Congress: Stop Putting Ex-President Trump Above the Law

Target: James Comer, Chair of House Committee on Oversight and Reform

Goal: Do not interfere in or obstruct state criminal investigation into former president Donald Trump.

Donald Trump made history as the only president ever to be indicted by the criminal justice system when a grand jury of his peers reportedly approved over 30 charges against him. By day’s end, members of his party shouted their outrage, and one senator even took to the airwaves to plead with supporters (many of whom are already on a fixed incomes) to send the billionaire ex-president money. According to the prosecutor handling the case, these politicians are also engaging in much more dangerous—and potentially criminal in and of itself—activity.

Three House committee chairs sent a letter to the lead prosecutor of this state case demanding documents and testimony from the grand jury proceedings as well as the prosecutor’s appearance before their committees. Prosecutor Alvin Bragg responded: “like any other defendant, Mr. Trump is entitled to challenge these charges in court and avail himself of all processes and protections that New York State’s robust criminal procedure affords. What neither Mr. Trump nor Congress may do is interfere with the ordinary course of proceedings in New York State.”

The prosecutor is not wrong. Without even seeing what the charges are, these politicians are willfully interfering in a criminal case brought against a private citizen at the state level. One might even argue that they are attempting to obstruct justice. Moreover, these supposed leaders are undermining the jury process that is at the heart of America’s legal system.

Sign the petition below to demand these politicians stop stirring chaos and let the legal system take its course.


Dear Representative Comer,

March 30 was indeed unprecedented. The people did witness an unprecedented abuse of power…by yourself and your colleagues. With one coordinated campaign, you have undermined the grand jury process that saw 23 of his peers listen carefully to evidence and render a decision against a private citizen. You have undercut and meddled in one state’s legal operations while in the same breath touting yourself as an ardent defender of state’s rights. As the party of law and order, you are skirting dangerously close to obstruction of justice in the name of a private citizen. And as a result, you are sending the message that some privileged citizens are in truth above the law.

What is next? Will you open investigations into the everyday citizen grand jury members who exercised their civic duty and who actually handed down this indictment? Will you launch similar attacks—in the absence of a single detail about charges—if more indictments in different regions are forthcoming? Or will you finally do your job, step aside from this case of which Congress has no authority, and let the former president have his day in court like any other American citizen?

Uphold this country’s values, or continue peddling in political grandstanding to the detriment of all present and future Americans. The choice is yours.


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Photo Credit: Ken Lund

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