Articles written by: Hannah Soukup

Young journalist, environmentalist and healer trying to make a change in the world!

Justice for Puppy Who Allegedly Overdosed on Owners’ Fentanyl

A pit bull puppy reportedly nearly lost its life to a fentanyl overdose for the second time. The drug apparently belonged to the owners. Demand further investigation of the case for the puppy to receive justice.

Justice for Over 30 Dogs Reportedly Killed or Malnourished in Unsafe Living Conditions

At least 30 dogs died or became ill after reportedly residing in a home with unfit living conditions. An innocent child was also removed from the allegedly toxic environment. Bring justice to this troubling case by demanding a thorough investigation.

Stop Fracking to Conserve Precious Water Supplies

“Monster fracks” use millions of gallons of water to extract oil and gas. At this rate, water will deplete extensively over the coming decades. Demand water be properly conserved.

Success: Agencies to Combat Climate Change

The climate crisis is here now, and demands urgent measures to prevent disaster. Thank officials for endorsing actions that reduce carbon gas emissions.

Ban the Use of Depression-Inducing Artificial Sweeteners in Food

Artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase the rate of depression, which can lead to suicide. Demand food manufacturers stop the use of such ingredients to combat the mental health crisis.

Stop Reportedly Abusing Animals for Views on Social Media Platforms

Animal abuse videos have reportedly been surfacing on TikTok, resulting in users making money in a despicable manner. Demand TikTok ban such videos to prevent further animals from losing their lives for the sake of profit.

Stop Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Reduce Wildfires

Smoke from summer wildfires has decreased the quality of air and undone progress made by environmentalists. Greenhouse gas emissions contribute to wildfire ignition, and they must be stopped. Demand immediate change.

Stop Using Exotic Animal Skins in Luxury Products

Thousands of exotic animals are being slaughtered for the making of luxury wallets, purses, and watches. Demand companies halt the production of any further animal-containing products.

Success: Pesticide Use Regulated to Protect Endangered Insects

To better the lives of endangered insects and more, the use of pesticides will be further considered and restricted. Thank environmental agencies for promoting this much needed cause.

Stop Using Disposal Starbucks Cups to Reduce Pollution

Disposable plastic pollutes the environment and kills animals. Millions of those cups come from Starbucks, despite their drive to reduce their waste. Demand Starbucks require reusable products to help Earth.

End Glacier Destruction for the Safety of Surrounding Environments

The once assumed ‘forever’ glaciers of Mount Rainier are now proving to be the opposite. Climate change is destroying these glaciers, resulting in harm to the environment and potentially to tourists. Demand officials undertake efforts to prevent further destruction.

Stop New Fossil Fuel Production to Halt Climate Change

Increased fossil fuel production threatens to lock in catastrophic climate change. Demand officials stop increased mining and drilling of fossil fuels.

Protect Students and Schools From Extreme Heat Waves

Extreme heat waves have been infiltrating Puerto Rico, causing officials to cancel class. The lack of air conditioning in classrooms makes it difficult for students to properly learn during times of extreme temperatures. Demand change.

Shut Down Power Lines During Hazardous Weather to Prevent Fires

Power lines get knocked down during tumultuous weather, causing fires and putting communities and ecosystems in harm’s way. Demand power lines be turned off during hazardous weather to stop preventable destruction.

Don’t Let Schoolchildren Become Victims of the Mental Health Epidemic

The worldwide mental health crisis is crippling the quality of life of many individuals, starting as early as childhood. Future generations cannot continue to have psychological disorders go untreated. Require evaluations when entering school to help the mental and emotional standing of the world.

Educate Students About Human Trafficking Rings

Human traffickers target thousands of innocent people each year. The education system must teach younger generations how to protect themselves. Demand officials educate students about human trafficking.

Stop Habitat Loss to Save Florida Panthers

There are only a couple hundred Florida panthers left in the wild due to habitat loss. They’re important parts of the ecosystem because they keep prey populations stabilized and support biodiversity. Demand the habitat of this essential species be protected.

Stop Excessive Fertilizer and Pesticide Use on Store Bought Produce

Store bought produce is grown with dangerous chemicals that put our health at risk and compromise the soil that grows our food. Both the environment and the public’s safety is being compromised for convenient production strategies. Demand change.

Dog Reportedly Stabbed to Death By Stranger Deserves Justice

A family dog was reportedly stabbed to death in broad daylight without reason. Demand justice for this poor animal by encouraging maximum sentencing and mental health treatment for the suspect if he is found guilty.

Stop Filling Landfills With Toxic Electric Waste

Tons of non-biodegradable electronic waste enters landfills and contaminates the surrounding environments, emitting toxic chemicals that harm innocent workers. Demand that e-waste be disposed of in specialized facilities to limit its dangerous footprint.

Replace Toxic Road Salt With Natural Alternatives

Road salt’s toxic components pose extreme harm to ecosystems and wildlife. Natural alternatives are available and should be used instead. Demand this change.

Stop Illegal Dog Fighting to Reduce Canine Fatalities and Forced Aggression

Illegal dog fighting rings kill and harm thousands of innocent dogs. These forced acts result in canine aggression and cause untrue stereotypes to arise. Demand officials stop this industry from taking any more lives.

Success: 77 Animals Allegedly Caged, Killed, and Neglected Receive Justice

Homeowners who allegedly neglected and/or killed 77 animals are facing 77 animal cruelty charges. Each animal who reportedly endured this abuse received justice through each individual charge. Thank officials for their intense and thorough investigation of this case.

Stop the Rape, Assault, and Murder of Innocent Women

Thousands of women are raped and/or assaulted each day. Government officials need to end gender-based violence and sexual abuse now. Demand a stop to this extreme violation of human rights.

Plant More Trees to Reduce Pollution and Prevent Climate Change

Nearly half of the world’s trees have been eliminated through industrialization, causing increased carbon emissions which contribute to climate change. Demand more trees be planted to emit oxygen instead and save the earth.

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