attorney General Bill Barr has shown his true colors as nothing more than another one of President Trump’s corrupt flunkies, working primarily to get the president off the hook for his crimes. The American people deserve justice and the only answer is to disbar Barr, preventing him from practicing law ever again. Tell the president of the American Bar Association that this corruption must be stopped.

Mitch McConnell: End Reign of Corruption and Resign From Senate

Mitch McConnell has made a mockery of the U.S. Senate with his corruption and refusal to be an impartial juror in President Trump’s impeachment trial. Demand his resignation now, and help the Senate regain a shred of its dignity and respect.

Trump: Disallow the Use of Landmines That Endanger Civilians

An Obama-era ban on the use of landmines has been lifted, putting civilians outside of the Korean Peninsula in jeopardy. This decision goes against the agreement of over 160 other countries, including NATO allies France and the UK, to not use these dangerous weapons. Urge President Trump to disallow the use of landmines.

Stop Dangerous Nuclear Escalation on High Seas

A “low-yield,” highly dangerous nuclear warhead, stamped with a US flag, is currently patrolling the Atlantic Ocean. This destructive weapon is capable of mass casualties and of kickstarting another war. Demand U.S. leaders dismantle the planet’s true most dangerous sea-faring predator.

Tell Mitt Romney to Leave the Republican Party

Mitt Romney made a stand for justice by being the only Republican senator to vote to convict on one of Donald Trump’s articles of impeachment. He now has a chance to send a clear message to the people of the United States that the rule of law will always be more important than party loyalty. Tell Mitt Romney to leave the Republican Party.

Hillary and Bernie: Stop Fighting Each Other and Focus on Beating Trump

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have recently renewed their rivalry from the 2016 primary season, and it is a huge threat to the Democratic Party’s chances in the general election. Instead of fighting each other, demand that Hillary and Bernie focus on beating Trump and protecting the civil rights of all.

Allow for All Necessary Witnesses in Impeachment Trial

The impeachment trial of President Trump could go on without additional key witnesses, meaning that justice may be obstructed. Senator Cory Gardner expressed publicly that he does not “need to hear” from additional witnesses in the impeachment trial. Allow for all necessary witnesses to be heard in this important trial.

Democratic Party: Don’t Change Debate Rules Just to Include Bloomberg

Billionaire centrist Michael Bloomberg is receiving special treatment from the DNC, which changed the rules to allow him to participate in debates. This is clear favoritism that should not be allowed to stand. Tell the DNC Chair that debate rules shouldn’t change to appease billionaires.

Demand a Safe Working Environment for Sex Workers

Sex work is still illegal in most of the United States, and workers are constantly under threat of violence and illness. Tell Speaker Pelosi to push for legalization, so that sex work can be regulated and made safer for those involved.

Tell Trump to Stop Lying About the Victims of Iran’s Retaliation

Fifty U.S. troops suffered concussions and traumatic brain injuries during Iran’s attack on military bases. President Trump lied about there being no casualties in this reported retaliation for Iranian leader Qasem Soleimani’s assassination. Demand that the president be transparent with the American people and the families of U.S. soldiers who are put in harm’s way by his policies.

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