Justice for Dog Reportedly Killed in Surgery Performed By Non-Licensed Veterinarian

Target: Jeffrey A. Klatzkow, District Attorney of Collier County, Florida

Goal: Prosecute the man accused of killing a dog through performing a surgery without proper licensing.

In Collier County, FL, an innocent Chihuahua was allegedly killed after complications from an unlicensed C-section. This six-year-old pup, named Sugar, reportedly underwent surgery to remove a stillborn puppy and get spayed. Owners report the man arrested and charged with animal cruelty for the surgery, Osvaldo Sanchez, had identified himself as a a licensed veterinarian who could safely complete the procedure on their dog. After the surgery was finished, the owners allegedly paid Sanchez $600, but soon after the surgery noticed Sugar was falling ill. Officials report Sugar’s owners took her to licensed veterinarians and emergency services to save her life, but a week after the surgery, she died. After an investigation, it was reported that Sanchez used string or thread to stitch Sugar up, possibly leading to her fatal infection.

Sign the petition below to demand officials prosecute Sanchez, and if found guilty, that he receive the maximum sentence for animal abuse and performing as a veterinarian without proper licensing.


Dear Attorney Klatzkow,

An innocent dog allegedly lost her life at the hands of an illegal surgery. The man accused of killing Sugar apparently had no license to perform surgery, and officials report that unfit materials were utilized, possibly contributing to the fatal infection she died from. The charged suspect needs to be prosecuted immediately to bring justice to Sugar and her owners. An innocent life was lost, and if it is proven that the suspect was the culprit of such a crime, officials must ensure no other animals suffer because of him. We demand the suspect is prosecuted immediately, and if he is found guilty, he must receive the highest sentencing of his crimes. Thank you for your attention to this message.


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Photo credit: Quang Nguyen Vinh

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  1. Why would you not take your dog to a veterinary hospital in the first place? I would not trust someone who just said they were a vet and didn’t work at a clinic. This man must be made to pay for this heinous crime and the owners are just as guilty for letting this person operate on their dog!

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