Protect Democracy by Honoring Will of Voters

Target: Kevin McCarthy, U.S. House Minority Leader

Goal: Support measures to protect election results as voted by the people.

A Congressional investigation into efforts to overturn the prior presidential election has concluded, but the legacy of January 6 still resonates today. The continued concern about possible future attempts to undermine the democratic process has prompted Congress to make another important move. They want to strengthen a 130-plus-year-old law and in the process solidify democracy itself.

The law in question was enacted after another presidential election came into dispute in the late 1800s. It set out a more formal and concrete system for counting electoral votes after elections are held. But ambiguities in the language have stoked fears about bad actors using the lack of clarity to challenge and oppose the will of the people. The Electoral Count Reform Act would address these weaknesses by raising the Congressional threshold for objecting to election results, reaffirming that the vice president’s role is ceremonial, and preventing rogue state legislatures from trying to alter election outcomes.

The bill has earned bipartisan support and is currently making its way through Congress as part of a larger package. Sign the petition below to urge key representatives to stand behind this bill and stand up for democracy.


Dear Representative McCarthy,

The Electoral Count Reform Act will help lessen threats to the democratic processes that have sustained this country for centuries. This bill, built and backed in a bipartisan manner, will also clarify longstanding and dangerous ambiguities within the initial 1880s law. Democracy needs these guardrails now more than ever.

Moreover, Americans need to know their vote matters. Please encourage your colleagues in supporting this important measure.


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  1. Sadly, McCarthy is not interested in our right to vote. He is only interested in his own position of power which he is not prepared to use to protect our institution of voting. He will be just another GOP stain on our rights and also way of life. He, like the Supreme Court, will not lead with ethics, dignity nor insight.

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