Dog Reportedly Stabbed to Death By Stranger Deserves Justice

Target: Todd M. Williams, District Attorney of Buncombe County, North Carolina, United States

Goal: Seek harshest legal punishment and mental health treatment for the man accused of stabbing a family’s dog to death.

While a North Carolina woman was playing pickleball at an Asheville park, her 11-year-old dog was allegedly stabbed repeatedly to the point of death. Liesbeth Mackie had secured her mixed-breed dog named Beignet on a leash at the park when this alleged incident occurred. While in the middle of a pickleball game, Mackie’s partner, Eric Hulin, reportedly witnessed the dog being attacked. This apparent crime was quickly investigated by the Asheville Police Department.

The suspect was later revealed to be a man, 43, named James Wesley Henry. Prior to attacking Beignet, witnesses reported Henry had been yelling bitterly at himself and acting unruly. Although his actions had room for concern, he had kept to himself before allegedly approaching and killing Beignet. After the alleged attack, Henry casually walked away with witnesses following at a safe distance. He did not fight police when they arrived at the scene and arrested him. He has been charged with felony cruelty to animals and is currently in the Buncombe County Detention Facility on a $10,000 bond. This apparent attack poses questions regarding Asheville’s safety as an innocent animal lost his life in complete daylight. Beignet deserves justice, and the only way to do this is to give Henry the highest sentence for his charge if found guilty.

Beignet and his owners had no correlation to the suspect, and his alleged actions went unprovoked. Beignet suffered a painful death and his family is now in shambles based on this apparent incident. Sign below and demand officials give Henry mental health treatment as well as the highest sentence for his charges, if found guilty, and that they do what they can to ensure safety throughout the county.


Dear District Attorney Williams,

An innocent family dog reportedly lost his life at the hands of a gruesome stabbing. This is a terrifying situation for witnesses to be present for, and poor Beignet, the 11-year-old pup who was reportedly the victim of this crime, endured a painful death that he did not deserve. The dog’s family now has to grieve over their beloved pet while trying to emotionally cope with the apparent crime. This cannot be repeated, and Beignet deserves full justice.

Please ensure that the suspect is sentenced with maximum jail time, if found guilty, and provided with mental health treatment if deemed necessary. This seemingly heart wrenching crime needs to be prevented from happening again, and the victim cannot have lost his life for nothing. Make sure to ensure safety for all, humans and animals alike, throughout Buncombe County. Send a message about animal cruelty to bring some semblance of justice in this case. Thank you for your attention to this vital demand.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Convict this mentally deranged monster. He killed an innocent family member. Lock him in a mental institution for life. He is a danger to all living beings. If a child had been in his path it is likely he would have stabbed them too. Why are the stable people in society always having to compromise and compensate for the mentally ill? They need to be made responsible for their behaviour or these horrendous acts of terror will continue.

  2. I would like this institution to give even a brief description of this case. We all petition and pay for the opportunity to do so yet are not informed of the effects of our petitioning. We do this by paying for the privilege, monthly, taking our time to do so yet we are never informed of outcomes not updates.

  3. Dawn Richardson says:

    Mental illness is no excuse for this loser. lock him up.

  4. Death penalty for killer
    Justice for Beignet! RIP

  5. Lisa Finnigan says:

    If there were so many witnesses, this could have been stopped. They are just as guilty.

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