Stop Reportedly Abusing Animals for Views on Social Media Platforms

Target: Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok

Goal: Restrict users from posting videos seemingly torturing animals, specifically young Macaques.

Videos have surfaced of monkey owners reportedly torturing their pets, sexually, physically, and mentally. Videos bathing the animals have become popular, even with monkeys apparently screeching with soap and water dripping on them. Some users post their animals for profit, often asking for donations for veterinarian bills and more. Monkey abuse videos have become more popular, and some private groups have apparently even indulged and/or paid for exclusive monkey torturing videos. These innocent animals are reportedly being put at risk for the sake of social media views and profit. Sadistically enough, reports have claimed that Macaques have similarities to human babies, demonstrating even worse intentions behind such videos.

Sign this petition to demand TikTok bans these types of videos. This is a disgusting practice that absolutely cannot occur any longer. Demand change immediately.


Dear CEO Chew,

Please stop allowing TikTok users to seemingly post animal abuse for money. Innocent monkeys’ lives are apparently put at risk, and it’s disgusting that users allegedly post videos of animal sexual, physical, and mental abuse. Some users post videos dressing animals up in outfits or bathing them in an attempt to receive profit. This is selfish and ignorant, and to younger viewers, they may be impressionable enough to believe this apparent abuse is normal. Make an immediate effort to stop these videos from being posted to prevent further animal abuse.


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Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    What a sick world we live in. Heartbroken for all the suffering animals.

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