Demand Fast Track Trial of Alleged Drug Kingpin

Target: Breon Peace, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York

Goal: Free the streets of America from an accused drug trafficker.

A key trial was initiated in Brooklyn this month that has the potential to deliver a powerful blow to the drug menace in America. Genaro Garcia Luna, a former high-profile Mexican official, was arrested on December 9, 2019, from Dallas and charged with the conspiracy to traffic cocaine into the US. The former chief of the Mexican Federal Police is accused of working closely with the Sinaloa drug cartel, accepting millions in briefcases against underground impunity and insider information. Prosecutors in this top-level case say that the actions of Garcia led to the distribution of massive quantities of drugs on the streets of America. He is also accused of lying to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Garcia has pleaded not guilty in the case and is on trial in the federal court for the Eastern District of New York.

Ironically, the imprisoned official once served as the Public Security Secretary under President Felipe Calderon. He was the most-recognized face of Mexico’s bloody crackdown on organized cartels and worked closely with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to encounter cocaine smuggling across the border. The erstwhile official had close ties with the CIA, FBI, and was reportedly seen in public with top politicians such as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. He was entrusted with managing millions of taxpayers’ money that the US sent to Mexico to combat organized drug cartels. Seth DuCharme, the acting US attorney for the eastern district of New York, stated in 2020 that Garcia ‘betrayed those he was sworn to protect’ for nearly two decades.

If proven guilty, Garcia faces up to life in prison. He is currently held up at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center in New York. The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) of Mexico has also initiated a parallel investigation on Garcia Luna. He is accused of embezzling up to $750 million from the United Mexican States to fund his real estate empire in Florida.  Back in 2013, Forbes magazine named him as one of the ’10 most corrupt Mexicans’ on a public list.

The trial of Garcia Luna has the potential to create a significant impact on organized crime in both US and Mexico. Demand a speedy resolution of the trial to expose the underground nexus between high-profile officials and drug cartels.


Dear Attorney Peace,

A key trial is underway at the Brooklyn federal court that has the potential to deliver a major verdict on organized drug trafficking across the US-Mexico border. Genaro Garcia Luna, a former top Mexican official has been accused by the authorities of accepting millions in bribes from the Sinaloa drug cartel. He is also alleged of lying to the Department of Homeland Security.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty, but the prosecution has taken the time to build up a strong case to assert his involvement with the underworld. We urge you, Attorney Peace, to ensure a speedy resolution of the trial that can prove to be a major victory in the war on drugs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Colin Davis

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